Can You Wear OTG Goggles Without Glasses?

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Some people couldn’t go back from the ever-so-comfortable OTG Goggles after using them just once. Yes, I know you all!   

But the question is, can you actually wear OTG goggles if you are not a prescribed glass user? 

The answer is this article!

Can OTG Goggles Be Worn By People Who Don’t Wear Glasses? 

Can OTG Goggles Be Worn By People Who Don't Wear Glasses?

Let me ask you this, why would a person want to wear an OTG goggles instead of a regular one? Especially when he’s a perfectly non-vision-deficient person? 

For that, we’d have to know the main feature of the OTG goggles. Do you know its best feature? If not then let me tell you that it’s the extra large frame that attracts most of the regular goggles users. The extra space in the eye area allows lots of room for glasses to fit inside the goggles. This design allows people to wear their prescription glasses while skiing or snowboarding. However, the extra space does not affect the performance of the goggles for those who don’t wear glasses.

They are also a good choice for people with a wide face as they don’t sit tightly around your eyes and allow airflow easily. This means added comfort. If you prefer a less constricting goggle design, then again, OTG is helpful.

So, yes, you can wear OTG goggles even if you don’t wear prescription glasses. If you don’t wear glasses, you can still wear OTG goggles as you would with regular ski goggles.

How Can OTG Goggles Help Users Who Wear It Without Glasses?  

How Can OTG Goggles Help Users Who Wear It Without Glasses?

Comfortable fit

The extra space in the eye area of OTG goggles provides a more comfortable fit for individuals, even if they don’t wear glasses. Regular ski goggles can sometimes feel tight or constricting, especially for people with wider faces or those who prefer a more relaxed fit. OTG goggles offer additional room around the eyes, accommodating various face shapes and providing a comfortable experience.

Less pressure on the temples

People who wear regular ski goggles may experience pressure on the temples due to their tight nature and less room for breathing. OTG goggles eliminate this issue as they are much larger and provide better comfort. This alleviates the risk of headaches caused by prolonged pressure on the temples.

Increased ventilation

If your regular goggles make you face fogging issues, then you might be at the right place. OTG goggles do have a better ventilation system since they need to de-condense two layers of eyewear. It’s a tough job and thus the ventilation is better as well! The added space inside the goggles allows for improved airflow, reducing the chances of fogging on the lens. This feature benefits all users, whether they wear glasses or not, by ensuring better clarity and vision during skiing or snowboarding activities. 

And, if you want to fix the fogging issues of your regular goggles, then you can check out my previous articles where I have explained in detail how to prevent your goggles from fogging up.   

Flexibility for changing conditions

This is for those who are typically night-time riders but want to enjoy the morning scenery too. OTG goggles provide flexibility if you need to wear prescription glasses occasionally or in specific situations. If you typically don’t wear glasses, but on certain days, you decide to wear them for added eye protection or visibility enhancement, OTG goggles can easily accommodate your glasses when needed.

Eye protection

If your issue is regarding eye protection then I am afraid it won’t be very helpful. You can find this feature in your regular goggles too. So if you think OTG can do it better, then you can try it out yourself. Just like regular ski goggles, OTG goggles offer essential eye protection against wind, snow, and harmful UV rays. Wearing OTG goggles ensures that your eyes are shielded from the elements and potential hazards on the slopes.


If you have issues like excess sweating due to certain medical conditions, you can resort to OTG goggles. As they have more room for airflow they might help you with your sweating issues. In times like these regular goggles are very less useful because their ventilation properties go up only till a certain level. Out of medical conditions reach, to be precise. 

Also, OTG can be a wonderful option practically, but not for everyone. For people with small faces, you are advised to check the fittings twice before buying an OTG goggle because you may buy a bulky and bigger one accidentally. And also because OTG goggles are meant to be big and bulky, so be careful.

So this was enough advice from me. Work on your common sense now and wonder whether you need an OTG goggle or do not need one.

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