Goodr Sunglasses Review: A Must-Read Before Buying

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Hey there! I know you have many questions about Goodr sunglasses but don’t know who to ask, right?

It is making you stall your decision on buying the Goodr sunglasses, right?

Sit back and grab a cup of tea and I’ll provide the answers to your questions, bestie. Make sure to read till the end!

Summary of Goodr Sunglasses Review

Initially, I used to buy some expensive sunglasses but over time, I got to understand that some brands offer just better value for money. For example: Goodr, Knockaround, and Blenders Eyewear are a few brands that offer really good sunglasses at a decent price.

I have purchased Goodr sunglasses on many occassions, and I am happy to say that they’re really good sunglasses in under $50. I bet that if you buy them once, you’ll buy them again.

Seriously, for $25 to $30, you can’t expect the Ray-Ban quality, but when I purchased Goodr OG Sunglasses first time, I was surprised to see that the quality was really good. There are many cheap sunglasses available, but they’re not as good as Goodr. I’m not saying Goodr is the only good affordable sunglasses brand, Knockaround is another great brand that sells affordable sunglasses, and Blenders Eyewear is my favorite but it costs slightly higher than Goodr and Knockaround.

Feel free to read the whole review if you want, but I highly recommend Goodr sunglasses. The design of Goodr sunglasses is just too good, they’re stylish & modern. I’ll not say they’re classic like Ray-Ban Classic Aviators, but they’re good for young people.

You should take a look at Goodr OG Sunglasses which are quite popular among young guys. You can do workout & running, but they won’t slip & bounce, and it’s true (I have tested this in the gym).

So, my advice is check these Goodr sunglasses, and give them a try. They’re just $25 to $35, they won’t break your bank, but I can promise that you won’t regret your decision.

What You Should Know About Goodr Sunglasses

Goodr Eyewear

Review of Goodr Sunglasses

Goodr is an eyewear company that specializes in sunglasses. They are known for their unique and vibrant designs, affordability, and focus on individuals leading an active lifestyle. It was founded by a fictional character, Carl the Flamingo, in 2015. While the actual founder of Goodr is still unknown, Carl the Flamingo continues to represent the brand’s fun and quirky image.

Goodr is committed to providing affordable eyewear without compromising quality. Their sunglasses are priced competitively, making them accessible to a wide range of customers. In addition to their affordability, Goodr embraces a lighthearted and humorous approach to their branding, evident in their product names and descriptions and the Goodr mascot.

Goodr has become popular due to its fun sunglasses styles which are stylish and function perfectly at the same time. So it doesn’t matter if you want to go hiking or go partying, you have Goodr, you have it all!

It is based in Inglewood, California, United States. 

Brand Popularity

Goodr has quite a presence on social media platforms as well. It has 200k + followers on Instagram and 90k + followers on Facebook, and on Twitter, it has 8.5k + followers. Besides that, Goodr also is very popular among teens and various outdoor enthusiasts.  

Brand Popularity of Goodr Sunglasses

Warranty and Refund

Goodr eyewear offers a one-year warranty against workmanship defects and flaws in the material used. 

Goodr offers a return policy within 30 days of purchase. The returned products should be unused, and unworn, and should contain no damage on them. However, Goodr offers no exchange option to the customers. 

Retail Stores 

You can find many sunglasses stores near you that sell Goodr sunglasses by locating them on Goodr’s official website. Goodr sunglasses are also available for purchase at Amazon. Sadly, Goodr doesn’t have any physical store of its own.

My Review Of Goodr Sunglasses 

Goodr sunglasses are definitely worth the hype because there are not many brands that offer such high-quality sunglasses at such affordable prices. Let’s take a closer look at some additional features of Goodr sunglasses. 

High in Style Quotient, Low in Price Quotient 

You don’t need to worry about style and price at the same time when shopping for sunglasses at Goodr at least. That is because even the best designs of Goodr are very cheap! The entire collection of Goodr doesn’t exceed the $100 mark, every product is priced below $100. I am very sure that you’re going to be extremely confused about which design to choose, rather than being nervous about the price.

