How To Wear Ski Goggles With Glasses?

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So you are one of those who face the ghastly consequences of being a prescription glasses wearer during winter. I can understand what you are going through.

But be happy, because after reading this article you won’t have the same problem ever again! Keep scrolling to know.

How Do You Wear Ski Goggles Along With Glasses? 

For people with vision deficiency and eye problems, technology has gifted a revolution in the world of ski goggles. The OTG Goggles!

Ever heard about them? Then let me tell you about them! OTG stands for Over The Glasses and that is just what the goggles are, worn over the glasses. Yes, you heard it right. OTG goggles are compatible to be worn over your glasses because the features present in OTG goggles are quite different from the regular ones. 

OTG goggles are designed for individuals who wear prescription eyeglasses so they can enjoy skiing without having a worry. These specialized goggles have a larger frame size to comfortably fit over most prescription glasses, eliminating the need to remove or switch eyewear. OTG goggles provide a secure and protective seal around the eyes, shielding them from debris, UV rays, wind, and other hazards.

The main function of OTG goggles is to offer convenient eye protection, just like regular ski goggles, but without compromising visual clarity for those who wear prescription glasses. You’ll see how they incorporate the glasses better than regular ones in the next section. 

What Are The Main Features Of OTG Goggles That Make Them Different From Regular Ski Goggles?

can you wear ski goggles with glasses?

Large Frame Size

You’ll say that regular ones also have a large frame size, but tell me, can you fit your glasses inside those? Is there enough space to hold your glasses? OTG goggles have a much more spacious frame design that allows them to fit comfortably over prescription glasses. And even after fitting the glasses, there’s still lots of room left.  

Foam Padding

OTG goggles typically come with soft foam padding around the inner frame to enhance comfort and create a secure seal around the wearer’s eyes. Since the person is already wearing two layers of eyewear, foam padding is less so that the condensation is also less and the glasses do not fog up.


This is an important characteristic even in OTG. Wearing two layers of eyewear means there’s more chance of fogging up, thus better ventilation is required to avoid that. OTG goggles have ventilation systems or strategically placed vents to reduce fogging and maintain clear vision. Look for vents on the top, bottom, and on the frame itself. 

Lens Technology

They need to have high-quality lenses with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings to improve visibility. These coatings are important even in OTG goggles because the prescription will only improve your sight, but if the goggles’ lenses are not having a visible capability itself, then there’s no difference! 

These are the four main features that need to be present in an OTG and the characteristics that make them different from regular goggles. 

Is Wearing OTG Goggles Better Than Wearing Prescription Ski Goggles or Lenses?

how can you wear ski goggles over glass

Prescription ski goggles are custom-made goggles that incorporate your specific eyeglass prescription, providing clear vision without wearing additional glasses. They offer comfort, anti-fog, UV protection, and a wide range of prescriptions for skiing and snowboarding.

Wearing lenses below the ski goggles or prescription ski goggles is a more convenient option indeed. But it also has its own perks. Because what made you think every idea is not as flawless as you think it to be? 

OTG Goggles


1. OTG goggles allow you to wear your prescription glasses underneath eliminating the need for contact lenses or prescription inserts. 

2. They are convenient and more cost-effective compared to prescription ski goggles.


1. OTG goggles might not fit all types of prescription glasses comfortably. 

2. The additional layers of eyewear may cause some pressure on the nose and temples, and cause uncomfortability. 

Prescription Ski Goggles/Lenses:

Pros :

1. Prescription ski goggles or lenses provide a seamless solution for vision correction. 

2. They offer a wider field of view and eliminate the discomfort of wearing two sets of glasses.


  1. Prescription ski goggles/lenses can be more expensive than OTG goggles. 

2. When your prescription changes with a change in time, you will have to replace the entire goggle instead of just changing the glasses. 


When deciding between OTG goggles and prescription ski goggles, all you need is your personal preference and comfort. If you wear glasses, OTG goggles offer convenience, but prescription ski goggles provide smooth integration too.  

If I’d been in your place then I’d have gone for the OTG ones. Mainly because I have an option to customize it according to my own needs when necessary and those will last in the long run. Not that I am doubting ski goggles’ durability but at least I won’t have to change my goggles every time the doctor changes my prescription! Plus, it is cheaper to invest in. Hence, my verdict would be, the OTG goggles!      

Try both options if possible to find what works best for you. All the best! 

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