How to Look Feminine with Short Hair and Glasses: Useful Tips

So, summer heat’s going through the roof and it’s taking over everybody’s lives.

Because there’s sweat, sweat, and MORE sweat pouring out of us! (Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated, folks!)

Besides, there is one more thing that heat does, which drives ladies crazy everywhere in the world, even in 2022!

Frizzing up your hair!

Keeping all of that frizzy mess under control requires a TON of hair products; be it conditioners, hair sprays, or many, many trips to the hair salon.

And if you have long, flowing hair? Oh, you better have a considerable budget reserved for hair care!

But if you don’t want to waste your money with all that, you could try changing things up a bit by cutting your hair short!

But how do you look feminine with short hair and glasses? Keep reading to find out!

Tips on How to Look Feminine with Short Hair


Putting on makeup is a sure way of boosting your feminine charm!

However, you should know that any type of eyewear you wear will only draw more attention to your eyes.

So make your eyes pop by sprucing up some mascara! Go with the smoky eyes!

Groom your brows until they’re fleek to perfection!

Be mindful that you consider your bone structure first before you apply makeup on yourself.

Use powdered foundation, not liquid one!

Press it into your skin alongside your concealer to even them out, and do the same for your under-eyes as well.

Now, you might be wondering why one should do that.

Well, having your foundation in liquid form is bound to get smudged; that’s just inevitable if you’re going to wear sunglasses or whatever.

“But I look so dried up whenever I use powdered foundation!” That’s valid, and I hear you.

An alternative to the powdered foundation can be one of those water-based foundations.

Be wary of the “water-based” part, though.

While it allows you to apply a coat as light as possible, don’t go overboard with it just to get that “extra moisture”!

In the end, as lovely as it is seeing your eyewear highlight your facial features, it’s FAR more crucial that your makeup highlights YOU!

After all, you can replace your glasses if it’s not your type. You can’t exactly do that with your face, right?

Just go for something that makes you feel confidently feminine with short hair and glasses.

Be More Confident

Many female celebrities who wear glasses have redefined femininity with their short hairstyles, especially with pixie and bob cuts being quite famous nowadays.

The amazing fact here is that these short haircuts do not make them look any less feminine. On the contrary, I personally feel women with pixie cuts look even more gentle and feminine than the rest.

Celebrities like Katy Perry, Bella Hadid, Scarlett Johansson, and Emma Watson give great hair inspo and they surely look incredibly feminine with short hair and glasses

They carry their pixie cuts with such grace, poise, and femininity that others pale in comparison. However, the secret to their alluring beauty is actually the confidence they put on. 

Confidence is the best accessory any woman can wear and it makes her stand out among the rest. A woman who is confident in her personality has an irresistible charm of her own.

Honestly, a stylish short haircut with a tinge of makeup, a pair of glasses, and an “I know what I’m doing and I know best” attitude is all you need in order to look feminine with short hair and glasses.

Work with your ‘Do!

Even though you have short hair now, that doesn’t mean you can style it whichever way you want!

Ruffle your hair for a cute bedhead look!

If you have curls, pin them all up for that sexy, mystifying charm and to look feminine with short hair and glasses

Heck, having short hair means it’s easier for you to dye it in any color you want!

I don’t know about you, but any light colors (like blonde or pastels) WILL scream “feminine” from even a mile away if someone sees it.

And it doesn’t help that they look cute!

Go Wild with your ‘Fit!

Sure, clothes are one of the essentials to keep us warm and decent

But they also play an important role in order to look feminine with short hair and glasses.

Be loud and proud of your body! Accentuate those curves! Give your best assets the spotlight they deserve!

How to style Short Hair and Glasses

But what REALLY sends in the message that you’re a lady who means business is a centerpiece.

In order to look feminine with short hair and glasses, go with loud accessories, like an elegant-looking pendant or dangling earrings; even a choker will do wonders for your charm!

Let everyone know that you’re a woman, and you are damn proud to be one!

Add Feminine Accessories

Some accessories can help you look feminine with short hair and glasses in a very effortless way.

Small chunks of sassy jewelry, ribbons, scarves, glasses, belts, and so on could be your add-ons to look feminine with short hair and glasses.

Different styles of earrings adoring your earlobes, from small studs, and large hoops to dangle earrings are some of the most common and flattering styles you could try to style correctly with your outfit.

A casual plain outfit can be revamped if you just put on a contrasting-colored scarf on it. Printed silk scarves draped in various styles are in fashion.

Ribbons and other add-ons like bracelets, watches, and belts can be added along to look feminine with short hair and glasses.

However, your main focus should be on correctly styling your accessories according to your outfits. An accessory might look pretty individually but it might not match your overall look.

Keep Experimenting

Not everyone has the talent to accurately imagine how exactly they would look if they opt for a particular look.

But just because you are not sure about whether a new look would suit you or not, doesn’t mean you should not try it.

How would you discover what works best for you if you’d not come out of your shell and try out new things?

In order to look feminine with short hair and glasses, you should experiment with dressing styles, hairstyles, hair colors, lipstick shades, and whatever you can get your hands on.

Some dresses might accentuate your thin waist and collarbones, or just make your legs seem longer.

On other hand, some dresses might make you seem fat, extremely thin, short, or just simply don’t suit your complexion. The same goes for hair colors, haircuts, and hairstyles too. 

It is only after trying different styles and colors and designs, you’ll know your most fitting style.

To look feminine with short hair and glasses, you need to be experimental!

be confident to look feminine with short hair

Final Thoughts

Being seen as “too boyish” shouldn’t matter much because why should other people get to have a say in YOUR hair?

If you want to feel feminine with short hair and glasses, go with what feels suitable to your comfort and style.

Do you want to try something new and out of your comfort zone? Well, go ahead and do it!

You only live once, after all. You might as well give it a try instead of yearning for it for the rest of your life, right?

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