Clean Glasses Without Microfiber Cloth: Easy and Effective Methods

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So, you’re stuck in a situation where you do not have a microfiber cloth and you want to clean Glasses Without Microfiber Cloth

Your lenses are dirty, blurry, or oily?

Now you’re planning to clean them with your shirt?



Regardless of whatever the situation might be do not ever use your shirt to clean your lenses directly. Microfiber cloth is the right option, but if you don’t have that, do not rush into cleaning them with your shirt.

Read through the article to know how to clean glasses without microfiber cloth.

Can I Clean Glasses Without Microfiber Cloth

Importance Of Using Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloths are meant to clean glasses. These clothes do an amazing job of effectively drying the lens and causing the least smearing by trapping the oil.

These cleaning cloths are made of nylon and polyester which prevents the lenses from having scratches or lint when cleaned with them.

Why Your T-Shirt Is A No-Go?

NO! NO! NO! Do not use your shirt.

Do not use your shirt to clean glasses

It might seem super easy, quick, and a common method to clean your glasses with your shirt, but it is not recommended at all. The reasons are,

Dish Soap And WaterWay

The dish soap and water method is your savior when looking to clean glasses without a microfiber cloth. A quick fact – It is American Optometric Association Advised! 

All you need is a drop of dish soap, warm water, and a clean cotton cloth (it can be the one you use to clean other glassware, too). Now, follow the steps to clean your glasses in one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways.

  1. First, get your glasses and put them under a light stream of warm water.
  2. Once they are wet enough, get a drop of the liquid dish wash or a pinch of dish soap and gently rub it on the lenses in a circular motion with your fingertips (You can even apply it on the sides and frame).
  3. Now just wash them away and shake them to dry them off.
  4. To clean the extra water, just get the cloth and wipe the glasses.

Additional Advice – You can use an earbud to clean the sides and corners of the lens.

How To Clean Glasses Without Microfiber Cloth

Other Alternatives To Cleaning Eye-Glasses

Apart from the above-suggested ways, there are a few more alternatives you can use to clean glasses when you do not have a microfiber cloth,

  • Spray Cleaner – These eyeglasses cleaners aren’t just easy to carry and use, however, they can be used to clean the glasses more effectively compared to other methods. Also, make sure your cleaner is compatible with your type of lens. This is because the spray cleaner works as the right alternative not only for microfiber cloth but can be used with a cotton towel for glassware too.
clean glasses with spray cleaner
  • Lens Cleaning Wipes – These pre-packaged wipes are the go-to travel cleaning kit for your eyeglasses. All you need is to take those out and use them to clean the glasses. 
  • Use vinegar and water – Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl. Dip a soft cloth in the solution and gently rub your glasses. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Use a specialized cleaning solution – There are a variety of cleaning solutions available specifically for glasses. Follow the instructions on the bottle and use a soft cloth to clean your lenses.

What To Not Do At All?

STOP RIGHT THERE! No, your shirt isn’t a solution to not having microfiber cloth. Here are a few things to never do at all to clean your glasses,

  • Do not spit on your glasses to make them wet. It is not an alternative to the eyeglasses cleaner.
  • Do not use household glass cleaners, they might end up removing the anti-reflective coating from your glasses.
  • Do not use random tissues or towels, they would cause nothing but scratches.
  • Do not use toothpaste, some might say it is what you need to remove scratches but trust me, even if it is, your eyeglasses aren’t worth this risk caused by laziness. Rather just take it to your optician or use your anti-scratch warranty.
  • Do not use lemon juice, even though these acidic items are suggested by some, they might result in harming your lens’ coating.

Things You Need To Do Before Cleaning

Always! I repeat, ALWAYS! Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your eyeglasses. Any kind of dirt, germs, or anything harmful from your hands can be transferred to your eyeglasses and come in direct contact with your eye.

Always wash or sanitize your hands and make sure they’re free from any stickiness from soap or sanitizer afterward.

Brownie Advice

Here are a few pieces of advice that’ll help you keep your eyeglasses in a good shape for a long time and protect you from any unforeseen circumstances,

  • Always use a protective case.
  • Never keep them facing down at any table.
  • Get an anti-scratch warranty to avoid extra spending in the future.


To conclude, it is extremely important to keep your eyeglasses clean at all times and give them a thorough cleaning on a frequent basis. Make sure to use the right material when cleaning your eyeglasses.

This habit will not only give you a life with better vision but also prevent you from being a victim of eye infections and dermatology-related problems.


Q: Can I use paper towels to clean my glasses if I don’t have a microfiber cloth?

A: It’s not recommended to use paper towels to clean your glasses as they can leave tiny scratches on the lenses. However, if you have no other option, be sure to use a clean, soft paper towel and avoid pressing too hard.

Q: Is it safe to clean glasses with vinegar and water?

A: Yes, it’s safe to use vinegar and water solution to clean your glasses. Just be sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid scratching the lenses.

Q: What is the best way to clean glasses without a microfiber cloth?

A: There are several ways to clean glasses without a microfiber cloth, including using a soft, lint-free cloth, dish soap, and water, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and water, or a specialized cleaning solution.

Q: Can I use a hair dryer to dry my glasses after cleaning them without a microfiber cloth?

A: It’s not recommended to use a hair dryer to dry your glasses as the heat can damage the lenses. Instead, use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently dry your glasses.

Q: Can I use a regular cotton cloth to clean my glasses without a microfiber cloth?

A: It’s not recommended to use a regular cotton cloth to clean your glasses as it can leave tiny scratches on the lenses. However, if you have no other option, be sure to use a clean, soft cotton cloth and avoid pressing too hard.

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