Best Sunglasses for Softball: Updated List for 2022

One of the most challenging tasks to conquer that players still love to overcome is playing under the sun.

Tell me that I’m lying, but battling the sun is as tricky as comprehending the direction of where your opponent goes when you play softball. You can only win against the sun by protecting your eyes against it, and luckily, you are on the right page.

Sunglasses for softball are the essential equipment to keep your vision clear while analyzing your opponent’s movement while protecting your eyes from possible damage the sun can cause.

We gathered some of the best sunglasses for softball you can use, and surely you won’t disapprove of going through this guide!

Best Sunglasses for Softball for 2022

best sunglasses for softball

Rawlings RY134 Youth Baseball Sunglasses

The Rawlings RY134 Sunglasses are made especially for athletic use. It has lightweight, flexible frames that are designed for firm comfort and durability when in use. When we say flexible, we say it does not break when bent – and indeed, that’s what people want to ensure while playing.

These sunglasses have a semi-rimless design, which promotes unrestricted view, are perfect for on and off-field activities, and are easy to clean at the same time.

This eyewear also has a wraparound frame – it ensures a tight fit when worn, and it does not slip off while you play softball.

We all want durability and toughness despite the sport we play, and you can have these hallmarks for your softball games because these sunglasses are made to make up for your needed succor.

The lens is a polycarbonated mirrored lens that is easy to clean while being scratch-resistant at the same time. It has 100% UVA/B/C blue light protection and coating with a quality lens protection that promotes unsurpassed clarity on the vision for the field.

These sunglasses are also sweat-resistant, with a shatterproof feature of the lens.

The rubber nose protection also contours with your shape to keep the sunglasses on your face. The lens is non-polarized, but it does not affect the view protection the sunglasses have.

O2O Sports Sunglasses

These sunglasses of O2O were manufactured for the sports enthusiast of these modern days. Of course, softball is with it. The manufacturers made this eyewear for athletes, drivers, and those who love to engage in outdoor activities.

The lens provides the most precise visual clarity at all angles of views you look at, with the restoration of the actual color of the picture you can see. This way can help you distinguish the ball and the bat around you while running around the field.

If you want sunglasses that block 100% harmful UV rays while eliminating the glare simultaneously, these sunglasses can be for you.

They utilize the German polarized lens that gives 100% UV400 protection while giving a balanced light transmission while optimizing your vision in any condition.

The frame and lens of these sunglasses are scratch-resistant and impact-proof. The frame was designed ergonomically to fit comfortably on the player or user’s face despite their shape.

The lens won’t fog even after your excessive sweat because this eyewear allows air circulation, contributing to your game improvement while at stake.

Despite all the good features these sunglasses have, we can never deny it has some issues, too.

To keep them well the whole time you have these glasses, you have to take care of them to avoid breakage after strenuous activities.

Franklin Sports Sunglasses

The Franklin Sunglasses are perfect for softball players to shield their eyes from the hurtful sun rays in the field while minimizing the glare at the plate. They are made with polycarbonate frames and lens that are impact-resistant, and these are built to last you long.

These sunglasses have UV protection to keep your eyes away from damage because of the UV rays while keeping glare away.

The lenses can be flipped, and softball players can instantly flip down the lenses to track a high fly ball or flip them up when they are in the dugout or just standing in the shade while wanting to have the bare visibility on the field.

You don’t want to wear anything heavy on your body when you play softball because it will only disturb you and your play. These sunglasses, luckily, are lightweight so you can’t feel that you’re wearing them, and they don’t fall off your face. 

Manufacturers made this eyewear a one-size-fits-all, so they are perfect for both men and women of all ages across any sport.

However, although it can accommodate everyone playing softball, it requires care, too, when flipped or put on the face to keep the lens attached to the frame. Just because it can be flipped doesn’t mean you can rapidly flip the lens without thinking about its functionality.

Under Armour Adult Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses

Under Armour won’t fail you with anything they have on their sports equipment, including their Adult Igniter 2.0 sunglasses. This eyewear has a plastic frame with a polycarbonate lens, and the lens has a UV protection coating.

Like the feature that softball players want to have for their sunglasses, this eyewear has a contoured curve that fits right on the face, so it doesn’t fall off despite the extreme movement the user makes.

