Glade Fathom Ski Goggles Review

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It is indeed a difficult job to fish out good quality ski goggles from a huge stock of goggles available in the market. Glade serves a good base in the world of ski goggles and is loved by many.  

But there has to be the most favored child in everyone’s family. In Glade, it is the Fathom ski goggles that have all prime features. There is no way you won’t like it! 

But if you still do not know much about it, there always exists this article where I am gonna tell you A to Z about these goggles. Let’s get started, shall we? 

Glade Optics

Glade Optics is an eyewear company run by Curt Nichols, who is a ski freak himself. And you cannot doubt the product when a person who has been in that field takes the responsibility to make them. 

Their main focus is on producing snow goggles that are actually reliable for use. Established in the year 2014, Glade has come a long way working on a B2C basis and removing any mediators or retailers in between. This business strategy has helped the company make a place for itself in the hearts of ski enthusiasts in less than a decade. 

The headquarters of Glade Optics is situated in Breckenridge, Colorado. 

My Review Of Glade Fathom Goggles 

The Fathom Goggles are not fan-favorite based on the fact that they are bestsellers but they are crafted in a way that makes it to the favorite list of people.     

Frame & Lens 

The overall build of the Fathom ski goggles is extremely sturdy and fit. They are meant to last. You will be sure of it just by holding it once in your hands.

The lenses are cylindrical in shape with almost no distortion, which accounts for the wide range of views that is loved by the people. Cylindrical lenses allow you a greater field of view that makes you look at everything more clearly and better. There is no scope for tripping over a small rock or anything else when you have a vast view both horizontally and vertically.  

There is also an extra bonus lens where you will get a low light lens for having an equally clear view during cloudy days. It makes things easier as you would not have to worry about buying an extra pair of lenses for a different weather. You are getting it as it is! Do not tell me that this doesn’t impress you!?

Anti-fogging and Ventilation Capacities

As I have always stressed, ventilation and anti-fog coatings are the most intensive features of ski goggles. Imagine you bought the best ski goggles available in the market that are said to have the best features but still do not help with condensation and clog up in the middle of the ride. These are simply a waste of money! 

The Glade Fathom Goggles have anti-fog coatings that are actually effective in preventing condensation on the outside surface of the lens. And when a good anti-fog feature is coupled with exceptional ventilation, miracles happen. The goggles are large in size and thus leave plenty of room for air to travel to and fro so that balance is maintained both inside and outside. 

best ski goggles

Magnetic Lens Swap System 

Think about it, won’t it be a hassle if you had to stand in the middle of the track when there is a change in weather just to change your lenses? 

What would be better at that time? The traditional insert-lens system or this magnetic swap system that takes just a few seconds to change the lenses? You know the answer deep in your heart, don’t you?

The magnetic lens swap system has to be the most effective and practical feature in ski goggles without a doubt. 

Heating And Overall Comfort

If we talk about comfort, then it would be better to mention that these goggles have a triple-layer foam incorporated in it that hugs your face perfectly. They are just the right size, keep you warm but don’t suffocate you to death. The elastic straps are long enough to suit any helmet and thus ensure strict safety! 


If we talk about the price, then it is expected to be quite at a higher stake because considering all these A-Class amenities you are getting in a single goggle. You are getting a pair of Glade Fathom Ski Goggles for less than $150. If we compare the price to other high-end brands, it is still quite reasonable. 

Are They Worth It?

If you are impressed by the wide-ranging capacities of these goggles and have the budget then let me tell you that these ought to be worth it for you. They have all the qualities that should be present in top-quality goggles, and these are all prime features that make Glade Fathom a must-have! 

There’s no questioning their durability. Made out of TPU they are durable and flexible at the same time. We already are aware of its awesome lenses and the large-scale view it provides. It also works as an Over-The-Glasses (OTG) goggle, which is literally a cherry on top feature! 

Yes, the size may be an issue for people with small heads but other than that, these goggles are just perfect in all sorts. 


Now that we are done with the entire review, what is your review on these goggles? I hope it is positive because I don’t believe that there are any features that are present in good-quality ski goggles that they miss out on. I hope you are on your way to their website to buy yourself a pair. 

Good luck!

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