Why Do My Glasses Make My Eyes Look Smaller?

There’s no better feeling than getting to see everything around you clearly, especially when your eyesight is not very good. 

When you have glasses on, not only can you look at the beautiful scenery of the world, but you can also look cute while wearing them

However, eyeglasses tend to alter the way you look, and sometimes you’ll ask yourself: why do my glasses make my eyes look smaller?

Well, we finally have an answer for you!

Glasses play a significant part in correcting and improving people’s vision; however, one should be confident while wearing them. 

If you worry about your eyes looking small with them on, stick with me in this guide, and I will show you the various factors affecting your eyes’ look.

Let’s go!

Do Your Eyes Get Smaller When You Wear Glasses?

Generally, glasses do not always make your eyes look smaller when you wear them. 

But that does not mean that all eyeglasses do not make your eyes smaller: some glasses do! 

So as much as you want your eyes to look bigger, you cannot avoid the fact that they will appear smaller, especially if you have an eye problem.

Lenses usually make your eyes look smaller; however, sometimes, even the frame makes your eyes appear smaller.

It eventually depends on the type and design of the frame you choose to wear. 

Some frame choices can give the illusion of small eyes for the wearer, depending on the structural build of the frame.

How Can Lenses Make Eyes Look Smaller?

Not all lenses can make your eyes look smaller, but some do. 

Glasses that make your eyes look smaller are usually used to correct a vision problem like myopia, making them appear tiny.

Lenses needed for myopia decreases your retina size because it contributes to your better vision for far distance. 

Higher myopia or nearsightedness will let you experience some lens minification; as your lenses get stronger in power or your eyes have a higher grade, your eyes will look smaller since minification has been made, giving you comfortable long-distance vision.

Different Types of Optical Lenses

You may think that your glass lenses are all the same, but in reality, various types of optical lenses are made for multiple eye conditions, 

This largely depends on the patient and, ultimately, the kind of lens he needs for crystal-clear vision and comfort.

While different lenses are produced gradually, here are some of the most common optical lenses people use.

Single Vision Lenses

This lens has an evenly distributed prescription power with no view distortion and just a single kind of vision. These are ideal for nearsighted and farsighted people.

Bifocal Lenses

This is an eyeglass lens made to divide the user’s view, and the prescription is not the same for the whole part of the lens.

One part is for viewing the objects up close, and the other is for distance vision. Bifocal lenses have a visible division between the two parts.

Trifocal Lenses

There have three regions in the lens, and these regions are divided into distance, intermediate, and near vision.

It does not only correct near and far visions but is also prescribed for people with presbyopia, a condition in which your eyes lose the ability to focus on nearby objects. It is somewhat of an age-related medical condition.

Progressive Lenses

These lenses also correct vision, just like how bifocal and trifocal lenses do. However, in progressive lenses, there is no visible transition line from the different regions of the lens.

They create a multifocal blend together without a visible line, making them smoother than bifocals.

High-Index Lenses 

These lenses are made of high-index plastic, and it has a higher refractive index for vision.

While your lenses get thicker every time your eyes’ grades are increasing, the high-index lenses remain thinner and lighter despite the number of prescriptions.

Do High Index Lenses Make Your Eyes Look Smaller?

No! High-index lenses do not make your eyes look smaller.

Single, bifocal, trifocal, and other types of lenses are used since they are what people got accustomed to when it came to eyeglasses. 

These lenses get thicker every time your eye grade increases; thus, they contribute to making your eyes look smaller every time your eyes need greater power. 

However, high-index lenses were made primarily to maintain the lenses’ size and appearance despite your eye prescription with high-index lenses. 

These lenses remove visual distortion since they are made to be lightweight. 

They do not make your eyes look smaller because the lenses remain the same, and they are just thin, slim, and lighter in general.

Will High-Index Lenses Be A Good Alternative With Really High Eye Prescriptions?

No matter how high your eye prescription is, high-index lenses can easily accommodate you. 

They are made for people who wear thick lenses because they are generally tiring, heavy, and uncomfortable to wear. 

The high-index lenses remain thin irrespective of whatever the prescription is, and it offers excellent comfort for the users.

You need not hesitate about your prescription with these lenses because they are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to maintain.

Also, these are perfect glasses for small eyes, especially if you don’t want your eyes to look smaller every time your prescription gets higher.

Final Words

Various lenses are available, and wondering why your eyes look smaller can be solved with one lens type: the high-index lenses.

 Your eyes get smaller when your glass lenses get thicker, and not everyone wants to deal with this problem every day. 

Now that you know what they are exactly, you might want to consider your lens preference for high-index lenses.

If you don’t want to wear glasses in any way, you might also consider wearing contact lenses because there is no minification occurring with them. 

But remember, never wear a fashion contact lens if you have issues with your vision; instead, consult your optometrist for safer advice in order to eventually find the right fit for your eyes.

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