Best Safety Glasses for Landscaping & Grass Cutting

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I know, you’re looking for the best glasses for landscaping. But, there are so many options out there, which one is good and more suitable for cutting grass and doing yard work?

Let me save you a lot of time, and give you the answer right now.

The best safety glasses for mowing is DeWALT Dual Mold Safety Goggle. They’ll cost you less than $20, but they’re incredible. They will cover your eyes properly and they’ll give you the safety which you’re looking for.

They look like snow goggles, so if you do not like the design, then you also go with 3M Safety Glasses that look more like sunglasses, but they’re designed to keep your eyes safe from unwanted & harmful particles.

Below, I have mentioned many different safety glasses that are good for lawn care, but from all of them, DeWALT Dual Mold Safety Goggle and 3M Safety Glasses are the best.

Best Safety Glasses for Cutting Grass

Gateway Safety 6980 Safety Glasses

The first thing to think about in lawn mowing is your safety, and the Gateway Safety glasses are willing to protect you at all costs.

Rugged and high-performing material is used to build these goggles’ lenses and frame, which is polycarbonate. 

The whole build of the glasses is made lightweight and durable; you won’t have to worry about easy breakage after one use or safety glasses falling off the face because of the unexpected heaviness of the material.

Now, are you worried about temple length, thinking they might hurt you in the middle of the yard work?

Worry no more because these lenses’ temples have flexible tips that minimize the pinching behind the head, giving you comfort while at work. 

They also are soft, adjustable temples that provide extra comfort, so you need not worry about headaches and eye strain because these glasses got your back!

With these safety glasses’ contemporary OTG design, these modern-style glasses still fit over most prescription eyewear, so you can even see the yard clearer than usual. 

The lenses also have a UV-protective finish to keep you away from the sun’s rays!

These glasses also come with built-in side shield protection to ensure full impact coverage, making your eyes extra protected in lawn mowing.

Just be careful with the temples though, they are fragile if opened with strong hand impact.

NoCry Work and Sports Safety Sunglasses

If you want a pair of safety glasses with tinted lenses that make you look fashionable while at work, you might want to try the NoCry Work and Sports Safety Sunglasses!

These safety glasses keep your eyes safe from peripheral and direct threats, big thanks to the wraparound construction of the polycarbonate material! 

It even protects your eyes from harmful UV radiation, plus it is tinted to keep your eyes shaded while mowing under the daylight. 

The lenses are also scratch-resistant; however, always store the glasses properly after use to preserve the scratch-resistant coating. 

The temple arms can be angled or extended, depending on what’s appropriate to your ears, and it also comes with a soft rubber nose piece that allows a custom fit for users, providing comfort at the same time.

Not only does the nose piece provide a custom fit, but the frame too! 

The 6-inch frame will fit any head size for all men, women, and youth.

Now that it’s 2023, people are mindful of what they purchase and prefer multipurpose items more than those with only one purpose. 

Well, these safety sunglasses are not only for lawn care but also for sports use! You can also use it in the shooting range.

Be stylish and cool while cleaning your lawn but remember to be careful with these safety glasses!

NoCry Over-Spec Safety Glasses

Do you have terrible eyesight that forces you to wear your prescription glasses even when doing outdoor work?

Well, now, you don’t need to wear your prescription glasses only for your lawn care because NoCry made safety glasses specifically for people with prescription glasses.

The Over-Spec safety glasses protect your eyes while remaining comfortable and secure when you have the prescription glasses under them. 

You can see the lawn clearly, plus you are protecting your eyes and your prescription glasses from flying debris while doing the lawn work.

These glasses are made scratch-resistant, plus the lenses are made with a wraparound design to ensure protection from the front and peripheral eye area.

The high-quality polycarbonate material ensures no optical distortion on your view even when you wear your glasses under the safety eyewear, which means the quality is outstanding even when you use them for other safety purposes!

For extra comfort, the temple arms are made adjustable and padded to avoid headaches from the temple material when worn for an extended period. 

You won’t feel like your ears are carrying the temples, so you are in good hands when it comes to comfort!

The lens’s distance from the face is made wide enough for all prescription glasses to fit; however, you must be careful not to touch your prescription glasses to the safety lens to avoid scratches.

Carhartt Carthage Safety Eyewear

Since lawn care happens outdoors, you can consider the Carhartt Carthage eyewear as your glasses for mowing.

