Female Celebrities with Green Eyes: Most Striking Celebrity Eyes

When it comes to eye colors, green is perhaps the most striking of them all. With a reputation for being mysterious and alluring, green eyes are so versatile that they can range anywhere from soft and warm to absolutely arresting. And when we are talking about female celebrities with green eyes, it’s something to gaze at for eternity!

For some of the most beloved faces in Hollywood, green eyes are a core part of the charm. But before we look at some popular A-list actresses with green eyes, let’s gather a bit of context.

Green Eyes — Prevalence and Significance

With only about 2% of the world’s population having green eyes, it is one of the absolute rarest eye colors in humans. 

The green color of the iris results from amber or light brown pigmentation in the stroma in the presence of low melanin. Combined with the reflected light being subjected to a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering, it merges with a blue hue and results in a visibly green color.

Green eyes are actually very diverse when it comes to actual pigmentation and can refer to a variety of colors like warm amber to sea green to even a dark, almost bluish-green.

Green eyes are most common in people of European, Middle-Eastern, and South Asian descent. Overall, green eyes are more common in women than in men. So, it’s no surprise that some of Hollywood’s prettiest faces have beautiful green eyes as well!

Female Celebrities With Green Eyes

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has green eyes
Source: Instagram
Scarlett Johansson with green eyes
Source: Instagram

Perhaps most well-known now for playing MCU’s Black Widow, the highest-paid actress in the world for two successive years 2017 and 2018, the absolutely stunning actress is blessed with bewitching dark green eyes.

She has also starred in other famous titles such as Lucy (2014), Rough Night (2017), and The Prestige (2006).

Kristen Stewart

beautiful green eyyes of Kristen Stewart
Source: Instagram
hollywood girl Kristen Stewart with green eyes
Source: Instagram

Stewart too has held the title of the world’s highest-paid actress back in 2012 and her acting prowess is evident in her numerous awards, accolades, and nominations.

She is most well known for playing the role of Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga and more recently starring in films like Spencer (2021), Lizzie (2018), and Seberg (2017).

Emma Stone

Emma Stone has most beautiful eyes
Source: Instagram
hollywood actresses with green eyes
Source: Instagram

Recipient of various prestigious accolades like an Academi Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a British Academy Film Award, Emma Stone is definitely one of the sweethearts of the golden screen—and for more than just her pretty face.

That said, her amicable countenance, heart-shaped face, and striking green eyes certainly add to her allure.

Some of her notable roles include The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2 (2012/2014), Cruella (2021), and La La Land (2016).

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has green eyes
Source: Instagram
Amanda Seyfried with green eyes
Source: Instagram

Seyfried is also known for having starred in Jennifer’s Body (2009), Now You See Me (2013), Les Miserables (2012), etc.

Known for having starred in the 2004 pop-cult classic Mean Girls, the American actress, model, and singer has warm green eyes to complement her beautiful face and smile.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan with most beautiful eyes
Source: Instagram
actresses with most unique eye color
Source: Instagram

Also of Mean Girls fame is American actress, singer-songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur, Lindsay Lohan. She also used to be a model and was signed to Ford Models at the age of three (yes, three!) but has since quit modeling.

Other movies under her belt include Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005), The Parent Trap (1998), Scary Movie V (2013), Liz & Dick (2013), and Among the Shadows (2019) among many others.

Kate Middleton

Royal lady that has green eyes
Source: Instagram
Kate Middleton with green eyes
Source: Instagram

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, perhaps better known simply as Kate Middleton, is a member of the British Royal family and the wife of Prince William.

Kate is known for her modest yet elegant style choices and is a fashion inspiration to many all around the world.

Elizabeth Olsen

hollywood actress Elizabeth Olsen has green eyes
Source: Instagram
Marvel acctresses with green eyes
Source: Instagram

Following in the footsteps of her older sisters, twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Elizabeth Olsen also made an independent name for herself in the film industry.

Her striking light green eyes are notably a very defining feature of her face.

Her most notable role is perhaps that of Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but she has also starred in titles like Sorry for Your Loss (2018), Kill Your Darlings (2013), Wind River (2014), and Oldboy (2013).

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich has green eyes
Source: Instagram
Beautiful eyes of Milla Jovovich
Source: Instagram

The Ukrainian-born American actress is famously dubbed as the reigning queen of kick-butt owing to her having starred as the lead in multiple science fiction and action films—and she looks absolutely fabulous doing it.

Her most famous cinematic credit is the Resident Evil film franchise in which she stars as the lead character, Alice.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has green eyes
Source: Instagram
Gorgeous eyes of Olivia Wilde
Source: Instagram

One look at her face and you’d be instantly captivated by how absolutely stunning she is—Olivia Wilde’s alluring green wide-eyed gaze can knock anyone off their feet.

The American actress and filmmaker are` best known for having played Remy “Thirteen” Hadley on the medical drama television series, House, M.D.


Ann-Margret has beautiful green eyes
Source: Instagram
all time most beautiful hollywood actresses ayes
Source: Instagram

With her sultry, wide-eyed gaze and seductive smile, Swedish-American actress Ann-Margret Olsson, better known simply as Ann-Margret, used to be the personification of vintage Hollywood glam.

Aside from her beautiful face and captivating green eyes, she also has remarkable acting prowess, having won upwards of five Golden Globe awards.

Angelina Jolie

Actresses that have green eyes
Source: Instagram
Angelina Jolie has the most beautiful hollywood eyes
Source: Instagram

If there is any face in the entirety of cinema-scape that is instantly recognizable, it’s that of Hollywood’s resident sweetheart, Angelina Jolie.

With her distinct face structure and beguiling wide-eyed gaze, it’s unanimously agreed that she has one of the most charming personages in H-town—in addition to being ridiculously talented.

Emilia Clarke

Green colored eyes of Emilia Clarke
Source: Instagram
Celebrities with green eyes
Source: Instagram

The English actress’s name has almost become a household utterance following her role as Khaleesi in the HBO television series Game of Thrones.

Her distinctive look is largely in part due to her striking greenish-blue eyes—a befitting look for the mother of dragons, all things considered!

Aside from Game of Thrones, she has also starred in Me Before You (2016), Terminator Genisys (2015), Voice from the Stone (2017), etc.

Closing Words

And there you have it, some of the prettiest celebrities with the most captivating green-eyed gaze you ever did see! No wonder people talk about getting lost in their eyes.

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