Sexiest Male Celebrities Wearing Glasses

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Who doesn’t like it when smart men wear glasses and look extra sexy? Makes many hearts flutter right? 

What do your favorite male celebrities look like with glasses? Stylish and cool, aren’t they? Some might even say they look sexy, right?

Let’s look at the ten sexiest male celebrities who wear glasses. Be prepared to give away your hearts as these men look so attractive with glasses on.

Do Glasses Make Men Sexier? 

Gone are those days when glasses were considered nerdy and outdated. According to a street survey, women found men with glasses 75% sexier than those without. Surprised? 

It has been found that women find men who wear glasses to be intellectual and mature. Also, men look confident with glasses donned, giving their faces a complete look. 

It’s true that men look smart and sexy with glasses giving them an air of mystery around them. 

But what if these men are already handsome-looking celebrities? Wow, they would look extremely attractive! 

So why wait? Scroll down to take a look at your favorite male celebrities who wear glasses and look sexier. Aren’t you excited? 

10 Sexiest Male Celebrities Who Wear Glasses 

1. Ryan Gosling 

This man is already the epitome of perfection and with glasses, there is nothing more to say. He rocks with glasses and looks stunning. 

This man is out there stealing many hearts! And hey, his blue eyes are sparkling with those glasses. Can’t take your eyes off him right?

2. Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man looks super cool with his glasses and is ready to make us go awe with those looks. To add to his style, this man is found wearing tinted glasses often. 

Tinted glasses give his eyes a deep look and he looks mysterious and sexy with those glasses. 

3. Brad Pitt 

We cannot deny that this Hollywood heartthrob gave us heart attacks with his sexiness. But do you know why Brad Pitt wore glasses very often? 

He had some eye defects and poor eyesight until 2010 and he wore glasses for that purpose. And yes those glasses looked very elegant on him. Can’t agree more! 

Later he underwent laser surgery for his eyesight and then has been seen wearing contacts. But he never fails to look fashionable and wears a variety of shades looking very smart and sexy. 

4. Johnny Depp 

Well, we all know how Captain Jack Sparrow stole many hearts with his fierce looks. Johnny Depp is often found wearing round-rimmed glasses which has become his style statement. 

With his signature style, he looks sexy and handsome indeed with glasses even at this age! Charming, isn’t he? 

5. Justin Bieber

This pop superstar started his career in music at the age of 15 and has a huge fan base. Although he has no eyesight problems he still wears glasses as a part of his style. 

And yes! He looks so stylish and smart with those non-prescription glasses. He is often found trying various shapes and styles of frames to enhance his looks. He definitely knows how to capture hearts, doesn’t he? 

6. Justin Timberlake 

This well-known singer-songwriter cum actor looks amazing with glasses. This man who took the world by storm in the late 90s belonged to a band that has been forgotten now. But no one can forget Timberlake, can we? 

He is seen with thick, bold rectangle-rimmed glasses that make him look smarter and more handsome. 

7. Bradley Cooper 

Bradley Cooper in sunglasses

Once titled “Sexiest Man Alive” Bradley Cooper with glasses could be the very definition of sexy! In many of his movies, he wears aviators that make him picture-perfect and stylish. 

8. Chris Evans 

Captain America has piercing blue eyes with a tint of green that can attack our hearts. Imagine him with glasses!

He looks sexy and extremely handsome with glasses. This man has a great choice of style!

9. Jesse Williams

Known for his role in “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. Jackson Avery, Jesse Williams has super attractive eyes that could make you fall for him at first sight. And his glasses add to it making him look sexier. 

Just look at his pictures and you will lose yourself in his eyes! Oh, have you already done that? There’s no way you can recover now! 

10. Zayn Malik 

Former One Direction member, Zayn is already handsome, and seems like it’s not enough for him. His hazel brown eyes with a pair of glasses give him so much sexiness and he is sure to kill you with that look! 

Final Words

So who said glasses are not sexy?  We have given you enough proof otherwise. Did you find your favorite male celebrities on this list? 

Glasses do make one look sexier. So don’t worry if you have to wear one. Just rock your own style and keep going!

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