These safety glasses are made like regular sunglasses, making you look cool while mowing the yard with their sporty and sleek design. 

But, in reality, you’re not only wearing sunglasses, but you are protecting your eyes from the possible flying debris on your lawn, too!

This product’s lens is made highly durable; the lenses are made from polycarbonate material, plus they are tinted to darken your outdoor view and avoid eye strain from the bright sunlight. 

The frame is made of plastic, and it hugs around your face when worn with no gaps, even in your peripheral eye area.

Temples and straps are interchangeable. If you don’t want to use the regular temples, you can remove them and change them into the strap! 

The strap is adjustable and can fit on your face depending on the tightness you want, or go back to the temples if you just want a chill lawn mowing experience.

No matter the durability of the lenses, these safety goggles may have durability issues, and they may not last you longer for the rest of your mowing sessions if not taken care of properly.

3M Safety Glasses

Another glass that will provide you shade outdoors is the 3M safety glasses. 

These safety glasses are made with durable materials that will effectively protect your eyes from any particles while mowing. 

The lenses are made with polycarbonate, and they provide 99.9% UV protection to keep you away from the sun’s harmful rays. 

They are also tinted to help you keep doing the lawn work on a very bright day without having eye strain!

Not only can you be protected from the sun, but the lens also has an anti-fog coating in case you are mowing your lawn during a foggy day. 

To ensure your eyes are protected even from the tiniest particles, the frame’s foam gasket helps limit eye exposure to nuisance dust by blocking them, plus it provides more cushioning to the eye area.

The wraparound design gives extended eye protection, together with the foam gasket, plus the temples have a contoured fit to ensure it suits the snugly and comfortably on the user’s face.

This one comes with a corded earplug control system among the other safety glasses. This unique temple design keeps the glasses and earplugs attached and untangled simultaneously. It can double as a lanyard!

Although the lenses are durable, the hinges may have problems after extended use.

How to Choose Safety Sunglasses for Landscaping

Let’s take a look at the things you have to consider when buying safety glasses for lawn care:


Would you ever wear safety goggles that do not even stay on your face for at least a minute? You would not, for sure.

You see, comfort is one of the most crucial factors eyewear should have, no matter it is for safety or daily use. 

But we are talking about your eye safety during lawn care, so the goggles’ fit and comfort should be the one that embraces you every session.

If you can buy safety goggles in person, you can safely check if it fits you. 

But if you purchase lawn care goggles online, check the features that the brand published and claimed, look for comfortable nose pieces, and face-hugging ergonomic frames, and check for sizes if available to ensure their fit.

Solid As a Rock

The primary ingredient in any product we purchase is quality. Of course, you want your safety goggles to be as solid and sturdy as a rock, mainly because their function highlights your safety! 

If the goggles are going to break easily because the materials used are not durable, the goggles will compromise your eyes’ safety sooner or later.

Look for safety goggles with good frame material that will not break even when it accidentally falls on a surface. 

Thick goggle lenses can be a good choice for your eye’s safety, but make sure the temples and hinges are also built nicely to avoid easy breakage after some time.

Sun Fighter!

Not all safety goggles have Ultraviolet protection, but it will be great if you purchase one that comes with UV protection in it. 

Especially if you love working under the sun and want to keep away from the broad daylight, safety goggles that can keep your eyes away from the sun’s harmful ways will make you love wearing them every time you plan to do yard work. 

Your eyes are not only protected from the flying grasses while mowing your yard, but your safety goggles will also help reduce your eye strain by providing UV protection.

If it can fight the sun, it can do the safety work for you!

Eye protection while doing lawn mowing, is a must! Try to find something that will suit your style and also ensure that you are comfortable when you choosing the right type of eye protection for yourself.

Buying Safety Glasses for landscaping

Final Words

In conclusion, protecting our eyes during lawn care activities is essential for maintaining eye health and preventing serious eye injuries. With so many options available, it is important to choose the best safety glasses that meet our needs and provide the necessary features, such as impact resistance, UV protection, comfort, and anti-fog coatings.

By wearing the appropriate safety glasses, we can work more comfortably and efficiently while keeping our eyes safe from debris and flying particles.

So, don’t forget to prioritize eye protection during your next lawn care activity in 2023 and beyond.

So get your preferred safety goggles now, and never forget to use them on the lawn. 

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