Best Skydiving Goggles in 2023: Tried & Tested

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So, you’re looking for the best goggles for skydiving, but which one is good? You can’t buy just any goggles, because skydiving is a big thing.

Let me help you.

You’re skydiving, but it doesn’t mean you need expensive goggles. You just need good quality transparent goggles that won’t fog up. So, the best skydiving goggles are Birdz Eyewear Wing Skydiving Goggles.

They won’t fog up because they have small air vents that prevent fogging. They also have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that are ideal for skydiving, hang gliding, and parachuting.

Below, I have mentioned a few more goggles, feel free to check. But, the best goggles for skydiving I could find are Birdz Eyewear WIng Goggles.

Best Skydiving Goggles in 2023: Tried & Tested

Best Skydiving Goggles

Birdz Wings Skydiving Padded Goggles

These Birdz Wings skydiving goggles are made not only for skydiving but also for hand gliding, parasailing, parachuting, skiing, and more. 

As you protect your eyes with these goggles, you should not be skydiving with glasses under them because they cannot accommodate prescription goggles underneath. 

This ensures your eyes’ safety and keeps your vision clear during the fall.

This goggle is made with a single shatterproof polycarbonate lens with an anti-fog coating to avoid the view’s haziness during the skydive. 

It also comes with 100% UVA and UVB protection to keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays.

The single-lens in these skydiving goggles have a wide aerodynamic design that provides users an excellent peripheral vision without distortion of the surrounding view. 

With these goggles, you can see the sky’s beauty at the most optimal clarity that you can possibly attain!

These goggles are super lightweight and comfortable because they come with neoprene foam padding and an adjustable head strap for a secure and proper fit.

Furthermore, they float when accidentally thrown into the water, so you don’t have to look under the water for your goggles. 

However, you need some time to get along with its fit on your face before you jump into skydiving.

Birdz Wren Skydiving Goggles

The Birdz Wren skydiving goggles are made of polycarbonate lenses, and you can use them for snowboarding, motorcycling, and many more activities. 

Since your eyes need to be entirely protected while skydiving, these goggles can definitely be an excellent choice for you to consider.

The lenses are made shatterproof and heavy-duty to provide you with maximum protection during skydiving. 

It also has a UV400 filter that eliminates the sun’s harmful rays, so the possibility of obtaining eye strain is reduced during the skydive.

To ensure the lens’s longevity, they come with anti-fog coatings to guarantee unencumbered vision; they also come with scratch-resistant coatings to protect the lenses from daily abuse or unforeseeable damage.

The Wren comes with high-quality neoprene padding for the user’s comfort, and it can very easily conform to your face’s shape.

These goggles are just minimalistic and simple, which people like, especially in 2022. 

Its simplistic design can still give you an incredible feel allowing you to look sporty and stylish even during the skydive. 

Durable elastic straps also come with these goggles to allow users to wear the goggles over or under a helmet. 

Skydiving with these goggles can keep you protected; however, they only come in one color.

Bobster BA001 Bugeye Goggles

If you want skydiving goggles with superior functionality, then the Bobster Bugeye Goggles must be on the top of your list.

These goggles look like glasses for skydiving based on their shape, and you can expect superior functionality, durability, and comfort while using them during freefall. 

In addition, these are made specifically to conform to different face shapes, in which the goggle frame makes a snug and effective seal when worn. 

The goggle frame reduces wind blasts and vibrations during the freefall, allowing you to feel secure while having fun in the sky.

The frame is made with thermoplastic elastomer, making it lightweight and heavy-duty at the same time. As a result, it is flexible and durable for all users.

Polycarbonate lenses are ten times more impact-resistant than other lenses and simultaneously provide 100% UV protection.

They are also made optically correct to prevent headaches and dizziness from an extended period of use. 

This feature promotes better visual clarity for users and no distortions at any angle, even when in the sky; furthermore, they are available in four different Rx prescription-ready lens colors. 

