509 Aviator 2.0 Snowmobile Goggles Review 

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So was searching for the best snowmobile goggles and stumbled upon the 509 Aviator.

Well, they are definitely one of the best and most efficient goggles for your snowmobiling experience. I can’t sell it to you, but can definitely give my views on it!  

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The 509 Aviator 2.0 Goggles

509 Aviator 2.0 Snowmobile Goggles Review 

The 509 Aviator is a line of snowmobile goggles manufactured by 509. 509 is known for producing excellent quality snowmobile gadgets that include everything from helmets to gloves, footwear to goggles, etc..  The 509 Aviator 2.0 goggles are popular among snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts due to their amazing features and superb quality. Believe me, it is going to become your favorite too!


The lenses are of high-quality that incorporate all the functions that are essential in snowmobile goggles. The lenses are anti-fogging, and provide a distortion-free clear vision to the person.   

There are various lens options to choose from, so you can customize it according to the weather demands. They have a chart below every product on their website on what color lenses we should buy for the type of weather we are snowmobiling in. I have mentioned in one of my recent articles about the type of lenses one should be wearing, considering the weather and the environment. This might not seem like a trivial matter, but wearing the wrong lenses can lead to serious accidents when you’re in snow so be careful.


I have always kept mentioning in my previous articles, that ventilation is the most important feature of a goggle. Ventilation is directly proportional to your safety! The Aviator 2.0 goggles typically feature a well-designed ventilation system to ensure proper airflow and reduce the risk of fogging during intense activities.

Vent foam and channels are strategically placed to allow air circulation while keeping snow and moisture out.

Frame and Fit

The frame of the 509 Aviator is often designed to fit comfortably over most helmets, providing a secure and sealed fit. It’s neither very large nor too small—just the size to suffice between your head and the helmet.

Adjustable straps allow for customization to fit different head sizes and helmet styles.


We already know the lens features, and those features are not supposed to turn our back on us. 509 has used impact-resistant materials for making the lenses. The lenses are durable as well as block UV rays. And it is needless to say that they protect your eyes from unnecessary wind and snow as well.

 The snowmobile goggles are like wraparound sunglasses. They offer full eye coverage, even from the sides, and shield the eyes from external elements. 

Magnetic Frame

Some models may come with magnetic lens interchangeability, allowing for quick and easy lens swapping. You just need to hold the lens near to the frame and it’ll get sucked! Fascinating, isn’t it?

The goggle has a 5MAG magnetic system which is a convenient and fast lens interchange system that allows users to swap lenses quickly and easily without the need for complicated mechanisms. This is done to ensure that when you’re out in the snow and suddenly have to swap your lenses, you won’t have to work behind those goggles for long enough and can just change the lenses within seconds with this feature. 

Lens Features

509 Aviator 2.0 snowmobile goggles that offer a toric lens shape. These goggles are ideal for power sports, including snowmobiling, where clear visibility is crucial in various weather conditions.

The “toric lens shape” helps reduce distortion and provides a clearer view across a wider field of vision. 

Over The Glasses 

Additionally, the people who wear prescription glasses- start celebrating. It must have been hard to find goggles that include the OTG feature, wasn’t it? Don’t worry, it’ll be your time to shine from now on. The Aviator 2.0 accommodates prescription glasses underneath the goggles! 

These goggles also provide extra space for a comfortable fit for the wearer. And, you don’t have to break a bone about the fogging up thing, they take care of it too!

Are They Worth It?

509 Aviator 2.0 Snowmobile Goggles Review 

In conclusion, the 509 Aviator 2.0 snowmobile goggles stand out as game-changers in the power sports world. With their unique toric lens shape, magnetic lens change system, and accommodation for prescription glasses, they provide an unparalleled field of vision and optical clarity, enhancing efficiency during winter sports and other outdoor activities. 

Although the price may be a bit of a pocket pinch, their advanced features make them well worth the investment. These goggles undoubtedly excel in performance, proving a valuable asset for those seeking top-notch protection and a superior experience on the slopes and trails. 

So, what do you think now? I am sure you are not confused anymore!

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