How To Choose Sunglasses For A Large Head?

How precise are you about the clothes and accessories you put on before leaving for work or before leaving your house?

Are the accessories you wear necessary to be on point and entirely appropriate for your style?

If you are particular about what you wear, you have come to the correct spot if you are seeking solutions to the problems you are experiencing when selecting appropriate sunglasses.

So, do you have a problem with the sunglasses you just purchased not fitting correctly when you put them on because you believe your head is too big for them?

It’s not a problem; continue reading to learn about the considerations you should make while choosing sunglasses for a large head.

Problems With Small Sunglasses On A Large Head

If you are in the market for a wider pair of spectacles, you have probably had some difficulties with your prior set, which was on the small side of your face. 

Let’s take a brief look at some of the issues you may have encountered:

  • Slide Down: If the frame is too thin, the glasses will slip down your face and need to be adjusted regularly.
  • Too Tight: Wearing sunglasses that are too narrow for your face may give you headaches all of the time.
  • Marks: If you remove your spectacles and see red markings on the bridge of your nose and each side of your temples, your glasses are likely too restrictive.

These are the most common issues people face when their sunglasses are too small for them, you may have met more, but these have to be on that list.

tips To Choose Sunglasses For A Large Head?

Choosing Sunglasses For A Large Head

Sunglasses may transform your whole outfit, but only if you choose the perfect pair.

The shape and size of your face are critical considerations when selecting sunglass frames.

Choosing the right glasses for any face shape or size may be challenging, and if you have a big head, finding sunglasses that are the right size and fit can be much more difficult.

If you feel your head is on the larger side, I’ve compiled a list of considerations to bear in mind while selecting a pair of sunglasses.

1. Measure the Width Of the Face

This section is for those who are more particular than others about finding sunglasses that are an excellent fit for their face.

You may measure the width of your face so that you don’t have to guess when picking a frame and can quickly determine if the glasses are correct or not based on the size listed on them.

The easiest way to achieve this is to hold a ruler straight along your face from one temple to the other or the ends of your eyes.

 Remember to stand in front of a mirror while doing this or ask someone to read the measurement for you.

If you have a large or broad face, then the size will be anywhere between 135 mm – 150 mm

2. Size Of Frame

Standard size is printed on the inner side of one of the arms of every frame. The measures are carved in millimeters in the following order:

  • Width of lens
  • Length of bridge
  • Length of temple

These three factors are crucial in selecting the proper size for a big head.

People with broadheads will need to be more detailed about these measures and take them into account rather than just trying on several sunglasses and buying them.

If you haven’t measured your face, you’ll have to try on a lot of shades to get the correct dimensions for your face before considering other factors when purchasing glasses.

Take a ruler with you and measure everything on your own if the dimensions aren’t there.

Make sure you do it in a different part of the store, where there are fewer people, or people are not noticing you. (I hope you understand why).

ways To Choose Sunglasses For A Large Head?

2.1. Width Of Lens

The horizontal space between the lens’s two edges is known as lens width (in case you don’t know).

Ideally, you should choose a lens width that is just wide enough for your eyes to be centered behind the lenses of your spectacles without being too wide.

When it comes to larger sunglasses, a lens width of 50 mm or upwards is possible, depending on the design of the frame.

Sunglasses with broader lenses that reach the borders of your face are the ultimate pick for those with large heads.

2.2. Length Of Bridge

The space between the lenses where your nose rests is the bridge of the sunglasses.

The bridge length is the second number printed on the frame of your glasses.

Having a little bridge may lead your nose to be pinched, causing your frames to rest too high on your face; on the other hand, having a wide bridge may make your spectacles slip down your nose.

The bridge of a pair of sunglasses is typically 14mm to 24mm long.

The finest sunglasses for a big head should feature a broad bridge that allows the frame to lay comfortably on your nose without constricting or sitting too high.

2.3. Length Of Temple

In this scenario, you may measure the length from behind your ear to the front of your face using a tape measure or a ruler.

You’ll have a temple length of at least 145 mm if you have a large head. If you can locate sunglasses with a 155 mm temple length, you look at the higher end of the temple length range.

Glasses with temple lengths ranging from 145mm to 155mm are an ideal fit for a big head. The bend at the end of the spectacles should sit perfectly over the helix (top part) of your ear.

How To Choose Sunglasses For A Large Head?

3. Face Structure

If you’re concerned about how your glasses will appear with your big head, you may want to consider factors other than measures, such as the shape of your face, for better results.

There are several face shapes like round, square, oval, diamond, oblong, etc.

But, in general, there are only two shapes: round and square, with the rest being like the subtypes of those two.

  • For persons with a big head and a round face shape, it is ideal to use rectangular, square, wayfarer, aviators, and geometric frames as it compliments their face shape.
  • On the other hand, those with a large head and a square face shape should go for tea shades of glasses with a rounded design.

Oval frames with round edges offer an excellent contrast to your face if you have a broad jawline and strong facial features.


Now you know what to look for when selecting the ideal pair and size of sunglasses for those with large heads.

Do not get disheartened if you have already taken care of all the things mentioned above and still cannot find a perfect fit.

Do not compromise when this occurs; you may try making minor adjustments to the sunglasses frame at home or contacting your local optical store to have them adjusted by an expert.

(I’d instead go to an expert so that I don’t shatter my spectacles in the process of making modifications.)

I hope this post addressed all of your questions and made it easy to choose your next pair of sunglasses!

advice To Choose Sunglasses For A Large Head?

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