These sunglasses have two choices for the lens width: you can either buy 66mm or 71mm, depending on what you want.

While the lens protects your eyes from UV rays, it is still non-polarized. But don’t worry, you are still protected from the sun; it’s just the glare that isn’t eliminated.

The ArmourSight lens technology gives an undistorted peripheral vision up to 20% while having the ultra-light ArmourFusion frames built from the combination of titanium and Grilamid and having the shock-absorbing cushion hinges at the same time.

These technologies contribute to the superiority and flexibility of the sunglasses, making them wear-worthy for softball players in the softball field.

These sunglasses can be the best piece one can have, but never forget to take care of them because they take care of your eyes. 

Polarized Wrap Around Sport Sunglasses

From the sunglasses’ name itself, this eyewear is a wrap-around type wherein it contours along the shape of your head to fit the sunglasses properly on your eyes. It comprises a plastic frame and lens, making them durable to wear.

These sunglasses are Nitrogen polarized. Again, you can get away from the glare of the sunrays and see things more clearly around you.

This eyewear promotes visual clarity at all angles while protecting your eyes during any outdoor activity since it also has UV protection.

The UV400 filter offers sufficient protection from UVA & UVB rays, and you can keep your eye on the ball the whole day without worrying your eyes will hurt because of the sun. They proclaim that these sunglasses offer eye protection that medical experts agree is needed for safety and security.

While having the comfortable fit that these wrap-around glasses provide, they also help you stay focused while playing your favorite activity because of the high-performance frame design. But this eyewear is not seamless, so the frame covers the whole lens.

They also offer a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with this purchase, so you might as well consider these glasses for your softball games.

How to Pick the Right Softball Sunglasses

Despite your position and role in softball, there is one thing you all need to have in common: comfort from the gear you are wearing.

When speaking about sunglasses, no player wants them only for fashion. There should always be eyewear requirements to meet based on what the player wants and deserves, and here are some factors you have to consider choosing the right softball sunglasses for you.

Frame Grip

It is given that sports sunglasses need to fit on the face to avoid foreign substances entering the eyes. Other than considering the frame, we should consider the grip.

Provided that some glasses are contoured to fit the face despite size or even bent to attempt fitting people’s faces, the grip is the key factor in keeping them on the face.

The grip should be best at the rubber nose pads and temples. This way, the lens does not fall off your face even after an impact you make. Usually, the rubber used in sunglasses is hydrophilic, which means they love water.

The more you sweat, the more grip you can get from those areas, the more the sunglasses will stick on your face without disturbing your game.


Notice that lenses above without polarization are not an issue because non-polarized lenses are preferred over polarized ones.

Although choosing the polarized lens for softball use is not really a disadvantage, it all depends on how you’re comfortable: if you love to keep the glare away from your eyes, then choose polarized.

But if it doesn’t matter, then non-polarized must be your bet. Sometimes, polarized lenses cause issues on the in-depth view of the user that messes with the picture they see, and it might be a big deal for some.

But if you already are used to having polarized lenses, this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Lens Coverage

The bigger the lens of the sunglasses, the more it gives coverage for your eyes, and you’re a bit more away from the sun rays.

The curvature of the frame should ensure that you are kept away from foreign substances from entering your eyes.

At the same time, sunglasses should not cut off airflow. Just because they fit right and snug on your face doesn’t mean it should be uptight that your eyes can’t access air. 

Through the coverage of the lens, it must not mess with your peripheral view.

So go for glasses with bigger lenses, but at the same time, the frame curvature and fit should be alright when worn. This way, you can acquire enough and proper coverage for eye protection.

How to Pick the Right Softball Sunglasses

Final Words

It has been a lengthy guide for you to read, but congratulations, you’ve reached the end!

For the hope that we helped you compress your choices for the best softball sunglasses, we believe that you are going to perform well in the field after protecting your eyes from the environment while at the game.

Various sunglasses are made for people, and it all depends on the choice you want to make. If you have a specific style you want to get, then go for it.

So long as you and the sunglasses have a connection when you wear them, you surely will be good to go for your games. 

They don’t just protect you; they make you look fashionable, too!

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