Sparkle and Shine: Eye Makeup with Rhinestones

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Do you want to add a bit of sparkle to your eye makeup? 

With shimmer eyeshadows ruling the makeup style, rhinestone eye makeup has added a vibe to it!

We can surely say more and more people have gotten fond of sparkly eye makeup after watching Euphoria. But are you wondering how to do Eye Makeup With Rhinestones? 

Here we have a detailed guide on Eye Makeup With Rhinestones. 

What Are Rhinestones? 

Rhinestones are little crystals that are attached around your eyes to create a perfect glittery look. They are imitation gemstones made of crystal, glass, or sometimes even plastic acrylic. 

They add beauty to your eyes when given a proper touch to the eye makeup being done. There are different eye makeup looks that can be created using rhinestones. Let’s take a look at them. 

Rhinestone Eye Makeup – Different Looks 

Before you start doing the rhinestone makeup, it is important to plan it out. Having the steps planned is good as you need to use glue to stick them and you don’t want to smudge your makeup by removing and reapplying them right? 


For a statement eye makeup look, all you need to do is to adorn your eyelids with rhinestones. Before you do that,  make sure to use a bit of concealer and then a shimmer eyeshadow of your choice on your eyelid area. 

This look gives a dramatic bold appearance and you would look great in your selfies! So why not give it a try? It’s simple and elegant.

Brow Bone 

Lining your brow bone with rhinestone gems can give an accent look. Now there are two ways you can do this. 

You could just use a single line of stones for a simple look or you can start from your crease to your arch for more intricate detailing. 

Under Eyes 

This creates a nice effect. You could place the rhinestones below the eye in your lower lash line either in a single row or also go creative with an elaborate design. 

And guess what? This look can hide your dark circles and under-eye bags! Sounds like a great relief right? 


Another idea for rhinestone makeup is a gem-lined crease. This method can create a cut crease that can stand out beautifully by using rhinestones to accentuate your eye crease. 

eye makeup rhinestones

Place rhinestones carefully using the gems to define and highlight your creases, giving a new look to cut wrinkles. For the perfect contrast, be sure to pair your gem crease with a matte lid.


Gem eyebrow looks are perfect for those who like glittery eyebrows. This is just like filling in your eyebrows but with rhinestones rather than brow gel. 

This look can enhance your brow shape when done correctly. If you are new to this type of makeup, keep trying and practicing to get that perfect look that suits you well! 

Eyeliner Accent 

This is simple. You just have to make your eyeliner with a wing and along it like up with the stones. This look can add beauty to the liner and outer corners of your eyes. 

A good choice of eyeshadow color can further embellish your face and make it glow! So get ready to fly with those sparkling wings! 


This can draw attention to your face structure! Place the stones on the high points of your face around the eye. 

You can also choose to keep only one side of your temple decorated to get a classy look. Make sure you complement this look with a high sleek ponytail or high bun to let those rhinestones stand out well! 


You can very well choose to put the stones scattered in places where you want to instead of confining them to a particular area. 

For a perfect look, you should try the scattered look after you’ve got a hand with the rhinestone makeup techniques. 

How to Apply Rhinestones- A Step-By-Step Guide 

Things you will need:

– Tweezers

– A piece of paper

– Cosmetic glue

– Rhinestones and gems

Start by creating an outline before you place the gems for a perfect look. So let’s get into the process. You can do it yourself! 

Step 1- Choosing The Adhesive 

Choose a cosmetic adhesive that is sweatproof, waterproof, and most importantly skin-friendly. For proper retention of the rhinestones, the glue acts as the base so make sure you choose the right one. You don’t want your rhinestones falling off, do you? 

Now having chosen the glue, squeeze some into a piece of paper. This can help to make the process non-sticky and non-fussy. 

Step 2- Prep The Area

For the rhinestones to stick properly, a neat and clean, dry surface is essential. You can do this in two ways: 

  • Apply a mattifying setting spray to your makeup before application of the gem, or 
  • Clean the spots you want to apply the rhinestones to with a cotton swab dipped in micellar water. 

Step 3- Picking Up The Stones

Having the glue on a piece of paper makes this easy. Pick up each gem piece by piece using a pair of tweezers. 

It is recommended that you pick up the rhinestones individually as it is a lot easier to handle this way.

Step 4- Applying The Rhinestones 

This is the last step where you got to be careful. Do this only once your skin dries completely.

Hold the rhinestones with your tweezers, dip them into the glue, and carefully place them where you’d like them to sit. Once on your face, gently press the rhinestone into the skin with a clean finger. 

Eye Makeup with Rhinestones

Woo-hoo you’re done once you have placed the stones in the places you desire! 

Benefits Of Rhinestones In Eye Makeup 

  • The sparkle effect is the first benefit of course! If you are a great fan of shimmer eyeshadows and glitter looks then rhinestones are the perfect choice to embellish your eyes. 
  • You can customize your look. Rhinestones come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can choose the right ones according to your skin tone and the look you wish to create. Nothing can stop you from getting what you want! 
  • Rhinestone eye makeup enhances your facial features and also gives off trendy vibes! You can choose from a range of looks from simple to dramatic to cater to your needs.
ways to do eye makeup with rhinestones


So now are you ready to glow your Eye Makeup With Rhinestones?

Rock your Instagram posts with a different look and give off that radiance you have always wanted!

Go ahead and try these tips to create your signature style. Hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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