What Your Eye Shape Says About You

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What words fail, eyes can convey. 

Your eyes tell a lot of stories, but did you know your eye shape can tell what kind of a person you are? 

Yes, your eye shape can indeed reveal your personality and nature. Are you curious to check if it’s right? 

But wait! 

Do you know what your eye shape is? If not, don’t worry, we have got it covered. Keep reading to explore more about eye shapes! 

Find out what your eye shape is and get to know yourself more. We are sure you will find amazingly accurate what your eyes can tell about you. Just scroll down more. 

What Are The Different Eye Shapes?

Have you been entranced by authors or poets describing eye shapes? It’s fascinating right? 

You might have wondered how someone would describe your eye shape. So go on and find out! Let’s look at the different eye shapes and how they look. 

Different Eye Shapes?

Almond Eyes:

As the name suggests these eyes are almond-shaped. Sounds romantic? 

Almond-shaped eyes have upswept corners and join evenly at both ends. They are a little wide in the middle. 

Round Eyes

Many people tend to confuse round eyes with almond eyes. Round eyes are shorter than other eye shapes. Read below to find out how to tell if your eyes are round and not almond-shaped. 

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are when the crease line is covered by an excess flap of skin below each eyebrow. Hooded eyes make your eyelid look smaller. 

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes are when the eyelids don’t have a crease or an obvious crease. 

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes are oval-shaped and they have a natural upward lift at the outer corners. The lower lid looks more prominent and longer than the upper lid. 

personality according to Eye Shapes

Downturned Eyes

It’s the exact opposite of upturned eyes. 

Downturned eyes have a downward tilt at the outer corners. Due to this angle, the upper eyelids look more prominent and longer than the lower ones. 

Small Eyes

As the name suggests, they are small and less prominent. 

Deep-set Eyes

When the eyes sit deeper in the eye socket, looking larger, then they are deep-set.  This gives an appearance of a more prominent brow bone that overshadows the eyes.

Close-set Eyes

If the width between the two eyes is less than the width of one eye, then they are close-set. 

Wide-set Eyes

If the eyes are more than one eye width apart, they are wide-set. 

Prominent Eyes 

The eyes sit in a relatively shallow position in the eye socket, unlike the deep-set eyes. This gives the eye a prominent and larger look. 

How To Find Your Eye Shape?

How To Find Your Eye Shape?

To find your eye shape look straight ahead in the mirror and keep following these step by step.

– If the outer part of your iris( the colored part of your eye) is hidden by both the upper and lower eyelid,  and you have a crease line visible in your eyelid, then you have almond eyes

– If you see any white(even the smallest) around the top and bottom of your iris, then you have round eyes. 

– If you can’t see the crease line in the eyelid when your eyes are open, then you have hooded eyes

– If you are confused between monolid and hooded eyes, then you can find out by observing this:

  •  If your brow bone is sagging and there is an extra flap of skin sitting on top of your eyelids, then you have hooded eyes. 
  • Monolid eyes protrude with no crease at all. 

– To find whether you have upturned or downturned eyes, then imagine a straight line passing from the nose, through your pupil to the side of your face. 

  • If the corners of your eye tilt downwards, you have down-turned eyes.
  • If they tilt upwards, you have upturned eyes.
  • If they are straight, you have almond-shaped eyes. 

– Now if you want to know if you have deep-set eyes, look at your eyes in the mirror from the side. If your brow bone sticks out, you have deep-set eyes. 

– Using your pointer finger touch your eyes with the top part of your finger against your brow bone and the bottom part against your cheekbone. Now close your eyes. 

  • If your eyes don’t touch your finger, you have deep-set eyes. 
  • If it touches then you have prominent eyes

– To find if you have wide-set or close-set eyes, look at the gap between your two eyes. 

