How To Do Eye Makeup With A Green Dress

When it comes to gowns, most of us usually select a gown with the color we mostly like, which then may be for parties, marriage functions, any event or show, and so on.

This is because green has the perfect option to put on and offers you endless options and a variety of beautiful shades. 

However, the trickiest and most difficult part is, what makeup and shades to try with a green dress that will suit your skin tone.

So, here are some best eye makeup ideas that can go with your green dress. 

Let’s go and find out!

Eye Makeup Tips

  1. Always match the color of your eyeshadow to your dress shade.
  1. Mix a little bit of black in it to intensify the color of your eyeshadow.
  1. Avoid green eyeliner and green eyeshadow.
  1. Opt for light gray or beige hues for selecting makeup colors.
  1. Avoid bright shades of red or deeper red lips shades.
  1. You can use smokey eyes using olive green eyeshadow for a natural makeup look.
  1. Go with a bronze eye and peach-colored lip for an effortlessly natural look.
  1. Use a pearl-colored highlighter.

How Do You Pick Eyeshadow For A Dress?

  1. Choose One Color Pallet

If you are matching your makeup with your bold outfit, then you need to be careful as it can prove disastrous. Choose an eyeshadow in a shade that is complementary to coral. 

  1. Distribute Color Equally 

Don’t just use your eyeshadow or lipstick according to your dress color only. Try to use your eyebrow or lip color shade with preference to your accessories such as bag, purse, shoes, belt, and earrings.

  1. Don’t Go Too Matchy-Matchy

It is important not to go overboard. 

Don’t choose only two colors and cover yourself from head to toe with that. As said earlier, try to match your accessories. By doing this you’ll have complementary accents instead of being overly matchy-matchy. 

  1. Know About Your Stuff

To match your makeup with your outfit, you have to keep some important stuff of your kind such as lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and blush.

How To Do Eye Makeup With A Green Dress

Should You Match Your Eyeshadow With Your Dress?

Whether it’s a bold look or not, you should NEVER, ever match your eyeshadow with the color of your outfit.

Just imagine blue eyeshadow with a blue shirt. It won’t look good. Try to keep it subtle. 

Stick with neutral eyeshadow such as beige, soft pink, gold, and brown if your outfit is adventurous such as striking colors, color blocking, and patterns, which are pretty good choices for clothes. 

Try to mix the shades of your eyeshadow with the beauty of accessories you wear such as your handbag, earrings, shoes, and so on.

What Makeup Goes With Green?

  1. Purple And Plumps: – The most flattering eyeshadow color for green is purple. If you are uneasy with purple and plum tones you can go with purple or plum liner to match with your shadow shades.
  2. Bronze And Copper: –  Copper tones are stunning next to green shades. Using bronze, copper, gold, and metallic gold can make them look stunning and pop.
  3. Silver And Charcoal: – Silver charcoal tones are the right choice especially for an evening when the gleaming metallic hues are caught by lights. 
tips for Eye Makeup With A Green Dress

What Makeup Goes With Dark Green?

As we talked about earlier, never match your eye shadows with the shades of your outfit. Try to use the complementary color of your dress shade, as it enhances the elegant and natural look you wish for.

You can use any neutral-toned makeup such as metallic, silver, and gold to pair up with your dark green dress. 

You can also use white, black, and blush shades if you feel uneasy with other shades as this can be your good choice too.

Type Of Eye Makeup For Green Dress: – 

To obtain this look all you have to do is: – 

  1. Apply foundation and concealer underneath your eyes.
  1. Later fix your eyebrows. Fill in precisely. With the same foundation just clean up the edges of your eyebrows.
  1. Prime your eyelids and apply it all over your eyes with your blender. Set it with a nude eyeshadow so that the eyeshadow you are going to apply on top of it will go on smoother.
  1. Use your light brown pallet shade and diffuse it properly with a blender brush and bump that color in the upper crease area. 
  1. Use a vibrant orange shade and with the small blending brush apply it on the lower crease which will give you some depth and add warmth to the crease. 
  1. Deepen up the crease with more abusing shades of brown and blend it nicely.
  1. Use copper brown shade which is pretty intense but looks good and with the help of a flat brush apply it all over your eyelid. 
  1. Apply your eyeliner before the glitter so that it’s easier to work with it. 
  1. Apply the glitter all over your eyelid and if you have glitter on your eyeliner so you can cover it up with some more eyeliner on it. 
  1. Apply the mixture of orange and light brown shades on your lower lash line.
  1. Apply some false eyelashes and apply some mascara.
  1. Apply some glitter tone on your lower eyelid and there you go. 

