Reviewing Maui Jim Red Sands and Onshore Sunglasses 

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You’re in a dilemma, “what should be my next purchase, the Maui Jim Red Sand or Onshore Sunglasses” I mean I feel what’s running through your mind, “They look like twins, how are they even different?”

I have been there too and that is why I have taken the privilege to compare the two. 

This article will give you a rundown of the two products and how both of them are different in certain aspects. 

So let’s dig in!

Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses Review

So here’s the thing about the Red Sand Sunglasses, they derived their name from Kaihalulu Bay, Red Sand Beach. 

The Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses have durable and lightweight frames. They are made to last for a long time and are quite comfortable, which makes them able enough to be worn for quite a long time. These are so lightweight so it feels almost as if you aren’t wearing them at all.

These glasses are quite amazing because they have a sort of ease of wear and come in a lot of different colors and styles. 

maui jim red sands sunglasses review

Most of these Red Sand sunglasses have their lenses polarised and also have very sturdy frames. Along with that, they come with nose pads that are present on the bridge to give it that extra fit, whilst giving you extreme mobility. 

The Maui Jims Red Sands is also a great choice if your head is slightly bigger in proportion than compared to most. These fit perfectly for people with big heads and they have sizes available for a wide range of customers. You should definitely take a look at them, and see for yourself, whether they’re good for you or not.

Maui Jim Onshore Sunglasses Review

These pairs of sunglasses impressed me and I am sure they’d impress you too. 

The reason is that the Onshore Sunglasses have a flexible frame set making them extremely compatible with any type of face size. These also are lightweight and can be worn for longer periods. 

maui jim onshore sunglasses review

In terms of lenses, these sunglasses have really thin glass lenses, so most of their weight comes from the lenses themselves, but the benefit is that they still give you complete mobility. These lenses provide great optical clarity, giving better visibility in your surrounding areas. 

I am also gonna add that the Onshore sunglasses are super grip-friendly, meaning that they have rubber nose pads, allowing them to have extra grip on those days, if you wanna do some extreme sports or outdoor activities. You can check them out here.

Comparing Red Sands Vs Onshore Sunglasses

In terms of price, the Red Sand sunglasses are slightly cheaper than the Onshore sunglasses. Both of these glasses don’t have to seem any overwhelming differences. 

While Red Sand has adjustable nose pads, Onshore has their placement on the bridge itself. In terms of style, Onshore has some thrilling options, such as different colors and frames to choose from. But in terms of popularity, Red Sands seems to be more popular in the market rather than Onshore sunglasses.

Other than that I feel that both these glasses have equivalent properties such as lightweight, durability, and scratch and impact resistance.  

Final Thoughts 

Oh! What do I think? You may ask.

Well, I think that both of these sunglasses are quite endearing in their way and they do turn heads. Maui Jim sure does know how to make an impressive statement. The Maui Jims Red Sands are sure to turn heads your way because of their bold look.

But if you put me in a position and ask me to choose one, I’d pick the Onshore sunglasses, because these sunglasses are perfect for fitting on big heads and also give you so much mobility throughout the day. Onshore for the WIN!! For me. Personally, I love Maui Jim’s Onshore rectangular sunglasses with chocolate fade lenses, it gives you a neutral and casual look.

Both glasses are impressive in their way making the Red Sands and Onshore an impeccable type to consider for your next purchase.

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