Why Are Ski Goggles So Expensive?

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Ski goggles are always the first choice whenever it comes to your winter escapades. It is also the first on the shopping list when you want a new one. 

It is always that you save a huge sum of money for the whole year just to buy a good pair of ski goggles. You must have thought at least once in all these times regarding why ski goggles always cost you a fortune!

Well, it is not really a rash price tag (sometimes it is!). Rather a reasonable amount, I would say. Read on to know why!

Reason Behind The High Price Tag Of Ski Goggles

Have you ever noticed that what we consider as an extremely costly price when it comes to sunglasses, is generally the average pricing of ski goggles? Why, you say? Because even though ski goggles and sunglasses are a line of eyewear, one is solely for protection purposes while the other is used in wide-ranging fields of sports along with providing protection in the field.

Ski goggles incorporate the features of protective sunglasses and wrap-around sunglasses in the same goggles, with the most unique touches of their own, making the goggles a strikingly different eyewear product.  

So when you are getting the good part of so many things in one single goggle, it is pretty obvious that you are going to have to pay quite as much. Now, keep scrolling to view the detailed reasons behind the high prices of ski goggles! 

Quality and Performance

Reason Behind The High Price Tag Of Ski Goggles

You cannot question the quality of a high-end expensive brand. It is expensive because it is functional! Ski goggles are designed to provide excellent visibility, protection, and performance in different weather conditions. They use advanced lens technologies like anti-fog coatings to keep the goggles fogging-free. They also have different lens options, including spherical lenses, photochromic lenses, and polarized lenses. Each type of lens has specific benefits, and the technology used to produce them impacts the price.

Materials and Construction

Premium ski goggles use durable materials for the frame and strap, ensuring they can withstand the harsh conditions of skiing and snowboarding. The construction includes very very important and extremely necessary features like ventilation systems and comfortable foam padding, adding to the overall cost.

Brand and Reputation

Ever noticed how $150 goggles suddenly become $400 when you visit the site of a well-known high-end brand? That does not mean that the goggles have gained immortal powers or are going to provide you with any. It is just that we find them more reliable. 

Time Invested For Research

why are ski goggles expensive?

Creating high-performance ski goggles requires significant research and development investment. Manufacturers spend time and resources to improve the design, functionality, and safety features of their products, which can be reflected in the cost.


Some ski goggles may adhere to specific safety markings and certifications set by the organizations to ensure public safety while using the product. These markings are nothing but a certification that the products are tested and pass the safety measures. This process itself can increase production costs but ensure the goggles meet certain safety requirements. These certifications can be the ASTM, CE, ISO, EN, etc…  

Limited Market

Since it is not eyewear for daily use and just for pastime or hobby purposes, the market for ski goggles is relatively niche compared to regular eyewear. To explain to you, this means that manufacturers may not benefit from the same economies of scale as regular eyewear does. We all know what is the result when the demand is low but the production cost is high. A rise in price!

There are quite a lot of reasons as to why ski goggles cost you this much. But once you know the reasons behind such a scoring price they look reasonable, don’t they? Well, there could be exceptions if you know what I am talking about.


I would not disagree that expensive ski goggles offer numerous benefits in terms of comfort, performance, and safety.   

But let me tell you one thing. You might already know this if you have read my past articles on the best ski goggles, but there are cheaper goggles available that have the same level of utility as a high-end expensive brand of ski goggles! Yes, you heard it right.

Though they still may look quite expensive to some, they at least do not cost a lump sum of money and that is a good point. This way you would not have to spend your entire savings behind your desired goggles. Do your research and find out cheaper and more functional alternatives to the $300-$500 goggles you want to buy. I am pretty sure you will find some at around $60-$70 too! 

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