Ray Ban Wayfarer vs Justin: Similarities & Differences Between Them

Everyone has heard of Ray-Ban at least once in their lives.

And why wouldn’t they have? It’s been around for 85 years now! That’s almost a century!

The American company Bausch & Lomb made history once it set up Ray-Ban’s “base of operations” in Milan, Italy, in 1936.

From then on, whenever you hear the word “eyewear,” Ray-Ban’s one of the names that come to mind! 

However, today, we will discuss two prominent Ray-Ban collections (Wayfarer & Justin) and determine which one is more suitable for you.

About Ray-Ban Wayfarer

In 1952, a downpour of love and adoration washed over Ray-Ban after releasing the Wayfarer collection.

It featured a plastic molding technology that was a breath of fresh air at the time, with Ray-Ban fans and even celebrities latched onto its design.

Its solid frame gives the wearer a sense of a strong intellect, especially paired by the Wayfarer’s sturdy arms to complete a somewhat “masculine look” that would have you appear much more intimidating than usual.

The Wayfarer flooded the 50s through the 60s until it started to slow down when the 70s breached.

Tides have changed, and it was inevitable that trends have changed, too. Thinner (almost rimless) and smaller sunglasses became a hit at the time.

Since Ray-Ban had nothing that fits the bill, it didn’t have any choice but to be sold to Luxottica in 1999. Even then, it barely got by with its few sales.

However, Ray-Ban managed to stay afloat somehow through auction websites that still have a special place for the Wayfarer, enough for it to be brought back by 2007 up to now!

Ray Ban Wayfarer and Justin

About Ray-Ban Justin

Now, the Ray-Ban Justin is one of the many babies Ray-Ban has been creating.

And this one looks up to the Wayfarer as its predecessor!

The Justin Collection is relatively young with few products in its arsenal, but that speaks more for the present generation!

Modern and classic are the styles Ray-Ban strives to blend into its Justin Collection. 

With its bold frame and wide rectangular lenses, the whole look leans more to the inner hipster everyone has that’s sure to go with the crowd!

Comparison of Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Justin

Comfort Over Style

You could say that there’s not much competition to be had here since Wayfarer technically inspires Justin.

Well, prepare to be proven wrong!

Ray-Ban made a mistake once of being unable to adapt to the times, and that’s why it made alterations to its Wayfarer Collection.

The general look of the Classic Wayfarer didn’t change, of course. It still has the signature bold, solid frame that stands out on its wearer’s face.

But it did alter the materials used; instead of the heavy glass used in its lenses, Ray-Ban swapped it out for a lighter one in the new version.

A rubberized frame replaces the sleek, glossy one from the Classic that boosts the Wayfarer’s quality other than giving it a subtle charm.

Meanwhile, as Justin’s inspiration is mentioned earlier, the Justin Collection caters more for comfort, with style just along for the ride.

Its larger frame will have it settle on your face nicely, compared to how tightly the Wayfarer’s nosepiece fits the nose. 

Combine that with the lightweight glass lenses, and the Justice Collection quickly makes it manageable to wear for more extended periods.

However, it does have a couple of key differences from the Wayfarer, be it the classic or newer ones.

If you try on a Wayfarer, you’ll notice how it sits flat against your face- this is a flaw in its design because there will be gaps where light can still peek in.

The Justin Collection fixes that.

Its design is curved inward with the sole purpose of giving you more coverage from any light source. 

Of course, it’s way too subtle for anyone to notice at a glance, but it does mix things up as it shows exactly how it deviates from the Wayfarer, little things as they are.

So, in the end, the Justin Collection gets the point for this round!

More to Choose From

Decades of being in the market will give it more opportunities to play around with its design.

And that’s precisely what happened with the Wayfarer.

Ray-Ban did its experiments to get the gist of what catches anyone’s eye. And with what happened during the 70s, you can understand why Ray-Ban did a ton of it too.

Fortunately, though, all of those experiments mean you have over 40 designs to choose from in the Wayfarer Collection now! Here’s to hoping at least one of them fits your personality to a T!

The Justin Collection, on the other hand, only has 5 in its category. So it can be challenging to give it a chance since the only changes between the designs are its colorways.

Therefore, the Wayfarer takes over by a landslide! 

A 40-designs-worth of a landslide, that is.! 

Out with the Old, In with the New

Both collections are tied for this one, folks.

The classic never goes wrong on anyone, much less the Wayfarer design!

And since the Justine Collection is mainly inspired by it,  it doesn’t go wrong with the crowd, too!

There’s no such thing as “out with the old, in with the new” anymore because everyone has a plethora of tastes that likes a bunch of things!

Many of them like bright, neon-colored eyewear that would be a sight for sore eyes, while many also want the vintage classics like Ray-Ban’s.

At this point, it’s close to impossible to have Ray-Ban drop from being a “trend” anymore because it has a quality that many brands are jealous of!

If you see your pair of Ray-Ban is made anywhere else, then that’s not the real deal. Only the authentic, Italian-made ones, of course. Got it?

Ray Ban Wayfarer and Justin comparision

Which One is Better?

Neither the Wayfarer nor the Justin is better since they’re practically on the same level, as proven here.

Both have their strong suits with time making them better equipped to handle what the people offer.

And it’s totally up to you to choose whichever speaks to your preferences more.

Final Words

Ray-Ban is a luxury that many can afford. And you can get that luxury for a price you’re willing to pay, maybe as a pick-me-up or as a treat for yourself.

Whatever your reason may be, all that matters is you’ll get to enjoy having a seasoned, vintage air about you once you wear either a pair of Wayfarer or Justine.

Then, you’ll be able to know how it feels to be on any icons’ feet as you strut your stuff with a pair of Ray-Ban on your face!

Also, if you want to learn how to spot fake Ray-Bans without getting deceived, you should definitely check out this article.

Make sure to checkout whether your glasses are polarized or not.

So, which one do you like between Ray Ban Wayfarer and Justin? Do let us know in the comments below!

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