Glade Adapt 2 Ski Goggles Review

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If you are a veteran in the skiing field, you must have already heard a lot about the Glade Adapt. It was a revolution in the market with excellent performance-enhancing lenses that work equally well in most light conditions.

If Adapt was this good and loved by all, imagine what Glade Adapt 2 would be like!? Oh boy, it did rock the market. 

You must be wondering, “What is so special about it?”. Let me tell that to you in Glade Adapt 2’s review in this article itself! Why fuss over when I am here? 

Glade Optics

Headquartered in Breckenridge, Colorado, Glade Optics is an eyewear company run by Curt Nichols, who is a ski freak himself. And you cannot doubt the product when a person who has been in that field takes the responsibility to make them. 

Established in the year 2014, they are one of those sought-after brands that are known for providing performance with affordability. Glade always goes out of its way for the consumers and their satisfaction. The main reason why Glade is popular among skiers, snowboarders, surfers, etc. is because it reaches out to more. It has fixed its pricing in such a way that it is accessible to people.  

My Review Of Glade Adapt 2 Goggles 

The Glade Adapt 2 is known as one of the best ski goggles in the market that can be availed at that price. I can bet you would not find any better product of that value. Let us look at some of its major features! 

Superior Frame & Lens Material 

Glade Adapt 2 lenses are of exceptional quality, judging by the fact that they are photochromatic lenses! These lenses also boast a VLT from 16% to 65%. This is an adjustable VLT that changes according to changes in lighting conditions. This feature is the main star of these goggles. 

But there are more things that are going to impress you, like its fabulous color accuracy, ensuring you experience the world in vibrant, true-to-life hues. Moreover, their contrast enhancer feature enhances visual clarity, making every detail pop. 

The frame is designed for comfort and acts as a flexible companion. Crafted from soft and flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), it ensures a snug yet gentle fit on your face. Triple-density foam further enhances comfort, providing a cushioning that feels just right for those long hours of use. 

Reliable Ventilation & Anti-Fog Coatings 

I always stress on how important ventilation is for ski goggles because there’s nothing more frustrating than fogging up and condensing lenses when you are super engrossed in your ride! Well, you will be happy to know that Glade has done its best to remove that problem of yours. 

These goggles are produced with precision so as to offer an unparalleled experience to you on the slopes. The goggles prioritize your vision as it has photochromatic lenses for a clear view in every condition and also by increasing vent space. Featuring a full-length top vent and two full-length bottom vents, they ensure maximum airflow to fight fogging and condensation issues, guaranteeing crystal-clear sight.

The most considerate part is its two additional vents, thoughtfully positioned adjacent to the goggle strap on the sides of the frame. This innovative design ensures a draft-free experience for the rider, making it a better and more leisurely ride. 

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Changing Lenses?

Why do you think photochromatic lenses are the most unique and sought-after lenses in the market? What makes them an advantageous feature of the goggles? 

Their versatility. The photochromatic lenses in Adapt 2 goggles have a VLT of 16% to 65% and are suited for all weather conditions. So when one single works for all low light, flat light, and other weather, do you think you need another lens alongside? No. 

With Glade Adapt 2’s photochromatic goggles, the need for an advanced lens-changing system is not even there! These lenses adapt to varying light conditions, eliminating the hassle of swapping lenses. One lens suits multiple conditions, enhancing performance on the go.       

Is It Durable?

After looking at all these major features, do you think durability is in question? I mean it is possible that wear and tear will occur, but not immediately. Or even after a couple of uses. You will have to deliberately use it for a long time to cause damage to the build. And these words are not mine, they are by the people who bought these goggles. 

It can be said that the Glade Adapt 2 goggles redefine durability and longevity. They not only provide a comfortable fit but also resist cracking and deformation. 

The lenses themselves are no slouch either. They are scratch-resistant and remain clear and unmarred. The silicone strap shows very low signs of wear and tear. 


Now the most important variable that accounts for the goggles’ popularity. Its price. 

If the goggles had been extremely pricey while housing so many features, it would not have made a place in people’s wish list at all. That is why a pair of Glade Adapt 2 goggles cost you less than $150! Imagine, the versatile photochromatic, power-packed ventilation features available just at less than $150. Insane, right? I thought the same. 


So here we are done with the review of the most wanted goggles of the season, the Glade Adapt 2. You are obviously gonna like this one if you ever buy it. And I feel that you should definitely buy it. You are not gonna get a chance like this again my darling.  

Good luck!

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