Top Volleyball Sunglasses for Beach Play: Spike in Style

Beach volleyball has become an increasingly popular activity all around the world.

Whether you are a professional beach volleyball player or just like to play on the weekends, you need beach volleyball sunglasses, do not look any further because we have created a list of the top beach volleyball glasses you can buy.

Do not worry if you don’t know which beach volleyball sunglasses to buy, as we have also prepared a guide.

Let’s have a look.

Best Overall Sunglasses for Beach Volleyball

beach volleyball sunglasses

EclipseSaturn Cloud

Eclipse - Saturn Cloud

The Eclipse Saturn Cloud volleyball sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear are an excellent choice for any beach volleyball player looking for optimal eye protection and style.

These sunglasses are designed with a wraparound frame that provides full coverage of the eyes, ensuring that you won’t be distracted by glare or bright sunlight. The lenses are polarized, which further helps to reduce glare and provides a clear view of the court. Additionally, the lenses have a scratch-resistant coating, ensuring that they will last for many games to come.

In terms of comfort, the Eclipse Saturn Cloud sunglasses don’t disappoint. They have a lightweight frame that fits securely without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. The nose pads and temple tips are made of a soft material that prevents slipping, even during the most intense rallies.

But perhaps the best thing about the Eclipse Saturn Cloud volleyball sunglasses is their style. They come in a variety of colors, and the sleek design is sure to turn heads on the court. The sunglasses are also versatile enough to be worn off the court, making them a great investment for any volleyball player.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Eclipse volleyball sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear to any beach volleyball player. With their superior eye protection, comfort, and style, they are a must-have for anyone serious about the game.

Eclipse X2 – Violet Victory

Eclipse X2 - Violet Victory

The Eclipse X2 volleyball sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear are a fantastic choice for any beach volleyball player looking for both style and functionality. The “Violet Victory” colorway is particularly striking, with a matte-finished metallic black frame that beautifully complements the deep purple polarized wraparound lenses. The oversized design of the sunglasses provides a wide field of view, which is especially important when tracking the ball during fast-paced games.

One of the standout features of the Eclipse X2 sunglasses is their lightweight design. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods, which is essential during long tournaments or training sessions. The wraparound frame also provides excellent coverage and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, ensuring that your eyes stay safe and comfortable during play.

The polarization of the lenses further enhances the performance of the sunglasses. They reduce glare and improve clarity, allowing you to see the ball and your surroundings more clearly. Additionally, the lenses are scratch-resistant, ensuring that they will last for many games to come.

Overall, the Eclipse X2 volleyball sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear are a tremendous investment for any serious beach volleyball player. The combination of style, comfort, and functionality make them a top choice for those who want to perform their best on the court.



The Exposé volleyball sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear, specifically the ‘Fortunate Gina’ colorway, are a great choice for any volleyball player who values both style and performance. The contrasting duo-tone frame, along with the PureBlend Lens, creates a unique look that is sure to turn heads on the court.

The PureBlend Lens provides excellent color and clarity, making it easy to track the ball and your surroundings. This is especially important in beach volleyball, where the glare from the sun can be quite intense. You can choose between polarized or non-polarized mirror lenses, depending on your preference.

The Exposé sunglasses are also incredibly lightweight and durable, making them a great investment for those who are serious about the game. The frame is designed to be comfortable, yet secure, and won’t slide around during intense play. The contrasting duo-tone design adds to the overall style of the sunglasses, making them a versatile choice that can be worn on and off the court.

Overall, the Exposé volleyball sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear, specifically the ‘Fortunate Gina’ colorway, are a great investment for any beach volleyball player. The combination of style, performance, and durability make them a top choice for those who want to look good and perform their best on the court.

Oakley Men’s Oo9462 Sutro S Rectangular Sunglasses

I was looking for Oakley Beach sunglasses, and I found these. The best part about these sunglasses is that they come in multiple colors, and you can choose from non-polarized, polarized options, which can help enhance contrast and color for a better experience. They are an excellent choice if you’re looking for sunglasses for volleyball.

