Can Baseball & Softball Pitchers Wear Sunglasses?

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Ahh… so the heat’s really getting to you and distracting you from giving your best on the field. And you really wanna know if wearing sunglasses is a good option or not on the field. 

Well, look no forward! Because I’m here to tell you whether or not you can play baseball if you are wearing sunglasses. 

Let’s get into it! 

Can Baseball Pitcher Wear Sunglasses? 

To put it simply, yes your can play pitcher even when wearing sunglasses. It’s pretty obvious as to why, the heat and sun can really hinder your performance, not allowing you to pitch properly. Thus, that can really ruin your gaming skills as a pitcher. 

Be always sure to carry sunglasses that are meant for baseball purposes. Now, what I technically mean by that is to get something with a secure fit, something that won’t fall from your eyes even if you are going for those strong pitches. The glasses should promote a decrease in glare reduction thus allowing you to perform your maximum best on the field. 

Can Softball Pitchers Wear Sunglasses?

Well, if baseball players can, so can softball players too. They are technically the same. You just gotta follow the key point of buying the sunglasses that I mentioned above. Oh, did you know that you could use eye black in softball as well? Read more to find out!

Getting a secure fit is of utmost importance because you don’t want wind of even the slightest movements shaking up your glasses and getting down your nose bridge, that would really be bothersome. But hold up, is it even safe playing softball with glasses? Don’t worry it is. Get something with decreased glare reduction, increased visibility, and something that is comfortable. Check out some of the best softball sunglasses!

Can a little league pitcher wear sunglasses while pitching? 

Well, this does technically depend on the organization’s rules and regulations. But I believe that most little league organizations do allow kids to wear sunglasses.  

Do make sure that you follow the above rules when getting something for your kids, get something that won’t cause them any unwanted issues while playing as well as find something that is impact resistant, those are absolutely perfect. 


In the end, you can definitely wear sunglasses when pitching you don’t want anything to go wrong or you don’t wanna end up making any mistake then you should go for it. 

But do be sure to take extra care when purchasing sport-related sunglasses because they should have the following factor. To give you the smooth playing you require even in the heat. 

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