Are Downturned Eyes Attractive?

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Are you tired of looking up eyelift makeup tutorials online? 

Your downturned eyes might have received a lot of negative comments, right? 

But don’t worry! 

Who says downturned eyes are not attractive? All that matters is how you feel about your eye shape!

Whether you adore them or you want to lift them according to your style, keep reading to explore. We have given you reasons why downturned eyes are attractive too and some makeup tips to make those eyes look prettier. 

What Are Downturned Eyes?

Downturned eyes are those that have a downward tilt at the outer corners of the eyes that make the upper eyelid look larger than the lower. 

How To See If You Have Downturned Eyes?

To check if your eyes are downturned follow these steps:

– Look straight ahead in your mirror with your eyes open. 

– Imagine a straight line across your eye that passes from the inner corner to the outer through your pupil. 

– Look if the outer corners of your eye lie beneath that imaginary line. If yes, then you have downturned eyes! 

What Do Downturned Eyes Say About You? 

Do you know that your eye shape can say so much about your personality and nature? 

It’s interesting to note that it has been found that people with downturned eyes are loyal and can make good lifelong companions!

On the other hand, they also seem to be pessimistic and emotionally dependent on people with whom they are close. Also, they tend to be submissive and get easily dominated. If you have downturned eyes you might find it difficult to say ‘no’ to anything. 

Are Downturned Eyes Attractive? 

Celebrities Who Have Downturned Eyes

If you have downturned eyes, then you are not alone! Quite a few of your favorite celebrities have downturned eyes too! 

Here’s a list of them

  • Marlyn Monroe has downturned eyes and she extends her upper and lower eyelash line to make her eyes look bigger and wider.
  • Katy Perry once said she was worried about her ‘wonky eyes’. She has downturned eyes that make one of her eyes wonky. 
  • Anne Hathaway is also known to have downturned eyes and she focuses her liner and shadow on the upper eyelid and lash line. 

Are Downturned Eyes Attractive? 

It’s a common misconception that downturned eyes make a person look lazy and tired. 

Yes, downturned eyes don’t have symmetry but that doesn’t mean they are not attractive. Downturned eyes are rare and that’s what makes them unique and special. 

Downturned eyes give an appearance of seriousness and maturity that can attract many people intellectually! Also, that downward tilt can give you an air of mysteriousness, making you special. 

It is said that your face shape and structure determine whether downturned eyes look good on you or not. However, there is a mixed opinion among many if downturned eyes are attractive or not. 

Some find them attractive while some find them otherwise. But don’t worry even if you feel you don’t like your downturned eyes. 

We have got you covered!

Scroll down and keep reading to find out the best makeup techniques for downturned eyes that can enhance your beauty. 

Makeup Tips For Downturned Eyes

Makeup Tips For Downturned Eyes

If you have downturned eyes, you would have experienced a struggle with makeup as you would want to make your eyes look bigger and more prominent. You can achieve this by following a few simple tips. 

– Apply Shadow On The Orbital Bone

Makeup artists suggest applying shadow, preferably matte shades just above the orbital bone rather than the lash line to give your eyes an illusion of lift.

– Use Liquid Liner 

Celebrity makeup artist Max May suggests using a liquid liner and “focus on the top lash with a solid line and to flick it up at the edge of the corner”. 

He also gives a tip of caution to leave the under eyes completely bare as heavy colors might drag the eyes further down. 

– Highlight Your Cheekbone 

May Max also recommends highlighting around the inner corners of the eyes and the cheekbones to divert attention to the cheekbone.

– Use Concealer To Lift

To uplift your eyes, use a lighter shade of concealer on the outer corner of your bottom lash line. This will give the appearance of an uplifted eye. 

– Try A Cat-Eye

Any eyes would look bigger with a bold cat eye. But for downturned eyes, you need to take extra care. You can do it in two ways:

1.  The liner wing must be more straight and thick. This will square off the eye making it appear more even. If you need more lift,  apply a dark-colored liner to your outer lower waterline.

2. You could also flick the liner wing upward towards the brow. But make sure to draw your line just before the corners start to slant downward rather than at the very end of your eye. 

To give it a further lift, use a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin, right next to the liner. 

Tips For Downturned Eyes

– Curl Your Lashes

Curling your lashes before applying mascara helps give drooping eyelashes a lift in case of downturned eyes. 

– Accentuate Lashes at Outer Corners 

Adding some fake lashes on the outer corners of the eyes will give an eye-opening effect and a beautiful illusion of lift.

Final Words 

So if your downturned eyes seem to make you insecure about your looks, then try to change the thought as downturned eyes are attractive too! They add to your uniqueness and specialty.

So embrace your natural beauty and enhance it only if you wish to! Also, remember, you are beautiful the way you are!

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