Having analyzed many sunglasses myself, I have never come across any brand as colorful and vibrant as Goodr. I absolutely loved the Influencers Pay Double from the Circle Gs and their Bestseller Amelia Earhart Ghosted Me from the Mach Gs. 

Looking at the names of the products, you’ll know why I said that they are known for their humorous branding. 

Is the Durability Quotient High As Well?

Their products are all made of high-quality materials like the frames are made of nylon, plastic, and sometimes polycarbonate. The lenses have high optical performance features and are made of polycarbonate. 

We can surely make out that they are durable since these materials are known for their durability and lasting functions. 

Do They Provide Eye Protection?

Yes, Goodr sunglasses provide excellent eye protection by effectively filtering out harmful UV rays. The lenses, made of impact and scratch-resistant polycarbonate, ensure durability, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking from minor inconveniences. 

With Goodr sunglasses, you can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about your eyes.

The Vast Array Of Designs Under Goodr!

Reading this review article till here you might have already realized, Goodr has a huge compilation of many different designs and many models under them for you to choose from. It houses the Goodr OGs, the BFGs, the Mach Gs, the LFG, the Circle G, the PFG, and the Runway. These designs are basically for everyone. 

Goodr also has the VRG, the Wrap G, and the Snow G for professional athletes. Even though these are for professionals their designs are typical Goodr and are not left from being fun and quirky. If you’re an athlete take a look at this one, Extreme Dumpster Diving. I found this to be very classy and simple, but so stylish!

My favorite series out of all these was The Runway. Goodr’s take on the Cat-Eyes was the most unique one I must say. This was the best out of the whole Runway collection; Gingham Is So Last Season. 

Everything Is Good, But What About The Quality?

The quality is just as good as everything else. Just because you’re paying very less for these sunglasses doesn’t mean that the quality you’ll be getting will be absolute trash. All the sunglasses are built with A-quality materials that are meant to be durable, functional, efficient, and comfortable. 

Yes, the quality won’t be on par with Costa or Ray-Ban sunglasses. But if you compare the cost, you’re getting very good quality glasses at a very low price. 

Are Goodr Sunglasses Worth It?

Yes, as the user’s reviews say, they are definitely worth it. If you’re on a low budget and want good-quality sunglasses, the Goodr is definitely for you. But, if you want very high-quality, luxury sunglasses with more features like High Definition Optics, Photochromatic Lenses, Anti Reflective Coating, and Blue Light Filtering, then you may choose some other brands like Oakley, Ray-Ban, Costa, etc….

Where to Buy Goodr Sunglasses?

If you think that Goodr sunglasses are your type and will be suitable for you, then you can find them on its official website and on Amazon. 

You can also look for retail shops near you which are certified to sell Goodr sunglasses through the Store Locator on Goodr’s website. However, I noticed that the buying from Amazon is most beneficial because many times you can get a discount on the price, and also Amazon will deliver your sunglasses faster as compared to Goodr.

Final Thoughts

Goodr Sunglasses has undoubtedly established itself as a reputable brand in less than a decade and made a place for itself in the market, demonstrating its dedication and commitment. In 2023, Goodr is one of the most sought after sunglasses brands. The positive review from users is a testament to their quality, with many considering Goodr to be one of the best-underrated brands available. This is particularly significant as Goodr sunglasses are affordable and cater to a wide range of individuals who may not be able to purchase higher-end options like luxurious Persol or Ray-Ban sunglasses. 

Goodr has successfully positioned itself as a brand accessible to diverse sections of the population, offering stylish and functional eyewear without the heavy price tag. It doesn’t have variety like that of Ray-Ban’s, but considering it’s still small-scaled its collection is commendable. At last, it is completely up to your personal preference. 

So, I hope you’ve reached the conclusion page of your thoughts along with this review, on buying Goodr sunglasses. Happy Shopping Folks!

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