Can You Use Eyeshadow As Eyeliner?

Are you fresh out of your favorite eyeliner, but you need a replacement immediately? Did your heart just break when you notice that your precious eyeliner has dried up? Are you planning to recycle the never used palette of Eyeshadow lying at the corner of your makeup shelf?

Well, a one-stop solution to all these issues is using Eyeshadow for eyeliners. In this article, we have talked about the mixing mediums for the two and steps on how to use Eyeshadow as an eyeliner!

Different Mixing Mediums For Eyeshadow As Eyeliner

Setting Spray

Well, when you are mixing mediums to convert your eyeshadow into eyeliner setting sprays are the most commonly used bases. Setting sprays usually have water and alcohol as their main ingredients and they help keep your makeup in place.

Now if you are creative enough to lather your brush with the spray and then dip your Eyeshadow, you can easily use that brush for lining eyes with Eyeshadow. Setting sprays keep the liner in place too!

Eye Drops

These are probably the safest options when it comes to using Eyeshadow instead of eyeliner. All you have to do is dip your angular brush in a few drops of eye drops and then dip in the Eyeshadow powder. Then you can use it to line your eyes.

Coconut Oil

Well, the benefits and uses of coconut oil are never-ending. They can make a great substitute for usual cooking oil, is good for hair and it is also an amazing mixing medium for eyeliner with shadow.

Wet your angular brush in a few drops of coconut oil and dip it in your favorite Eyeshadow shade. Now you can easily use it to line your eyes. The best part is coconut Oil is deemed eye-safe and it may be used around the eye area safely!

Micellar Water

This is the easiest and most convenient medium to mix your Eyeshadow with eyeliner. All you do is dip your brush in the water, then dip it in the Eyeshadow and use it to line your eyes!

Micellar water can get irritating to the eyes, so try and avoid getting it in the eyes! 

Few Color Options For Eyeliner

I love eye makeup and I love experimenting too. But what limits my experiment is the lack of or rare availability of multiple-colored eyeliners. Yes, apart from the conventional black hue, we can also get colors like brown, green, and blue but the rainbow has other hues too, right?

I love the colors sported by Eyeshadow. So if I ever want to use Eyeshadow instead of eyeliner some preferred color options could be purple, burgundy, yellow, taupe, golden, and silver.

Step-by-Step Process As To How To Use Eyeshadow As An Eyeliner

Use A Primer

If you love makeup then you must be aware of the service provided by a good primer. The proper application of primer ensures even skin tone. This in turn ensures that the makeup can be applied smoothly.

Similarly for the eyeliner or Eyeshadow to have a smooth application and appearance you need to smoothen out the skin with a good primer.

Apply A Concealer

A concealer is usually applied to cover up any blemishes, dark spots, or pigmentation. Concealer in eye makeup is important to smooth out the discoloration on the lids and the dark circles. Thus the hues will be vibrant and enhance your eye makeup.

This not only helps in the easy application of eyeliner and Eyeshadow but it will help the colors last longer.

Use An Angled Eyeliner Brush

This is again an important thing you need to remember while applying eyeliner. Ensure that the brush is angled. These brushes if used with proper technique can give you a nice eyeliner look.

They can also be used to give the popular cat-eyed look and help draw winged eyeliners!

Dampen Your Brush Adequately 

First, you must figure out what mixing medium you will use. And whatever you use dampen the brush in it adequately. For instance, if you use micellar water or coconut oil then you can easily pour some of it into the container. 

And then dip the brush in the solution. But if you use eye drops or setting spray, then it might get tricky and in those cases, you will have to pay particular attention to the fact that the brush is adequately dampened!

Choose The Eyeshadow Color 

Now depending on the color of your eyes, you need to figure out what looks best on you. For instance many say that taupe looks great on hazel and azure eyes, so you could try that. But in the end, you need to decide on the color that you want.

Apply It From Inner Corner Out

Now, this is the most important step, that is how exactly you should apply the eyeliner. The technique and the trick lie in applying it from the inner corner to the outer end. This keeps your lining strokes even and neat.

And if you are looking to style the liner at the end of the eyes, this is the best method because this allows you better chances at drawing winged or curved lining to make your eye makeup more stylish!

Allow It To Dry

I have seen people opening their eyes as soon as the supplication is done. While this may be okay with gel eyeliners when you are using Eyeshadow instead of eyeliner remember you have a liquid base so until it is dried properly there are smudging chances.

And once it is smudged even if you wipe it off, that tint of mishap remains. So it’s best to avoid it in the beginning and allow your eye makeup to dry sufficiently. 

Use A Setting Spray

This is another important point. Using a setting spray ensures that your eye makeup remains smudge-proof and the vibrant hues don’t fade. The spray is meant to keep it all set.

Final Words

So these were some ways you could use your discarded Eyeshadow As eyeliner. Though, while at it, you should always be careful with the application since eyes are pretty sensitive areas! Hope this article was helpful.

Cheers to a happy and safe replacement of eyeliners with Eyeshadow!

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