Understanding Costa 580 Lenses: 580P vs 580G 

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I love the Costa Del Mar range of sunglasses, they are the most exquisite yet comfortable brand in terms of sunglasses. But, it got me wondering what are the Costa 580 Lenses.  

Well, look no further! Because I have got a much clearer understanding of it all. That’s going to help you find the right fit. So, let’s read further about 580P vs 580G Costa lenses, and see their differences & use cases.

What are Costa 580 Lenses? 

I’ll spare you all the jargon and get straight into it by saying that the 580 Lenses are created to filter out a particular wavelength of light and, it so happens to get its name from there. 

This stunning range of 580 Lenses tends to filter out the harsh yellow. Why yellow light you may ask? Well, it’s because yellow light typically hinders contrasts and clarity, which affects the way you may perceive things around you. Instead, the 580 Lenses tend to enhance the reds, greens, and blues by blocking the yellow. Thus, giving you a higher range of contrast and visibility. 

what are costa 580 lenses

Moreover, all of these 580 Lenses are polarized, which reduces the glare on the eyes that you may get. So, these seem to be the ideal type of sunglasses for your next fishing trip. In terms of UV protection, all Costa Del Mar glasses come with 100% protection from both UVA and UVB radiation. 

The Costa 580 Lenses are specially catered to outdoor activities, so be it any type of activities that you are fond of, fishing or adrenaline-stimulating water sports, these are designed in a way to have high durability and extreme impact resistance. 

Now, you might think that these 580 Lenses are so well designed, maybe they come in just a single color?  Nope, these come in several different types of colors varying from gray, amber, copper, blue mirror, green mirror, and many more. All these lenses have several different properties and will provide you with the specific needs that you desire.

Costa 580P vs 580G Lenses

The “P” and “G” 

580p vs 580g lenses

The difference comes with the letters that are associated with the Costa 580 Lenses. The “P” in the 580P Lenses stands for polycarbonate. These are lightweight and have more impact resistance. 

On the other hand, the “G” in the 580G Lenses stands for glass which is quite extraordinary in providing clarity and scratch resistance. 

These all depend on the way you want to use them, and how you want to use them. 

Costa 580P Lenses are More Lightweight 

580P are lighter than 580G

If you are looking for something lightweight and much more durable then you should choose the Costa 580P Lenses. Since these are made from polycarbonate they are extremely lightweight making them suitable for any extreme outdoor activities. 

These Lenses are a better choice if you are the type to have an active lifestyle and do any type of extreme sports. The Costa 580P Lenses are suited for such since they give you a feeling of comfort and much more free movement. 

In comparison, the Costa 580G Lenses are more heavyweight since they are made of glass. 

More Optical Clarity in Costa 580G Lenses

optical clarity of 580g lenses

Maybe you prefer clarity more than the lightweight property of 580P. Then you should go for the 580G. 

The Costa 580G Lenses, since they are made of glass, they have much better clarity in comparison to the 580P Lenses. These Lenses provide a much better visual experience by giving color definition and sharpness. The Costa 580P Lenses, as they are made of plastic tend to get scratched. But, the  Costa 580G Lenses are much more scratch resistant. 

Costa 580Ps Are Cheaper than 580G Lenses

The 580G Lenses are comparatively more expensive than the 580P as these glasses are made from high-quality glass and tend to give much more clarity and are much more scratch resistant than 580P Lenses. Therefore they are placed much higher on the price scale. 

Should I Buy Sunglasses with 580P or 580G Lenses? 

Personally, I would definitely select the 580P Lenses, as I can wear these for intense periods of time and still feel comfortable. All the more they are much more cheaper than the 580G Lenses. 

But in all honesty, this all depends upon you, whether you enjoy sports or water activities such as fishing or jet skiing, etc. the 580P Lenses are a better option. 

Or if you are just having a laid-back day at the beach or a relaxing afternoon at a pool side then the 580G Lenses are your best go. 

These all depend on your mood or any particular event that you are having. But in any case both these glasses have their benefits in the different domains that they are being used in.

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