These skydiving goggles might feel unreal, but luckily, they truly exist.

best budget skydiving goggles

COOLOO Goggles

These COOLOO Goggles are compatible with most people, and you can use them for different outdoor sports, including skydiving!

These goggles function in various conditions; they are perfect for skiing, bungee jumping, climbing, skating, skydiving, and many more activities where you need to have your eyes covered and protected. 

With these glasses, you can tackle gusty wind, cold air, dust, snow, sunshine, and lights because it comes with a functional lens.

The lens is made from durable polycarbonate, and they have different purposes: multicolor and gray lenses are best in blocking out lights that damage eyes during sunny days. 

Orange and yellow lenses enhance visual contrast and brightness to distinguish slopes during skis further, and transparent and tawny lenses are for the best visibility on overcast days.

It also comes with a thermoplastic polyurethane frame that is safe and comfortable when worn, making it durable and impact resistant. 

It promotes safety for users because of the frame’s durability, which means you can also feel secure while using these.

The frame also comes with a soft sponge padding layer around the eyes to avoid discomfort and irritation during prolonged use.

While these goggles may be suitable for various activities, the lenses do sometimes easily fog up.

Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles

Since the Bosbter company specializes in eyewear suitable for normal to extreme activities, the Cruise 2 goggles might be your skydiving piece.

This skydiving goggle is interchangeable eyewear with three polycarbonate lenses that are easy to switch, depending on your desired lens for the activity. 

You can use these goggles throughout the day until the night since they come with three anti-fog lenses: Smoked, Amber, and Clear.

The lenses are made impact-resistant, and they also provide 100% protection to keep you away from harmful sun rays; they are also lightweight, which adds to your comfort if you wear these goggles.

The anti-fog coating on the lenses provides a fog-free and ultimately clearer vision for skydivers to see the surroundings and know which direction they are freefalling.

These goggles also come with an open-cell foam that better fits and seals around the eyes. 

Not to mention, the foam is lighter, softer, and sweat-absorbent that does not usually irritate the skin. 

Even when the foam is made lightweight and smooth, it still conforms and adapts to the face shape, ensuring a breathable yet comfortable goggle fit. 

These goggles come with an adjustable strap; however, the goggle design might not be ideal for everyone since some of these goggles’ nose bridge has issues.

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Kroop’s DZ II Goggles

I have been looking for adjustable goggles for skydiving for some time now. These goggles come in three colors, and I got them in black. They are lightweight and don’t feel like I have something on my face while skydiving. I feel comfortable even when I am wearing them for long periods.

These goggles offer anti-fog ventilation holes that help me keep my view clear, and I can enjoy the view while skydiving. The frame of these goggles is so thin that it does not abstract with a view of my surroundings. 

The glasses are scratch resistant, unbreakable, and flexible. If you have a broad face shape and are looking for skydiving glasses like me, you should go for this. They take the form of your face and creator a tight seal, which is comfortable and helps me when I am skydiving. 

They come with a clip on both sides, making it easier to take them on and off, and they offer additional side clips, which help me secure the ends. These are one of the best goggles for skydiving.

Birdz Thrush Sports Skydiving Goggles 

If you are looking for skydiver goggles, parachuting goggles, motorcycle goggles, or snowboarding goggles, then you can buy these because these goggles are designed keeping all these sports in mind. They come in three different colors, and I got the smoke one. They look great on me. No wind comes into my eyes even if I turn my head sideways! The view is so clear. 

The glasses have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, giving me maximum eye protection when I skydive, bike-riding, snowboard, etc. I also have to wear my prescription glasses, and these skydiving goggles over the glasses fit me perfectly. It also has UV filters that help me protect my eyes from the sun. 

These glasses have an anti-fog coating that gives me a clear view when I am snowboarding or skydiving. Furthermore, are scratch resistant and have a double-layered soft foam that makes them comfortable on my face. These are one of the best parachuting goggles or skydiver goggles.

