How to Make Sunglasses Tighter?

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Sunglasses are a great accessory for protecting your eyes from the sun and adding style to your outfit.

However, if they are too loose, they can become a nuisance and fall off easily. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks you can use to make sunglasses tighter and more secure on your face.

In this article, we will explore some effective methods to adjust the fit of your sunglasses and keep them in place.

Why the Loose Face?

As age leaves a person weary, the same goes for your sunglasses.

Whether it’s from Ray-Bans or Oakley, it’s inevitable to have your sunglasses get loose, especially if you wear them a lot.

To be specific, if you wear them a lot AND have them tucked over your head.

Maybe you’re under a shade so you want them to be out of your way, or maybe you want to make a fashion statement. 

Either way, using your sunglasses as a makeshift headband WILL leave a lasting effect on them.

And none of it is a positive one.

Fortunately for you, here are some DIY solutions to save up the money you’re planning to set aside to buy a new pair of sunglasses.

Nosing Around

The title should clue you in on what you’ll be fixing up in this first solution.

If you guessed the nosepiece, then you’ve hit it right on the head!

This could apply to both sunglasses with nose pads and the ones without (only if it’s a bendable plastic, of course).

Let’s start with the nose pads first.

The nose pads serve to hug the bridge of your nose for comfort. These should fit the shape of your nose because too loose and your sunglasses will inevitably droop, but having them too tight can pinch you.

On the occasions you’ll push your sunglasses up to your head, its nose pads will be pushed apart as it tries to accommodate to, you guessed it, the shape of your head.

Now, if your sunglasses allow their nose pads to be adjusted, all you need to do is to gently (emphasis on the word “gently”!) push the pads closer, and that’s it.

As for those sunglasses without nose pads, you’ll be needing a hairdryer and a light touch.

Again, as a reminder, this could only work on materials that are said to be bendable from the manufacturer. If not, then you’ll do more damage than good.

Moving on, the hairdryer can soften the plastic of your sunglasses, making them manageable for your manipulation.

As the nosepiece is just a small part of the entire sunglasses, your handling better be light enough to get it in a way where you want it to be.

Once you’re all done, pop it in the freezer for an hour, and now you have a pair of sunglasses looking good as new!

Turn Up the Heat!

Compared to the last one, this alternative would need you to grab a few things to make it happen. Don’t worry, these things are stuff you’ll most likely find in your home.

Namely, a roll of tape and a hairdryer.

As this is aimed at the arms that are getting too spread apart, you’ll need the roll of tape to keep the size you wanted to have. 

Leave your sunglasses open so you could wrap the tape around the arms twice; you can make it thrice if you want it to stay that way securely.

Then, using the hairdryer, you’ll have to blow hot air on it for about twenty minutes max. This is compatible with plastic frames, as the heat will soften the material and be molded to the tape you have wrapped around both of the arms.

Reminder: make sure your sunglasses are heat-friendly before doing this. If you do this to DUCO, for example, the lenses can be affected by the high temperature, making them unusable.

Unless you’re willing to sacrifice the lenses in exchange for a tighter frame. But that seems counterproductive as you’ll need to spend money to buy a new pair of lenses now.

So, if you don’t want that happening, then make sure the sunglasses you have are cool with heat.

Once you’re done heating it, stick it in a freezer for over an hour. The cold will catalyze speeding up the hardening process.

After an hour, pull it out and, ta-dah! Now your sunglasses are back in mint condition!

But what if you don’t want any sticky tape to get on your shades? Well, lucky for you, there’s ANOTHER alternative for this alternative!

This time, the only things you’ll need are your trusty hairdryer and an admirable ability to visualize something in your head.

Here, instead of paying attention to the arms nearby the hinges area, the ear socks now have their time to shine!

If you have no idea what an ear sock is, it’s that part on the arms that are angled low almost to the end to “hook” over your ears.

Now that that’s out of the way, you’ll need to bring in the heat on these ear socks. 

With this heat, it’ll be easier for you to mold it into whatever you want. Of course, this part’s bound to get tricky if you’re having a hard time getting the angle right, so maybe you should do this in your break.

Because “trial and error” is an idea you’ll get familiar with eventually.

But it’ll be worth all the trouble once you got it. Give yourself a pat on the back for a mission accomplished!

Screw It Over

Some brands are starting to include custom screwdrivers when buying their sunglasses. One example of this would be the SUNGAIT.

Using this screwdriver, you can tighten the hinges on each side of the temple, just not too tight!

You might think having the screws as tight as they can get will make it harder for it to loosen up, but what that’ll do is break the hinges due to how much stress you put into it.

Too much stress is bad: both for you AND the sunglasses!

Final Words

Having sunglasses that fit well is crucial for comfort and functionality. By adjusting the nose pads, using rubber bands, or adding nose pads, you can make your sunglasses tighter and prevent them from slipping down your nose.

With these simple tricks, you can enjoy wearing your sunglasses without the worry of them falling off or sliding down your face.

Try out these methods and find the one that works best for you to get the perfect fit for your sunglasses.

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