What Are OTG Goggles?

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You must have wondered how people with correction glasses ski. Come on, don’t lie! I know you did. 

I know you want to know if they customize their goggles with powered lenses, or do they wear lenses underneath. Slow down, take a deep breath. 

To answer your question, I have brought this article! Scroll on to find out. 

OTG Over The Glasses Goggles 

what is OTG Goggles?

Have you heard about OTG (Over-The-Glasses) goggles? If not then do it! 

These goggles are specially designed for people who wear prescription glasses and want to enjoy eye protection during activities like skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. These goggles have a larger frame size that fits comfortably over your glasses. With OTG goggles, you can keep your prescription glasses on while skiing, snowboarding, ensuring clear vision and safety all in one! 

OTG goggles stand out from regular goggles for many reasons which you should know! Unlike regular goggles, OTG goggles offer additional space around the eyes to accommodate the frames of the glasses, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. The convenience and practicality make OTG goggles a popular choice for skiers, snowboarders, and outdoor enthusiasts who want to protect their eyes and maintain optimal vision during their activities. 

OTG needs better ventilation than regular goggles because when you have glasses, you are wearing two different goggles. Two goggles mean two layers of lenses, which can lead to more chances of condensation. Thus to reduce that chance, a better ventilation system in goggles is needed to ensure improved airflow, reducing the risk of fogging and enhancing overall comfort. The enhanced ventilation helps to regulate temperature and prevent moisture buildup. 

OTGs are a revolution in the industry of ski goggles, enabling many people to take up skiing and snowboarding. They aren’t even very costly, and sometimes the advanced features of OTGs are incorporated within your normal ski goggles, just in case… But OTGs are very reliable and are extremely helpful in the long run. 

But there are some extra things you need to keep in mind while you are in the snow wearing your glasses below the OTG. 

How To Prevent Fogging Up While Wearing OTG Goggles? 

How To Prevent Fogging Up While Wearing OTG Goggles?

Take care of the positioning. Make sure that the goggles are placed in such a way that it allows airflow at the same time not causing a lot of perspiration on your face. If you sweat a lot during your ride then it can lead to fogging. To lessen sweating, it is recommended that you take breaks. 

Also, when you’re in a warm place and are taking off your goggles, wait for some time before putting them on before you go out. You must have noticed that as soon as you step out from an air-conditioned place to a warmer place, your lenses fog up. This happens because there is no perfect balance of temperature. Imagine that this time it won’t just be your glasses but your goggles as well! How irritating would it feel? 

And one more point that we should keep in mind is that you should not wear very heavy scarves. Allow the breath you exude to pass from beneath as well! If you wear a scarf it will get absorbed and will turn wet trapping the moisture near your glasses. Not good at all if you want to save your lenses from getting fogged up! 

Look for upper side ventilation which is on the top of the frame, bottom ventilation, and ventilation on the frame. I have stressed ventilation and it is equally important in OTG models as well because they are double-layered! These three types of ventilation indicate that your OTGs are anti-fog. But that doesn’t mean you’ll neglect to install the anti-fog coatings! 

Sounds complicated you say? Choosing the right pair can be hard, but at least not harder than math, right?   


You are all set to step onto the fields with your pair of OTG goggles! Just make sure you’ve followed all the provided instructions and tips and you’ll be great. Trust me with this!  

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