They offer me great support, and I don’t have to worry about them falling over while doing any activities. I think that’s a great addition.

Global Vision 2 Pair Z-33 Foam Padded Anti-Fog Skydiving Goggles

If you are looking for safety goggles with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens, then you should go for this. I bought this product in clear smoke yellow and a red mirror. This is an excellent option if you are looking for skydiving, motorcycle, and paintball goggles. I have contact lenses, so even a slight wind drys them out and makes it hard to see, but these glasses don’t let the wind inside.

They also offer me protection so that when I am riding my bike in the hot summer, the sun does not hit my eyes, and it gets easier to ride the bike. They also have a scratch-resistant coating, so I don’t have to worry about my kids ruining my goggles. This has a double-sided anti-fog coating.  

Suppose you are like me, who does multiple sports and needs a single goggles that can be used in all those activities, then you should buy these. They are also high-impact safety rated and give me the best fitting around my face. They look like regular sunglasses. They look like normal sunglasses, so that’s a plus.

Things to Consider Before Buying Skydiving Goggles

how to choose  Skydiving Goggles

Skydivers need to have heavy-duty skydiving goggles because freefalling is not easy to do, and skydivers encounter intense air pressure. 

In addition, you, as a skydiver, need to have clear visibility of what you can see in the sky, land, and water so that you can be aware of your direction.

How can you have the most suitable goggles if you are not conscious of the factors you have to check?

This guide’s portion will help you know what you need to consider before buying skydiving goggles to guarantee your safety throughout the adventure.

Lens Material & Technology

One of the essential things a skydiving goggle should obtain is an excellent and heavy-duty lens material and the most appropriate lens technology. 

The lens should be shatterproof and conquer high impact because you can experience high pressure in freefalling, and you don’t want your lens to break apart during the fall.

Aside from the material, the view should be optically correct for you. 

Some lenses aren’t appropriate for some people; they can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, or blurred vision because the eyes constantly try to focus on the distance or far view.

As much as possible, go for skydiving goggles with polarized lenses; this will eliminate the intense sunlight and glare in the surroundings, allowing you to see your direction more clearly. 

Polarized lenses also reduce eye strain, and therefore they are essential for skydiving to keep your eyes protected.

Both material and technology are necessary because your eyes guide you during the skydive. 

If the lens breaks in the middle of the fall, not only will your eyes be overly exposed for the whole duration, but the debris can also go into your eyes, causing irreparable damage.

Frame Material & Technology

The functionality of good skydiving goggles’ must include durability; as much as possible, a lightweight and durable frame must be your pick so that you won’t feel its weight during the skydive. 

You wouldn’t enjoy your skydiving goggles moving on your face even a bit before your freefall because it can be an indication of lousy durability. 

On the other hand, the frame should also stick and stay firm on your face despite your altitude, so go for skydiving goggles with durable frame material.


Even when you have the most durable and functional skydiving goggles, they don’t guarantee much safety if they don’t fit you.

Ensure that the goggles fit you because the last thing you would want to happen is the goggle willingly detaching itself from your face during the freefall, which can become a fundamental problem before landing.

The fit of your goggles should always be considered, but also avoid those goggles that are incredibly tight on your face. 

Yes, they may not move around your face, but you can get your vision blurry during the freefall because your eyes are squeezed due to the miserable goggle fit.

Final Words

Skydiving is a dangerous activity, so you will want to get yourself protected from your head down to your toes. 

While we’ve listed down the best skydiving goggles for you, we have also provided you with a helpful guide on the factors you need to consider before purchasing your skydiving goggles. 

Since you want to try this extreme sport, you should carefully choose the most suitable goggles for you.

Not everyone is the same, and what goggles you choose might not be what others select.

Therefore, it would be best to ask professional and veteran skydivers regarding safety gear to secure you on your journey.

So, are you ready to dive?

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