I got the matte black one. These glasses are great if you are looking for a volleyball-on-the-beach kind of Vibe.

These glasses offer 100% UV protection, which means they filter all the UVA, UVB, and UVC, including harmful blue light. They feel super light on my ears and my nose. 

They feel comfortable and give me clarity and protection against impact, which is a great plus when I play beach volleyball. These glasses offer more color and contrast compared to other volleyball sunglasses. In aero positions, these glasses allow me to look up without getting my vision blocked. They don’t get fogged easily. 

The glasses come with a case and lens cloth to clean and protect from any scratches or damages. These are the best Oakley volleyball sunglasses, in my opinion.

Buying Guide For Beach Volleyball Sunglasses

Buying Guide for Beach Volleyball Sunglasses


The fit of your sunglasses is one of the most important aspects. Bich volleyball sunglasses should have a comfortable fit, and they should not fall when you are playing. Having straight temples adds comfort and stability by providing a snug fit on your face and not feeling so tight that they start causing a headache. 

Buying a sunglass with the adjustable temple and nose parts will take the shape of your face and fit you right. Even a semi-rimless frame shape is a great sport frame as it provides an obstructed view from the peripheral vision and bottom edge of the frame.


If you want to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, reflective light, and glare of the sun, then considering the coverage of your volleyball sunglasses is an important aspect. Since volleyball is an outdoor game and most of the time you spend is during those sunny days, you should go for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection.

 A high base wrap is a primary way to get more coverage regarding the frame. Some sunglasses also come with a polarized lens and high coverage for your face, covering more surface area around the eyes. The higher the base rap, the more curved the frame is, and the more it provides you coverage.


While playing volleyball, you want sunglasses with a good grape on your face. The group is crucial for both your performance and the sunglasses’ performance. A sunglass that has a rubber nose bridge and temples will gently grip your face and stay put even while you are going for a smash in your beach volleyball match. 

You don’t want sunglass that loses their grip due to your sweat. Go for a hydrophilic material because the more you sweat, the stickier sunglasses become and keep them in place. You want to perform without wondering whether your sunglasses will fall or not.


Playing volleyball on the beach and wearing sunglasses that do not offer a polarized lens will damage your eyes and impact your performance. Buying sunglass with polarized lenses will help reduce glare from the water and reflected light from the sand, enhancing your view and giving you a clear position of the volleyball. 

Polarization blocks transverse wavelengths, which are reflected from a flat surface, from entering the lens. You have significantly more visibility in bright light conditions with a polarized lens.

Polarized sunglasses are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, as they help improve your vision in high-gear situations. Polarization also increases contrast, and minimal color distortion occurs.

Contrast Enhancement

Beach volleyball’s rapid tempo calls for quick reading of the ball and your opponents. It makes the difference between succeeding and failing in the dig. Contrast enhancement makes it easier to distinguish between textures and brings out details that would otherwise be lost in intense glare or deep shadows. 

Win Win is a SportRx prebuilt lens that is dark rose copper colored and polarised to increase contrast and reduce reflected light. They facilitate daily activities by enhancing our ability to distinguish between light and color variations. This improves color contrast and eyesight clarity. Increasing contrast levels to enhance your surroundings can significantly impact your performance.

Why Should You Wear Sunglasses While Playing Beach Volleyball?

Should You Wear Sunglasses While Playing Beach Volleyball

Beach or sand volleyball are outdoor sports; most of the time, the sun is out on the beach. To be able to see correctly while playing, you need to wear sunglasses so that you don’t miss any of the shorts coming your way or misjudge line calls. 

Whether you play professionally or for fun, sunglasses are necessary because they help you see clearly. If you are wearing a good pair of sunglasses, that gives you UV protection which helps you to prevent damaging your eyes from the sun rays.

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