Eyelash Extension Length and Thickness Guide

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Every person wants to have thick and long eyelashes, as they enhance the beauty of one’s eyes.

Eyelashes not only protect the eyes from debris but also help in expressing emotions. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with long and thick eyelashes.

We have given you a comprehensive guide to Eyelash Extension Length and Thickness. So if you are wondering how to choose the right size of extensions, we have answered that as well!

keep reading to learn in-depth about Eyelash Extension Length and Thickness and get ready for a clear wonderful procedure ahead. 

Benefits Of Eyelash Extension Length and Thickness

Eyelash extensions save so much time. You could easily ditch the mascara and go on with beautiful long lashes even as you wake up every day. Extensions add volume to your natural lashes, giving them a fuller look.

Eyelash extensions also come with curls so you need not worry about using a curler that can be intimidating. Eyelash extensions lift the eyes and make the face look beautiful and natural since you can very well do away with makeup. 

Uses Of Eyelash Extensions 

Importance Of Choosing The Right Extensions

Eyelash extensions come in various sizes and you need to choose the right ones according to the style you prefer. Make sure they complement your face and eye shape.

Choosing the wrong length of eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes. They would also look creepy and uncomfortable. 

The wrong length of lash extensions can make your natural lashes feel heavy and this might damage the follicles, preventing the growth of healthy lashes. 

When you decide what thickness of lash extensions you have to use, decide according to the style you prefer. Whether you want more volume and a dramatic look or a simple neat look determines the thickness that should be applied. 

Your eye shape also plays an impact role. Choosing the wrong thickness can also give a too dramatic or weird look. And they can also make your lashes feel heavy, damaging the natural lashes too. 

But no! This is not to freak you out! This is just to make you understand how important it is to choose the right extensions and this guide will help you with it. So scroll down to find out. 

Eyelash Extensions – Thickness Guide

– Range And Chart

Eyelash extensions’ thickness is nothing but the diameter of the extension. The range of thicknesses of eyelash extensions is from 0.03 mm to 0.30 mm.

0.03,0.05, 0.07 mm: They are extremely thin and lightweight. So they are usually used for mega volume lash and Russian volume lash applications. They are also used for those people whose natural lashes are too thin and fragile. 

0.10 mm: This thickness is used for volume 2D lashes or classic lashes for very fine and thinner natural lashes. 

0.12 mm: This is used for classic application on thinner lashes for a soft, wispy look.

0.15mm: This is the average lash thickness and it is used for a naturally thicker look.

0.20 mm: This thickness is used for a natural mascara look

0.25 mm: This is used for a glamorous look but it would be heavy for most of them.

0.30 mm: This is used for an extreme and dramatic look. It could be too heavy for most of them. 

How To Choose eyelash extension

– How To Choose The Right Thickness:

While choosing the right lash extensions, you must not only consider the style you prefer,  but also the strength and thickness of the natural lashes.  

The best thickness for eyelash extensions is usually 0.07 mm. 

It is recommended to use lash extensions of a diameter between 0.10-0.15 mm for those with thinner natural eyelashes, whereas those with stronger natural lashes can take 0.15-0.20 mm.

  • Volume Application 

For mega volume lashes for 2D – 6D, diameters of 0.03 and 0.05 mm are used. 

The popular thickness for Russian Volume for 5D is 0.06mm and 0.07 mm lashes. 

0.10 mm diameter lashes can be used for volume 2D- 3D applications.

  •  Classic Application 

0.12 mm lashes are used in classic applications for a softer, wispier feel and appearance. 

For a classic application with an average thickness of lashes and a natural appearance, 0.15 mm lashes are used. 

0.18 mm thick lashes are used for a bolder look. 

0.20mm lashes are the second most popular thickness for the classic extension. It creates a natural mascara look. But it must only be done on people with thick and healthy natural lashes.

For a glamorous look, 0.25 mm thick lashes can be used but it looks heavy on most people’s lashes. 

0.30 mm lash extensions are used for an extreme look and again this can be used only on naturally strong lashes. 

how to choose Eyelash Length

Eyelash Extensions – Length Guide

Lash extensions come in lengths ranging from 5 mm to 17 mm. 

– Lash Lengths Chart

5-9 mm extensions are used for inner corners or under eyelashes.

9-13 mm are used for the remaining parts of the eyelashes. 

– How To Choose The Right Length?

The style and preference you want and the strength of your natural lashes must be considered before choosing the length. 

 If you have hooded or droopy eyes, you should go for longer lash extensions.

The most commonly used length is 12 mm or 13 mm. Using lashes 14 mm or longer is not always ideal unless you already have strong, long natural lashes as they may cause premature falling out of the extensions.

If you are new to getting lash extensions then it’s better to go with the least length for longevity and to preserve your natural lashes. 

how to choose eyelash Thickness


So it’s not always the style or appearance that is important when choosing eyelash extensions. The strength and length of your natural lashes are more important to be taken into account. 

So be careful not to damage your lashes and rock with beautiful lash extensions to enhance your eyes.

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