How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

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Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that can enhance the appearance of your eyes. However, if you’re ready to remove Eyelash Extensions At Home or if they’re starting to fall out, you may be wondering how to safely and effectively remove them at home.

While it’s always best to have a professional remove your eyelash extensions, there are a few methods you can try at home if you’re unable to visit a salon.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most popular methods for removing eyelash extensions at home and provide some tips to help you avoid damaging your natural lashes in the process.

ways to Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home 

Is It Safe To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home?

To be honest, the short answer would be no. It is always safe to get your eyelash extensions removed by a professional lash stylist. But if you aren’t able to get an appointment or go to the stylist, you can try these methods at your own risk! 

Be sure to decide carefully by weighing the pros and cons before trying to remove your extensions at home. 

Things You Need To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home 

So if you have decided to remove eyelash extensions at home on your own, then these are some of the stuff you might need to get your hands on. So go ahead and grab them now! 

– Makeup remover in case you are wearing makeup 

– Cotton pads

– Olive oil or Coconut oil 

– Steaming hot water 

– Towel

– Moisturizer 

– Cleanser 

how to Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home 

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home? 

So let’s jump into action! Follow these step by step and be careful not to hurt your eyes or natural lashes

1. If you are wearing any makeup, then use an oil-based makeup remover to get rid of the makeup and cleanse your face using a cleanser. Then thoroughly wash your face. Oil weakens the lash glue bond and this makes it easy to remove your eyelash extensions. 

2. Next, take a large bowl with steaming hot water and carefully place your face over the bowl as in steam inhalation. Completely cover with a towel and hold in there for 10-15 minutes. This will help the glue to soften and release the extensions with ease. 

3. Dip a cotton ball or pad with olive oil or coconut oil and gently wipe over your eyelashes, along the lash line. This can help the extensions slide off. You might have to keep repeating this step to dissolve the glue completely.

Heating the oil mildly can also fasten and make the removal process easy. But be sure to let the oil become warm before you apply it to your lashes.

4.  After your extensions fall off, wash your face with warm water to get rid of the excess oil. Apply moisturizer to keep your face hydrated. 


Don’t pluck the extensions as this can damage your natural lashes. While trying to remove eyelash extensions at home, the false lashes should come off in the cotton pad or fall. 

In case they are stubborn and don’t fall off even after trying the above steps, go back to your lash stylist to get the extensions removed professionally.

Risks of Removing Eyelash Extensions At Home 

As mentioned above, there are some risks involved in removing eyelash extensions at home. Keep them in mind before you decide to do it yourself. 

Damage to natural eyelashes: If you use force to pluck your eyelash extensions or any mistake in doing the above steps can cause your natural lashes to get damaged. 

Eye infections: There is a risk of eye infection that can arise from the oil or any dirt in your hands. So make sure to follow proper hygiene and don’t continue to follow the steps if you feel any itching or burning sensation in your eyes. 

Oily Skin: Too much oil on the lash line can clog the pores of your skin. 

– Use of poor-quality removal products can cause eye infections and also damage your natural lashes. 

Final Words

So having read this, make sure to decide carefully as per your needs. If you are wary of the consequences, get your eyelash extensions removed by a professional lash stylist. Or if you feel the need to do it at home, follow the method properly and be patient to get good results!

Eyelash Removal At Home- Some Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When Should You Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home? 

It is safe to say not to remove eyelash extensions at home as long as possible. But if you have no other choice and you feel you need to do it even after knowing the risks, then do it only when you experience any allergic reaction or infection after getting new eyelash extensions.  

Or if you are held up at home and couldn’t get an appointment, and you want to remove badly done extensions then you can give it a try. Otherwise, it is highly recommended you only get your eyelash extensions removed by a professional lash stylist. 

2. Can I Use A Professional Eyelash Extension Remover At Home? 

Never. Don’t even try using a professional eyelash extension remover as it can cause risks if it accidentally enters your eyes. These removers have glue dissolving ingredients which if by mistake get into your eyes can cause severe eye infections. Only your lash stylist should use these removers on you. 

3. Can Vaseline Remove Eyelash Extensions? 

Vaseline does help in removing eyelash extensions. It helps loosen and dissolve the glue of eyelash extensions and thus helps in the removal.

But be careful to use it properly as Vaseline is just petroleum jelly and it can cause damage to natural lashes if used incorrectly. Be sure to get pure Vaseline as some brands add in other ingredients that can be carcinogenic. 

4. Is It Painful To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home? 

No. Removing eyelash extensions by properly following the above method is not painful. However, don’t pluck the extensions if they are stubborn as they can be painful and can damage your natural lashes too.

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