1. Olive Green Eye Makeup 

 To obtain this beautiful look, follow the tips given below: – 

  1. Go on with your foundation and concealer.
  1. Pick the shade Matterhorn and apply it on your crease and the inner part of your crease too.
  1. Choose the Shade Mountain and pack it on your lid just on the outer half and start bringing up the shadow using circular motion through your crease and later apply it on your inner half.
  1. Keep the center of your eyelid without any shadow.
  1. Highlight your brow bone and apply the concealer in the center and buff it out, which is going to be the base for the next shadow you are going to apply.
  1. Choose the shade mount reiki for the center of your eyelid and apply it with the help of your finger or else choose your brush.
  1. Pick the shaded mountain again and tap it on the edges of the other two shadows and blend it properly.
  1. Apply Matterhorn on your lower lash line and start smoking that out.
  1. Apply some false eyelashes and mascara to finish this look.
ways To Do Eye Makeup With A Green Dress

2. Green-Winged Eyeliner Makeup

If you want to try this stunning look, all you have to do is: – 

  1. Apply your foundation and concealer properly.
  1. Pick the beach eyeshadow and run the shadow through your crease and add a little bit of dimension.
  1. Make sure your crease doesn’t look flat.
  1. Choose diva shade from the pallet and do outlining the outer line first on your lash line and then start stamping the line down then bringing it kind of far to smoke it out.
  1. Have that defined wing shape then smoke out on the top of the wing and then bring it down and create a rough shape.
  1. Pick more shade and apply that all along your lid and round out the inner corner and make it a little bit thicker for a more dramatic effect.
  1. At the very end of your liner, feather it out and do proper blending by going back and forth. 
  1. Don’t lose the shape and put the angle of the brush along the same angle of your liner and feather it up a little bit and then go back and forth. 
  1. Pick an enchanted shade and start tapping this shadow along the line of your outer wing, not going all the way up, and then start feathering that inward smoking that out.  
  1. Continue picking more shadow and lining your lash line.
  1. Apply the eyeliner and also mascara and false eyelashes to finish the look.

3. Cat-Eye With Green And Purple Eyeshadow

To create this beautiful look, just follow the given steps: – 

  1. Once down with your foundation and concealer and apply matte nude shade all over your eyelid.
  1. Pick up dark plum color and grab something straight edge and apply this eyeshadow.
  1. Pick up some purple pigment and apply that right over the darker color and make it blend.
  1. Leave it like that for now and apply your liner and go back and blend and your eyeshadow looks like a thick eyeliner.
  1. Moving on to the eyeliner, use dark plum gel eyeliner and apply it properly.
  1. Pick a little bit more of that dark plum color and start blending it and also start blending color into your crease.
  1. Also, apply some darker shades to your crease to give your eye a larger look.
  1. Put on your lashes and you can apply two purple colors that you were using on the lower lash line.
  1. Pick up a green shade from the pallet and mix it properly in the crease and a little bit in the center of the eyelid and blend it properly.
  1. Pick a little bit of silver shimmer color and apply it in the inner third of your eye as well as under your brow. 
  1. To finish up the look apply some mascara and false eyelashes.
match eye makeup with green dress

4. Bronze Eye Makeup

To get this absolutely beautiful look, follow up the given steps: – 

  1. If you are done with your foundation and concealer, choose buffed shade and run this shadow through your crease. This is what we call your transition shade.
  1. Pick up the tan line shadow and run through the crease on your outer corner and go in windshield motion and then circular motion.
  1. To start further blending the shadow out and make sure it’s nice and buffed out and moving slightly up towards the brow bone but not too high.
  1. Now, pick up the cabin fever and add a little bit of darkness through the crease and it’s going to nicely match the shadow and also run on the inner corner lid.
  1. Pick up tan lines with a little bit of cabin fever and dark your lash line.
  1. Use a highlighter and apply it.
  1. Don’t apply any eyeliner, to make this look bronzy. 
  1. Add some mascara and false eyelashes.


You cannot ignore the importance of eye makeup if you want to have an appealing and gorgeous look. 

This is the one very important thing that can help you to gain the attention of others and make you feel confident and full of spirit. 

Try to avoid too much green makeup if you are looking for a green dress such as green eyeliner, and green shadow with no mixture of shades. Instead try to use light gray or beige hues, brown, gold, gold metallic, bronze, light purple shades, and so on.

Also, try to avoid bright shades of red for deep coral. 

If you want your makeup perfectly all you need to do is follow the proper methods and steps and you’ll find yourself more gorgeous with a confident look.