Nectar Sunglasses Review: Tried & Tested for 2023

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Everything You Need To Know About Nectar Sunglasses

Nectar Eyewear 

My Review of Nectar Sunglasses

Nectar Eyewear was founded in 2012 by two friends, Sean Holmes, and Dylan Roukous. The company was created to create a line of sunglasses that would be appropriate for people who are in an active and outdoor lifestyle. 

Both Holmes and Roukous are avid surfers themselves so they understood their fellow peers’ wants for affordable, durable, and stylish sunglasses to support their adventurous routines. They combined fashionable designs with high materials and added functional features. 

Their Brand Popularity 

Being in the market for more than a decade now, Nectar has gained a considerable amount of fans among outdoor enthusiasts and people looking for stylish but performance-driven eyewear. Nectar does not have an official account in Instagram, but it has a dedicated following of 130k + on Facebook and 7k + followers on Twitter. 

Even though their social media isn’t very large and catchy, they are still quite popular. Well, they were bound to be popular, have you seen their collection? It’s out of this world!

Warranty and Customer Services

Nectar Eyewear provides your sunglasses with a lifetime warranty and their customer services team basically provides solutions to all your problems. And if you buy any product and are dissatisfied with its style or quality, it can be returned within 10 days. If you want to exchange the product for a better one, that option is also available.

Retail Stores

Nectar Eyewear does not have any stores in the US yet. They offer their products for purchase at various retail stores that you can locate on their official website. Nectar sunglasses can also be bought on Amazon.

My Nectar Sunglasses Review

Stylish, but Affordable

A very special thing about Nectar sunglasses is that they are very creative with their designs. It curates the styles pretty well and makes it unique from the others in terms of style quotient. The Nectar Eyewear sunglasses contain some very distinct and innovative styles that I have seen for the first time! 

Take a look at its Bestseller product, Hamptons. The shape of the lens is so new, and with that cheetah print the design screams excellent craftsmanship.

But being high on the style quotient doesn’t make it high on the price quotient as well. The price of all its products ranges from around $50 to $120 only! So you are getting stylish eyewear that is very less expensive. 

Are They Durable?

Nectar produces sunglasses that are resistant and made out of highly durable materials to withstand active lifestyles. The frames of the sunglasses are made out of nylon or acetate, or a mixture of both. Acetate accounts for strength and flexibility, and nylon frames on the other hand are lightweight and impact-resistant. 

Do They Provide Eye Protection?

Nectar sunglasses are known for providing reliable eye protection guaranteeing both safety and comfort of the users. The features enable the lenses to filter out harmful UV rays and shield your eyes from any damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. The lenses are designed to minimize the strain caused by bright lights, ensuring a clear and comfortable visual experience even in the brightest of environments. 

Along with eye comfort it also keeps in mind the overall comfort. Its lightweight frame allows you to enjoy outdoor excursions for long periods. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or simply strolling along the beach, Nectar sunglasses provide the perfect combination of eye protection and physical ease, making them an ideal companion for your adventures.

Available Designs

Nectar offers many styles that have been inspired by the Wayfarer, the Aviator, and many signature sporty styles. Some of its bestsellers; the Folly, the Chucktown, and the Shockoe are all Wayfarer-inspired models. 

When we talk about Aviators under Nectar, we have the Kitty Hawk which is absolutely gorgeous, the Woodstock, and the Greenwich. The Woodstock has quite a unique design than the typical Aviators, even the Kitty Hawk.

And I would like to mention here that even though I am not a big outdoor person, Pisgah from their Sports collection was definitely an eye-catcher for me! 

Apart from all these, they also offer rectangular, cat-eye, and circle sunglasses. 


There are no questions about the quality. Many customers who have bought from Nectar have left many comments for the eyewear brand in the form of amazing compliments! Their popularity is definitely not a coincidence after seeing their collection and the customer reviews.

Material Used

All Nectar products are made from high-quality materials that ensure their high quota on quality as well. The Nectar frames are made out of acetate or nylon, while the lenses are made out of polycarbonate. They also offer polarized lenses. 

The nose pads and temple tips are made out of rubber or silicone to make them comfortable and not hurt the person wearing them, and also for the glasses to stay put in one place. The hinges are made out of alloys or stainless steel for providing strength to the frames. 

Are Nectar Sunglasses Worth It?

If you want sunglasses that are of good quality, durable, stylish, have high optical performance, successfully protect your eyes and do all this at a very less price, then you should definitely go for Nectar. It has everything that an average customer would want, right from a good collection to a budget-friendly rate. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the various benefits of owning Nectar sunglasses. 

Final Thoughts

Nectar sunglasses are definitely worth the price you pay. And on top of all of it, you’re getting all the functions of the sunglasses that are offered by the topline brands at an affordable price. 

I would recommend you buy the Kitty Hawk, it has that gorgeous pink shade lens with a thin metal frame. If you’re more into a classy and sophisticated design that gives you a rich look at parties, you have to look at the Emerald Isle. It has the classic Wayfarer with a touch of Nectar’s creativity. You are going to like the Atypical if you like small-sized lenses with a sober and classy frame. 

So, I hope you now have the choice that you’ve been stalling. All the best with shopping folks!

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