Ski Goggles vs Snowmobile Goggles

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This is a question every beginner has when it comes to skiing or snowboarding. But, you will be shocked to know that the answer is not any different from what you expected. 

And I know what you expected because it was the same for me! I wish I too came across an article like this at that time, would have saved me from scrolling through the whole internet for ragged pieces of information.    

How Are Ski Goggles Different From Snowmobile Goggles?

which one is better ski or snowmobile goggles

Yes, you are right to guess that ski goggles are different from snowmobile goggles. They both are made for snowy terrains for sure, but they are still different. But it’s not just different in terms of its usage in its respective sports but also in its appearance and how it’s styled to help skiers or snowmobilers. The respective goggles have to adapt to the needs of the riders. 

The question here is how different they are, and here is the answer to that.

Field of Vision

Ski Goggles: It has a vertical lens shape for providing wider vision on sloped areas to skiers. It is important for skiers who need to see the terrain ahead and above them.

Snowmobile Goggles: Snowmobile goggles have a more horizontal lens shape to provide a wider field of vision to the front of the rider. If you have noticed, snowmobilers seem to lean ahead while riding thus they will require the horizontal featured lenses that will help them identify hazards ahead of them. 

Helmet Compatibility

snowmobile vs ski goggles

Ski Goggles: Ski goggles are designed to fit with ski helmets, which have a semi-circle type shape.

Snowmobile Goggles: Snowmobile goggles are designed to fit comfortably with snowmobile helmets, which are bulkier and provide more coverage to protect against wind and cold.

Wind Protection

This is a specific feature of the snowmobile goggles. They often prioritize wind protection due to the higher speeds you have to ride in. This feature is available in ski goggles as well but is more defined in snowmobile ones.

Ventilation and Fog Prevention

It is a feature of both the goggles. But in skiing, it is used for slow-paced activities when there is less air passage leading to more sweating which ultimately results in fogging up of the lenses. Snowmobile goggles prioritize fog prevention and anti-fog coatings as riders ride at higher speeds wearing a bulky helmet that creates excess sweating and also increases airflow, all of this collectively lead to fogging.

Durability and Impact Resistance

Even though ski goggles also signify the durability and impact resistance features, snowmobile goggles emphasize them more than ski goggles. This is because there are chances that debris can get inside the goggles somehow while high-speed riding and can also fly around and hit them. The impact resistance feature will not allow this without any harm caused. 

Can You Wear Ski Goggles While Snowmobiling And The Other Way Around?

Can You Wear Ski Goggles While Snowmobiling And The Other Way Around?

Yes, you can wear ski goggles while snowmobiling and also snowmobile ones while skiing, but not always. You still will have to consider certain things before doing so. Ski goggles and snowmobile goggles share many similarities in terms of their common purpose of protecting your eyes but not when it comes to their individual purposes.

Protection and Comfort

Both ski and snowmobile goggles are designed to protect your eyes from wind, snow, debris, and UV rays. And there’s no way you will find a goggle that is not going to provide you with any of this! 

Field of Vision

You already know, ski goggles provide a more vertical field of vision, and snowmobile goggles have a wider, horizontal field of vision. So if you are not satisfied with the vision that your goggles are providing you, it is better you try out the other one! Sometimes you need a wider view even while skiing and a vertical view for snowmobiling. So give yourself a break, and try it out.  

Helmet Compatibility

Your goggles should fit well with the helmet you’ll be wearing. Because ski goggles have a smaller size and a smaller helmet too. Wearing them with snowmobile helmets will result in a loose fit, a very loose fit actually! So make sure to wear a helmet that is applicable with the goggles.

Impact Resistance

If you’re snowmobiling at higher speeds or in more rugged terrain, you will need goggles that prioritize impact resistance. 


So now you know what ski goggles and snowboarding goggles are. If you feel like snowboarding goggles might be more convenient for you after reading the comparison, you might as well resort to that. It has all the features that ski goggles have, maybe even more than the latter! Just see to it that you are wearing the right helmet because it is important that you pay attention to that. 

The rest is up to you, good luck!  

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