Best Sunglasses for Mountaineering & Hiking: Complete List for 2022

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Reaching the highest mountain points is one of the most adventurous and enjoyable moments an explorer can accomplish. 

Hiking or climbing all day and night does not matter if their main goal is to touch the best peak of nature! 

So mountaineering is an escapade, but mountaineers need mountaineering sunglasses, too!

You will be losing out on some major fun if you don’t protect your eyes while hiking. 

The blinding snow can take over your sight, and you don’t want to be negligent, right?

So today, in this guide, we’ve listed the best mountaineering sunglasses for your safety and comfort during your hike, and we’ll do a quick review for each of them. Let’s start!

Best Sunglasses for Mountaineering in 2022

Julbo Sherpa Mountaineering Glacier Sunglasses

The Julbo Sherpa Mountaineering Glacier sunglasses are made for excellent eye protection for mountaineers during adventures, offering complete eye coverage and a fit for moving quickly in the mountains. 

The total coverage protection comes with side shields that give your eyes unparalleled protection to ensure no debris can enter your view of sight.

These mountain climbing sunglasses come with a non-polarized polycarbonate lens that provides excellent sun protection.

It protects your eyes against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays; the visible light transmission is 12%, and the lenses are lightweight while providing the best shock resistance at the same time. 

These multipurpose lenses are suitable for all types of adventure activities.

Mountaineers deserve to have the best gear around them, and these sunglasses for hiking can be your best choice. 

It has a great fit with 360-degree adjustable temples that allow you to hold the frame in place under a hat, helmet, or on your head.

Although these sunglasses have plenty of benefits, they also have their downsides. 

These sunglasses are not that durable for long-term use, and some parts may need more attention to be taken care of.

Oakley Flak 2.0 Sunglasses

In 2022, people found ways to incorporate fitness into their daily lives, including mountaineering.

 These Oakley mountaineering glasses comprise a plastic frame and non-polarized lenses made in the USA. 

Your adventure will be a lot more fun with these sunglasses because Oakley’s Plutonite lenses offer you a high-end UV protection that can filter 100% of all UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, plus the harmful blue light up to 400mm. 

This lightweight Plutonite lens material offers mountaineers superior comfort, visual clarity, and protection against the sun’s impact and ultraviolet radiation.

The patented high-definition optics (HDO) provide superior optical clarity and razor-sharp view at every angle, which can help mountaineers look through their surroundings, helping them differentiate snow from ice.

The Prizm lens technology is also incorporated within the lens; it enhances color, contrast, and details to help mountaineers create a more vibrant environment view. 

It also has a lightweight O Matter stress-resistant frame and unobtanium earsocks and nose pads for increased performance and comfort. 

The pads grip with the sweat, and it helps provide a more snug fit for the user.

These sunglasses are one of the best for mountaineering; however, they do not come with a warranty.

Feisedy Retro Round Sunglasses

If you want to climb mountains with the utmost style and class, you might want to own these Feisedy Retro Punk sunglasses. 

Not only do they protect your eyes from falling debris while climbing up the mountain, but they also make you look incredibly fashionable even while the sweat is running down your body.

These sunglasses have the SteamPunk design with the Leatherwear side shield fit for both men and women. 

It also has a high-quality frame with chic leather decorating it and a UV400 high vision lens. 

The lenses are non-polarized and have a mirror coating for sleek and protected vision. 

The scratch-resistant features expand the sunglasses’ durability, and they also have high-quality nose pads that do not put stress on your nose despite extreme conditions. 

This allows you to breathe correctly even after being exhausted, ensuring comfort during your mountain climbing experience.

Even while swimming, fishing, kayaking, or any other activities you undertake, you can bring these sunglasses with you. 

However, you have to be careful with these sunglasses to avoid damage. 

After exposing them to excessively high or damp temperatures, you must immediately keep them in the case to prevent lens damage.

Julbo Explorer Mountain Sunglasses

Another exceptional mountaineering sunglasses from Julbo is the Explorer Mountain sunglasses. 

Its design is made with a wide panoramic lens that offers high protection and performance meant for your mountainous adventure. 

These sunglasses’ lenses are made with Spectron 4 polycarbonate lens, which delivers 5% light transmission, blocking 95% of the light reaching your eyes.

So no matter how exposed you are to the sunlight during intense activities, you won’t feel the glare and sun rays hitting you. 

