How to Choose Glasses for Blonde Hair: Tips & Tricks for Blonde Hair.

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If you have blonde hair and searching in the market for new Glasses for Blonde Hair, you may be wondering how to choose a pair that will complement your hair color. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks to keep in mind when selecting frames that will help you look and feel your best.

By considering factors such as face shape, color, and style, you can find glasses that enhance your natural beauty and perfectly suit your personal taste.

Whether you’re looking for a classic or trendy look, there are Glasses for Blonde Hair out there that will flatter your blonde locks and make you feel confident and stylish.

Color Me Anything!

Skin tone’s the first and most challenging aspect that you should consider.

Sure, it might seem easy because you can eyeball your skin and look at every pair of glasses available.

But it’s not that easy.

Some colors could look a bit too flashy for your skin.

For example, hot pink on pale skin.

Not only will you look like a piece of paper drawn haphazardly by a neon pink highlighter, but this combination can also clash so severely that people might hurt their eyes just by LOOKING at you.

A hot tip for glasses wearers with blonde hair everywhere: if you’re not sure what looks good on you, go with the COMPLETE opposite of skin tone!

So, that gives you brighter, bold colors (i.e., gold or red) for those with darker skin tones and cool, darker ones (i.e., tortoiseshell or purple) for pale skin.

But let’s be honest, though: having a dark skin tone is terrific, style-wise. You can use any color on yourself – be it dark or bright in complete opposites of the spectrum – and STILL be able to work it!

However, if you think there’s still something off with the color you picked, here’s another hot tip: you can never go wrong with black.

It might make you appear serious, but if that’s the look you are going for, then you’re in luck!

The (Face) Shape of You

This here’s the tricky part.

Everyone has different face shapes. So different that you may inherit one of your parent’s face shapes, but there are still a few differences that require more scrutiny for anyone to notice.

Although, in general, we have two common face shapes for everyone in the world.

And those are the round and geometric shapes.

But, wait, there’s more to them!

For round faces, there are oval-shaped, heart-shaped, and oblong-shaped faces.

The geometric ones have base-down triangle-shaped, diamond-shaped, and square-shaped faces.

Despite how overwhelming all of these might be, here’s a tip you should never forget that came from what you learned from the last one:

Go with the complete opposite!

If your face shape falls under the round ones, then bold, squared angles are the best styles for you. You might want to look into a couple of examples: the cat-eye or the wingtip glasses.

However, there are some round face shapes where you can reconsider turning to round frames.

Heart-shaped faces have a prominent forehead but a narrow chin. The perfect frames for this need to have a wide bottom to go toe-to-toe from the inverted triangle of your chin.

In this case, it’s also for the best that you get a frame with circular lenses.

Another example is the oval-shaped faces out there. Again, because of how your face here would be longer instead of comprehensive, you’ll want your glasses to highlight your cheekbones more and give them an upswept look.

So, other than turning to square-shaped lenses, you’ll want a pair of glasses that have oval lenses, too!

While you’ll want angular shapes for round face shapes, by that logic, round glasses are ideal for geometric-shaped faces; namely, circular or aviator glasses.

Of course, just like with the last face shape, you might find your face complementing those glasses that have angular shapes, too!

Diamond-shaped faces, for one, have a narrow chin and forehead but prominent cheekbones. Because of how many angles your face have, you’ll want to lessen them to at least look softer to bring more attention to your lovely eyes and cheekbones.

To do this, you can use rectangular frames if oval ones are not available. And if neither of those is in stock, cat-eye frames are up in the air.

For a triangular face shape, you’ll want your broad jawline to be balanced out by a pair of Glasses for Blonde Hair with a wider top so that you can use cat eye frames here, too, and a geometric one!

Remember: measure your face for sunglasses and pay attention to your facial features because the frame style you choose entirely depends on it!

glasses for blonde hair

Making It Pop!

So, you’ve got skin tones in the bag and face shapes, but how can you have your glasses complement your face and make every best feature you have (esp. your blonde hair) pop out?

Hair color’s one way!

Yes, it’s already mentioned at the beginning that this article is for both blonde girls and boys everywhere.

However, did you know that there are differences between blondes?

Now, this begs the question: what color would your perfect look be with Glasses for Blonde Hair?

Well, first off, here are the differences: one has a warmer shade while the other has a cooler undertone.

Blonde hair looks “warm” when its color leans more on honey or bronze tones, making them look far darker than “cool” blonde hair.

Ashy, platinum tones give off that “cool” atmosphere. Think of sunlight in the middle of winter; too pale to bring warmth.

This is the only situation where the “opposites attract” can’t be applied.

So, if you have warm blonde hair, you can go with gold, tortoiseshell, or even forest green.

Go with equally cool colors, like gray, blue, or white for cool blondes.

Another facial feature you might want to give more attention to is your eyes!

Everyone’s eye color is meant to be unique and personal. It’s why it’s called “the gateway to the soul,” after all.

Sometimes, there are flecks of gold in your green eyes, maybe some blue in your gray ones, and rich chocolate for brown.

Your eyes are one of the unique features that make everyone so special, which is why you should give them the spotlight they deserve!

So, cool shades for cool eye colors (i.e., green and blue) deserve something that screams “nature” (for green) and complementary (for blue) like soft orange.

On the other hand, warm colors for brown eyes should have you stick close to earthy colors, like tortoiseshell, to amplify your eyes’ richness.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the right glasses for blonde hair is all about finding frames that complement your features and personal style.

By considering your face shape, color preferences, and overall aesthetic, you can select Glasses for Blonde Hair that make you feel confident and look your best. With so many options available, from classic neutrals to bold and trendy designs, there’s a perfect pair of glasses out there for everyone.

So whether you’re shopping for prescription glasses or simply looking for a stylish accessory, use these tips and tricks to help you choose Glasses for Blonde Hair that flatter your blonde hair and reflect your unique personality.

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