Popular Celebrities with Uneven Eyes

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Have you heard of beauty in asymmetry? 

For a long time, it was believed that facial beauty is based on symmetry. 

But who says so? 

We have many celebrities today who look stunning with asymmetry too! And that proves that there is beauty in asymmetry too! 

Have you noticed that some popular stars of the world have uneven eyes? Yes!!

And still, they look gorgeous and alluring to capture millions of hearts. 

So let’s take a look at ten popular celebrities who glow and attract fans with their uneven eyes. But wait! What are uneven eyes and what are the types? 

Uneven Eyes – Causes And Types 

Uneven eyes are the asymmetry/difference between the two eyes of a person. While some might have mismatched eyes in terms of color, some of them have uneven eye shapes and eyelids. 

Uneven eyes can be natural as in people who have them from birth. But they can also be caused by any underlying medical condition, such as the lazy eye or dropping eyes. 

Mismatched eyes could also occur due to a medical issue known as heterochromia iridis, resulting in uneven distribution of melanin in the iris, causing each eye to be of a different color.

Are you curious to know if your favorite celebrity makes it on this list? Keep reading to find out! 

Ten Popular Celebrities With Uneven Eyes 

1. Paris Hilton

This American media personality has eyes that are uneven in size. If you look closely at her pictures you might find that her left eye is slightly smaller than the right. 

While one might think it is natural, it is actually due to a medical condition called strabismus or lazy eye. Due to this, her left eye droops down obstructing her eyesight and you can also find that her eyes seem to be looking in different directions. 

But we cannot deny that she looks fabulous even with those uneven eyes!

2. Demi Moore

This famous actress, known as an influential figure in the movement for equal salaries for women in Hollywood, has heterochromatic eyes.

If you look at her close-up photos, you can find that one of her eyes is brown and the other hazel. 

3. Kate Bosworth

She is probably the most well-known actress for having two different colored eyes. Kate has her left eye completely blue and her right eye is both hazel and blue. 

Miraculous, isn’t it? But, initially casting agents and directors had her wear colored contact lenses to conceal that and make it look like the same color. 

Fortunately, in 2006 when Kate Bosworth was cast in Superman Returns, director Bryan Singer asked her to be natural and go without contact lenses, thus revealing her beautiful eyes to this world. Thanks to him, her natural beauty has been admired by a lot of fans. 

4. V aka Kim Taehyung of BTS

ARMY assemble!! Wow, this man has killer looks and deep attractive eyes. 

V aka Kim Taehyung, one of the 7 members of the Korean Boy band BTS which is now a global phenomenon, has been titled “The World’s Most Handsome Man 2021″. 

But guess what? He has uneven eyelids! 

V has a double eyelid in his left eye and a monolid in his right. This makes his left eye look bigger than his right, giving him a unique aura. 

And with these eyes, he gives off intense and piercing gazes that can steal millions of hearts. 

5. Benedict Cumberbatch 

This Sherlock actor has ‘strange’ eyes due to his sectoral heterochromia. His irises have a mix of blue and green and due to this his eye color keeps changing from green to blue according to the lighting. Interesting, right?

6. Ryan Gosling 

The Notebook actor has a slight difference in his eye size and also has wonky eyes. His left eye seems smaller and lower than his right eye. 

He has a medical condition called lazy eye that makes his eye look mysterious. Yet he looks so handsome, doesn’t he? 

7. Forest Whitaker 

This actor, producer cum director has noticeably uneven eyes. His left eyelid droops a little causing it to look smaller than the right. 

Yes, you guessed that right. He too has a lazy eye problem. 

Many consider this to be appealing to him, but Whitaker has considered undergoing surgery, not for the looks but to improve his vision. 

8. Kate Hudson 

When you look closely at her photos, you can find that Kate Hudson has slightly different-sized eyes. Her right eye seems to be bigger than the left.

She suffers from a medical condition called ptosis or drooping eyes that makes her eye size different. 

9. Josh Henderson

This actor, model, and singer man has mismatched eyes that often go unnoticed. One of his eyes is blue and the other is green. 

Having found that, he looks more alluring, doesn’t he? 

10. Heidi Klum

It’s surprising to find this German-American model’s name here, right? But she indeed has uneven eyes! 

Heidi has lazy eyes that make her pupils point in different directions. But this hardly affects her looks and she looks beautiful!


So if have ever felt bad about having asymmetrical features, don’t worry! These celebrities have proven how asymmetry is beauty too and how success is not just about looks. 

So feel happy and remind yourself of your beauty and strength every time you look in the mirror!

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