Eyelash Tinting – Frequently Asked Questions 

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Just imagine you wake up with long, dark eyelashes that look natural. 

No mascara, no fake eyelashes, but your natural eyelashes that look long and dark as you have always wanted. 

Sounds amazing right? 

Who wouldn’t want these? 

But how do you get such eyelashes without any makeup? The secret lies in EYELASH TINTING! 

Scroll down to find out more about this magical procedure that can give you natural beautiful looks and intense eyes.  

We have answered the frequently asked questions about eyelash tinting and if you have so many doubts killing your curiosity, then you are on the right page. Keep reading! 

What is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting is a procedure that involves applying a semi-permanent, vegetable dye to your eyelashes to give them a dark color. But not only does a lash tint make your eyelashes darker, but it also gives them an appearance of being longer. 

While you might have tried mascara and fake eyelashes to enhance the color and length of your eyelashes, lash tinting is super easy and it saves you from the fuss of having to apply mascara or wear fake lashes perfectly every day.

You might have a lot of questions on your mind about eyelash tinting. So let’s look at the frequently asked questions and you can get their answers here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Eyelash Tinting 

Who Needs Eyelash Tinting? 

Not all of you might need eyelash tinting. You might want eyelash tinting if you have the following conditions:

– You have natural light and thin eyelashes.

– You have a busy job and don’t have enough time for makeup.

– You enjoy outdoor activities which can smudge and mess up your mascara.

– You don’t like fake lashes or makeup at all.

– You wear contact lenses and find it difficult to use mascara.

So it’s your choice to go for eyelash tinting in case you feel like getting them. 

How to Prepare before an Eyelash Tint? 

Make sure you stop using a self-tanner a week before you get eyelash tinting done. If you use contact lenses, don’t wear them that day as they may get stained by the dye used for tinting.

It is better to get a patch test done if you are trying it for the first time. Check if you show any signs of allergic reaction to the dye. If not then go ahead with the procedure

What Is The Procedure? 

Before starting the process, the technician puts a pad under your eyes to protect your skin. The dye is then applied to your lower lash first followed by the upper lashes.

It is then allowed to sit for ten minutes so that the dye gets absorbed by your lashes. After this, your technician will clean your lashes with saline, lip gloss wands, and cotton rounds. 

Once the eye pads are removed, you are done. Your eyelashes would have that perfect color and length adding to your beauty!

What Kind of Dye Is Used?

tips before eyelash Tinting

The dye that is used for eyelash tinting is a vegetable dye that usually doesn’t harm the eyes. One should never use normal hair dye for eyelash tinting. So make sure your technician uses the dye meant for lash tinting.

The dye comes in various colors, but the one that is used mostly is blue-black. So you can choose between a variety of colors according to your style and taste! 

If you have experienced any dye allergy previously, it’s better to get a doctor’s opinion before you get an eyelash tint done.

What Are The Benefits?

If you’re wondering what benefits you can get from eyelash tinting, here is the answer. 

– The first benefit is beautiful looks of course! Eyelash tinting makes your eyelashes look longer, and darker and gives your eyes an attractive appearance.

– It adds structure and definition to your entire face, enhancing your beauty. 

– You can get rid of the trouble of a messy mascara routine every morning. You can also do away with fake eyelashes that look artificial. 

– You need not worry about your mascara smudging and ruining your face makeup. You will get natural-looking dark eyelashes.

–  Your tinted eyelashes will never run with water. So you can have fun without worrying about messy eyes. 

– You can wake up picture-perfect every morning. 

 All these sound so good, right? 

How Long Does It Take?

A typical eyelash tinting process might take only 10-15 minutes in total. A long-lasting look in a short time. Awesome, isn’t it? 

What Is After-Care Like?

So after the eyelash tinting what must you do to keep it safe and stay longer? 

– Avoid washing your eyes for 24 hours after the process. 

– Skip your contact lenses for a day after the tinting. 

– Don’t rub your eyes and avoid any makeup or perfume-based products for 24-48 hours.

– Avoid heat treatments for at least 24 hours.

– Try to avoid oil-based creams to prevent your eyelash tint from fading away quickly. 

– Avoid sunbathing and swimming for 24 hours. 

– Avoid any other eye treatment for at least 24 hours after the procedure. 

– Avoid strong UV light as this can cause easier fading away of the tint.

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How Long Does an Eyelash Tint Last?

A good eyelash tint can last for three to five weeks, provided you take proper aftercare as mentioned above.

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe? 

Yes,  eyelash tinting is completely safe when done by an experienced professional or technician. 

However, those with sensitive eyes and with a history of any eye allergy or irritation to cosmetics, must NOT go for an eyelash tint.

Safety first! So be very sure that your eyelashes can take up the dye without causing any eye or skin problems. 

Does Eyelash Tinting Hurt? 

No, lash tinting doesn’t hurt as such. But some might experience slight discomfort or a mild sting when the dye is applied. 

But don’t worry it lasts only for a few minutes. You will be completely fine once the process is done! 

Who Should Not Get Eyelashes Tinted?

If you are known to have allergic reactions to any eye product or cosmetics avoid eyelash tinting. Do not go for it if you have sensitive eyes.

Also if you are facing any temporary eye issues like conjunctivitis or dry eyes, wait till your eyes completely recover and then get your doctor’s opinion before you go for lash tinting. 

Take a patch test to see if the dye suits your eye and if you show no signs of irritation, you’re set to go. 

How Much Does it Cost? 

An eyelash tinting procedure usually costs between $20-40. It is quite inexpensive. 

It’s worth it for the looks that your eyes get and the time you can save from the mascara routine. 

Who Should Do The Procedure For You?

Only a trained and experienced professional must do eyelash tinting. When done incorrectly, the lashes might get damaged and you might develop eye problems. 

You might have seen eyelash-tinting self-kits.  But don’t do it on your own unless you have enough experience and practice at doing it without harming your eyes

How To Remove Your Eyelash Tinting?

Remove Your Eyelash Tinting

If you want to remove your eyelash tinting for some reason, it can be done by a professional tint removal product specially made to bleach the color dye for your lashes or skin. Applying oil-based products can also help in the gradual fading of the tint.

What Are The Disadvantages of Eyelash Tinting?

Everything that’s not natural comes with some disadvantages. The following are some of the disadvantages of eyelash tinting. 

1. Restrictions 

As mentioned above there are a few restrictions on the daily makeup products that you could use after getting an eyelash tint. You should avoid oil-based makeup products or removers to prevent the quick fading of the tint. 

Restrictions like avoiding sunlight and heat can be difficult to follow especially during summer. 

2. Allergies /Irritation 

As discussed before, some might experience eye irritation after eyelash tinting resulting in eye problems.

Some might experience side effects for a few days like watery eyes, itching, and burning in the eyes. 

3. Damages Natural Eyelashes

Since a dye is used to tint your eyelashes, it can cause drying out of your eyelashes. This is because any kind of dye would strip the hair of its natural moisture, making them dry and brittle. 

But you can go for lash serums that can keep your eyelashes moist and healthy. In the long run, brittle eyelashes can cause hair to make your eyelashes sparse. So be sure to take good care of your tinted eyelashes to keep them healthy.

is Eyelash Tinting Safe

Final Words 

Eyelash tinting, as pretty as it sounds, you cannot let yourself get carried away. So, before you go for eyelash tinting, weigh your options based on the pros and cons. 

Decide according to your needs and make sure to follow proper precautions and after-care. 

If you are ready, then rock your looks with dark, long, and attractive eyelashes to embellish yourself. Go ahead and give it a try! Hope we answered all your doubts.

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