Can You Wear Glasses Under Ski Goggles?

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This article is for those who can’t survive without their glasses but at the same time can’t survive the winters without skiing either. Isn’t it tough?   

But not anymore, since in this article I am going to introduce you to OTG goggles! Excited? So am I!

Can You Wear Prescription Glasses Under Normal Ski Goggles?

Can You Wear Prescription Glasses Under Normal Ski Goggles?

You all have definitely tried to wear your glasses under your regular-sized ski goggles at least once in your life just for the sake of trying it, haven’t you? Don’t lie, I have caught you! 

You know if it worked out or not. I am certain it did not.  But even if it did, would you not wish the goggles were just a bit bigger than the regular size so that you won’t feel suffocated? There are en-number of reasons why wearing glasses under regular ski goggles is not practical. 

Fit and Comfort

You and only you know how uncomfortable it can get. Wearing prescription glasses under ski goggles can result in a tight fit which means discomfort.

Limited Space

Do you think you are going to get any space after wearing ski goggles over your glasses? No, you would not. And that is because regular-sized ski goggles are designed to fit snugly against the face to provide a proper seal and prevent anything from entering inside. Adding prescription glasses underneath can in turn reduce the space and also, the effectiveness of the goggles’ seal.


Ski goggles have various features incorporated to eliminate fogging. But, when you wear prescription glasses under ski goggles, it increases it. The warm air from your body can get trapped between the glasses and the goggles, leading to condensation and no visibility.

Safety Concerns

Suppose you fall, it is very evident that your glasses are going to break along with the risk of the pieces reaching your eyes. The glasses could be pushed into the face or eyes and will injure you unless you are invincible.

Do you see why wearing glasses under goggles is the most ineffective thing to ever do? Trust me, there are much better options than this that actually work!  

Other Options You Should Definitely Check

Prescription Ski Goggles

See them as prescription lenses with a ski goggles frame. They are specially designed to incorporate corrective lenses directly into the goggle frame. They provide a clear vision along with a proper fit and comfort. But they are heavy and you may face difficulty with moving them around. 

Contact Lenses

how to wear glasses under ski goggles

If you are comfortable wearing contact lenses, they can be a suitable option for skiing or snowboarding. They eliminate the issues related to wearing glasses under goggles or resorting to the heavier option of prescription goggles.

OTG (Over-The-Glasses) Goggles

These may be the best options for your four eyes skiers! They are designed to accommodate glasses comfortably. These OTG goggles have extra space in the frame to fit over most prescription glasses.

Let’s learn more about the OTG Goggles that you can actually wear over the glasses.

What Are OTG Goggles?

how should we wear glasses under ski goggles?

Wearing goggles with prescription lenses will make them heavier and will charge you a lot of money. But in its place, we have the lighter and cheaper option of OTG goggles, short for “Over the Glasses” goggles, which are a type of ski goggles designed for individuals with prescription eyeglasses. 

The OTG goggles allow you to wear your regular glasses comfortably under the goggles while spending your winter the way you want to. These goggles are going to help you in several ways to fix the issues you face being a skier with weak eyesight.    

Large Size 

Now remember the time when you tried to wear your normal ski goggles over prescription glasses. Tell me, did it fit? Was there enough space for the glasses to fit? The obvious answer is no.

One of the key features of OTG goggles is their larger frame size compared to regular ski goggles. The larger size is to create extra space within the goggles, providing room to fit prescription glasses comfortably. This way the glasses can be comfortably worn underneath the goggles without straining the face and causing discomfort. 

Room For Extra Fit

OTG goggles are designed in such a way that it fits the whole glass within itself and provides the utmost comfort to the user. It has a wider frame that allows a perfect fit for over various eyeglass shapes and sizes. They typically have a more pronounced curve in the frame or foam padding, specifically designed to accommodate the temples of the glasses without creating discomfort for the wearer.

Ventilation Feature For Double Lenses 

Size is not the only aspect of OTG. Wearing double lenses also means condensation of double lenses if the proper ventilation system isn’t there. Ventilation is an important feature of OTG goggles. It helps in preventing fogging. You need better ventilation in OTG goggles as the presence of prescription glasses inside the goggles can create additional heat and moisture. Many OTG goggles incorporate advanced ventilation systems and anti-fog coatings to maintain clear vision during snow sports activities.

Straps For Extra Comfort And Securing The Glasses  

The straps on OTG goggles are usually adjustable to ensure a secure fit over both the glasses and the wearer’s head. In this way, you can fit based on your size and preference!

So, don’t you agree that is the best option for you? 


For individuals with prescription eyeglasses, it is highly recommended for you by me; resort to OTG. They are comfortable and are definitely going to satisfy you. 

I am sure that every person who likes to ski but restrains themselves because of their eye problems is going to love this product!  

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