In fact, these sunglasses are not appropriate to use while driving any vehicle because the light restriction is made especially for this eyewear.

The 360-degree adjustable temples provide a total range adjustment, allowing users to freely move their sunglasses to fit on their face and head, contributing to the safety and comfort they deserve to obtain during mountaineering. 

It also has a Grip Technology exclusively obtained from the temples, allowing more grip every time you get sweaty. 

This gripping feature keeps the hair away from the hold, along with a non-slip bridge that keeps glasses from coming down.

Additionally, the side shields provided for side protection from light penetration are removable, helping you decide whether you want more ventilation or to keep the light away from your eyes.

Oakley Oo9440 Clifden Round Sunglasses

The Oakley Oo9440 Clifden sunglasses comprise a plastic frame and lens made in the USA. 

The manufacturers have explicitly used heavy-duty materials for these sunglasses, providing superior comfort, clarity, and protection against shock impact and ultraviolet radiation. 

If you want to go alpine climbing, these can be the alpine sunglasses for you.

The Oakley Plutonite lens offers 100% UV protection that filters all UVA, UVB, and UVC, including the harmful blue light that may penetrate your eyes. 

In addition, these lenses are lightweight and provide extreme eye security; they are further available in polarized and non-polarized lens options for the benefit of the users. 

It also has the Prizm snow Sapphire lens feature, designed to help wearers see mountain contrast in all conditions, whether sunny or cloudy. 

It has a light transmission of 13%, and these sunglasses are also perfect for skiing and snowboarding.

They furthermore come with their patented high-definition optics (HDO) that provide an ultimate clear picture and sharp vision for your eyes.

This allows the mountaineers to have a brilliant view of the obstacles and steps they encounter every step of the way.

Once you purchase this round-shaped eyewear, you also get a cleaning and storage bag to keep your Oakley sunglasses.

Although these sunglasses may protect your vision, they may not fit some people.

How to Choose Sunglasses for Mountaineering

mountaineering sunglasses

Now that you have browsed through the list of the best mountaineering sunglasses, it is time to know the essential features you need to look for and consider while buying a pair for yourself. 

Remember that these factors are essential, so read them carefully to ensure your choice of mountaineering eyewear.


Some sunglass frames do not conform to your eyes based on their design. 

Some structures have spaces below the lenses where you can see the light intruding on your sight from the inside. 

This can cause sight problems during mountaineering, and you don’t want to risk your safety because of the wrong choice of sunglasses.

Choose sunglasses that fit your face, covering all angles of your eyes. 

The only thing your eyes should see is the tint the sunglasses produce and not the actual lighting from the outside environment.


Even after perspiration, sunglasses for mountaineering are not meant to fall off your face. 

Instead, they should stick in place and even provide more grip for you to keep your eyes and vision protected.

There will be no point in purchasing mountaineering sunglasses if they just fall off after strenuous activities. 

They are meant to be with you through the easy and challenging points, especially when near the high mountain peaks. 

The grip is one of your main factors to consider because if your sunglasses fall off while hiking or climbing, you may not have the chance to obtain them, thus jeopardizing your eyes and vision while you are in the middle of your adventure.

Eye Protection

Sunglasses are meant to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, and almost every pair of sunglasses have this feature. 

Unless the sunglasses are cheap and of low quality, there may not be UV protection coming with it, only the dark tint of the lens.

If the eyewear you chose has good UV protection, then you can definitely utilize them for your extreme adventures. 

However, suppose the sunglasses have extra eye protection incorporated with its featured technology; in that case, it will be a lot better because your eyes will be highly protected from the sun’s rays, even when you are climbing or hiking to reach the top.

Remember that the sun is harsher when you are at a high point, including high mountain peaks.

You don’t want to hurt your eyes because of the harsh rays just above you, therefore having a pair of mountain climbing sunglasses that will protect your eyes at their maximum drift will definitely ensure your eyes’ comfort.

Final Words

We have now listed the best choices for mountain climbing glasses, so you might as well take some time to decide which one you prefer the most. 

Choosing one may not be accessible with the plethora of options available, but we’ve made sure to review only the best of what 2022 has to offer in terms of mountaineering sunglasses to help you narrow your choices.

Remember to consider the factors we have mentioned in choosing your sunglasses; of course, your preference comes first, then the things to consider will follow.

This way, you can associate your favorite type of sunglasses with the crucial features mountaineering sunglasses needs to possess for you to stay safe out there.

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