  • If the gap is less than the width of your one eye, then you have close-set eyes. 
  • If it is more than one eye wide, then you have wide-set eyes. 
  • If it’s roughly the same as one eye width, you have average-spaced eyes
tips To Find Your Eye Shape

Different Personality Traits For Each Eye Shape

What Almond Eyes Say About You 

  • Compassionate
  • Positive
  • Cautious

People with almond eyes tend to be compassionate and positive, making great friends or partners. They are loyal and caring.

They are prone to be very cautious and avoid getting into heated arguments. Almond-eyed people also remain calm and composed even in the toughest situations, having a balanced outlook toward life. 

What Round Eyes Say About You

  • Creative
  • Emotional
  • Moody
  • Idealism

If you have round eyes, you would have great creativity and you tend to live in your world as you have a vivid imagination. People with round eyes could get carried away with emotions and find it difficult to keep those emotions to themselves. 

Round-eyed people have strong ideals and they can be moody. Yet, they will be endearing to their friends due to their charm. 

What Hooded Eyes Say About You

  • Open-minded
  • Calm
  • Cheerful

People with hooded eyes are open-minded and calm. They help others a lot and they can lighten up the mood by being very cheerful.

But deep inside they tend to confide their struggles from others and they might find it tough to stand up for themselves. 

What Monolid Eyes Say About You

  • Optimistic
  • Caring

Those with monolid eyes are very optimistic and open. Due to their caring nature, they tend to make friends easily.

But it could be harmful to them as they might end up taking others’ load as they get involved with other people’s emotions to help them out emotionally.

What Upturned Eyes Say About You 

  • Determined
  • Ambitious
  • Witty

People with upturned eyes tend to be very determined and ambitious. Nothing can stop them from achieving what they aim for. 

But this trait can also be seen by others as selfish and opportunistic. They are also fun to be with due to their witty nature and optimism.

ways To Find Your Eye Shape?

What Downturned Eyes Say About You 

  • Emotional dependence
  • Pessimistic
  • Submissive
  • Loyal

So if you have down-turned eyes then you are probably emotionally dependent on people who are close to you. You might be pessimistic and indecisive. 

You may find yourself being too submissive and easily dominated by others as you can never say no to anyone. But the good news is that your loyalty and affection make you good lifelong companions to your loved ones. 

What Small Eyes Say About You

  • Focused
  • Intelligent
  • Observant

People with small eyes are focused and far-sighted. You plan well ahead and tend to reach your goals with so much focus. 

You are also intelligent but wary of strangers which can make you seem unapproachable. You are keen on observing things and have a thorough knowledge of whatever you see. 

What Deep-Set Eyes Say About You

  • Romantic
  • Intense
  • Private

If you have deep-set eyes you tend to be romantic. You are intense and observant of everything around you. You like to keep things private without revealing much. You are also very insightful. 

What Close-Set Eyes Say About You

  • Successful
  • Traditional
  • Change resistant

People with close-set eyes are successful but may also be short-tempered. They are focused, disciplined and detail-minded. 

They are also traditional and are fascinated by history. They tend to get stressed even at the smallest changes in life and could be resistant.

methods To Find Your Eye Shape

What Wide-Set Eyes Say About You

  • Adventurous
  • Broad-minded

Those with wide-set eyes love exploring new things, be it the latest trends or lifestyle options.

They are impulsive and like to break the monotony by being adventurous. They are also broad-minded and love places that give them a lot of freedom and choices.

What Prominent Eyes Say About You

  • Warm and friendly
  • Sensitive
  • Overthinker

If you have prominent eyes you tend to be warm and sensitive. You are friendly and are found to be easily approachable to people. 

However, you might worry yourself so much by being an overthinker, putting so much thought into things that should not be deeply thought about. 

Final Words

So have you found your eye shape and personality traits being compatible? It’s fascinating to see how a simple thing like eye shape can say so much about a person, right? 

So adore yourself for who you are and embrace your journey with acceptance whatever your eye shape and personality traits.

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