Blenders vs Diff Eyewear: Styles, Return Policy, and Quality

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I’ve been on a quest, comparing two popular brands – Blenders vs Diff Eyewear. After extensive testing and trying, I must say that Blenders Eyewear has truly won me over. Their unique designs, impeccable quality, and standout styles like the Black Tundra, Rose Theater, and Nocturnal Q X2 have made them my go-to pairs. Not to mention, the North Park series, especially the Volcano Jack, adds an extra spark to my sunglasses collection. If you’re looking for a brand to keep an eye on, Blenders Eyewear is the one. However, remember that personal preference is key when choosing the perfect eyewear.

So, let’s look into the comparison of Diff and Blenders sunglasses.

Blenders Eyewear

Comparison of Blenders Eyewear with Diff Eyewear

Entering the eyewear world with $5 neon sunglasses and a vision, Chase Fisher filled a gap and created Blenders Eyewear. With a calculated risk, a $2,000 loan, and help from neighbor Blake, he built the brand rooted in vibrant colors and the San Diego lifestyle. Blenders Eyewear offers trendy, affordable eyewear without compromising style or quality. Its popularity soared through crowdfunding and grassroots marketing, becoming a favorite among the masses. The company expanded to include snow goggles and surpassed $1 million in sales by 2016. Fisher’s resilience and focus on customer service led to success. Blenders Eyewear, primarily an e-commerce business, now has a physical store and plans for further expansion. The brand’s journey is a testament to entrepreneurship, showing that with vision and perseverance, anything is possible.

Diff Eyewear

Diff Eyewear Sunglasses comparison with Blenders sunglasses

Have you heard about DIFF Eyewear? It has gained popularity, probably due to its presence on social media. Celebrities like Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner have been spotted wearing their stylish shades. What makes DIFF stand out is their mission: for every pair of sunglasses you purchase, they provide a pair of reading glasses or fund an eye exam for someone in need. Pretty cool, right?

This brand was founded by three friends, Zach Gordan, Chad Jernigan, and Chad Dime. They initially sold shades at music festivals and eventually joined forces in 2014 to create DIFF. Their objective was simple: offer well-crafted, fashionable sunglasses at an affordable price. Now, all three of them serve as co-CEOs, each overseeing different aspects of the business such as marketing, logistics, and technical operations.

Impressively, DIFF has made a significant impact since 2015. They have donated over 1.4 million pairs of reading glasses to individuals in need across the globe. However, their efforts don’t stop there. With a strong commitment to social awareness and generosity, the DIFF team puts their heart and soul into every handcrafted pair, using only high-quality materials to ensure perfection. What’s even better? Each pair is delivered to you with a whole lot of love. So when you choose DIFF, you’re not just buying eyewear – you’re joining a movement.

Blenders Eyewear vs Diff Eyewear

Brand Popularity

When it comes to social media presence, both DIFF Eyewear and Blenders Eyewear are neck and neck, with DIFF just slightly edging out with a tad over 700k followers, while Blenders trailing just a smidge below.

However, in the real world, my personal experience seems to tip the scales in favor of Blenders. They’re in the spotlight a lot, pairing up with big-name influencers and celebs, and I see them around more often than DIFF.

They recently made headlines with the launch of ‘Coach Prime’ sunglasses, a collaboration with Deion Sanders, who used to go by “Prime Time”. So while DIFF may have a slight edge on Instagram, Blenders seems to be pulling ahead in the real-life popularity race.


If you’re a fan of variety, Blenders Eyewear is your go-to. They’re not just sticking to one style but serving up a smorgasbord. You’ll find everything from aviators and wayfarers to sports sunglasses, making them a pretty versatile choice for all your sun-blocking needs. On the other hand, Diff Eyewear tends to zero in on the oversized sunglasses game. They do it well, don’t get me wrong, but in terms of diversity, Blenders takes the cake.

And it’s not just about quantity, but quality too. I’ve noticed that Blenders is always shaking hands with other industry bigwigs, popping out sunglasses that folks can’t help but fall in love with.

Some of my personal favorites? “Rose Theater“, “Candy Cove“, “Nocturnal Q x2“, and “Volcano Jack.” Each has its own unique vibe going on, giving you plenty of options to pick from. So while I’ve got a soft spot for Diff, when it comes to style and design, I gotta hand it to Blenders.


With Diff, you’re typically shelling out more than a hundred bucks for a pair of shades. Sure, they often throw in deals like buy one get one free, which sounds great, but if you just want one pair, it’s effectively like paying full price. Could they offer a flat 50% off instead? Maybe, but that’s their call.

Now, flip the coin and you’ve got Blenders. Their eyewear runs generally $40 to $90, often with some sweet discounts to boot. And it’s not just sunglasses, people! They’ve got snow goggles too, with prices ranging from $95 to $120. And take it from me, the quality of those goggles is bang on for the price. You’re getting some serious value for your buck.

In their snow goggles, the features you can expect include anti-fog coating, 100% UV protection, and interchangeable lenses. They also offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from, so you can mix and match them with your snowmobiling gear. Plus, their customer service is top-notch.


When it comes to quality, I did a bit of homework and sought out opinions from friends who own both Diff and Blenders eyewear. And I got some insights that might interest you.

Some found Diff sunglasses a tad heavier than Blenders. For some, this might not be a big deal, but if you’re someone who likes their sunnies light as a feather, you might lean towards Blenders.

Another thing that stood out was the difference in the finishing touches. Blenders sunglasses have smoother edges, giving them an edge (pun intended) for folks like me who prefer slipping on their sunglasses with just one hand. No worries about the edges scratching your face – a big plus in my book.

In the grand scheme of things, both brands churn out high-quality sunglasses. But I must say, with both offering comparable quality, Blenders become more attractive considering their lower price tag.

Return Policy

Let’s talk return policies, because we all have those “oops” moments when we order online.

For Diff eyewear, you’ve got a 30-day return window for non-prescription products. Say you get a pair, and they’re not quite what you expected – too big, too flashy, just not you. No problem, you’ve got a month to send them back.

Now, Blenders Eyewear, gives you a bit more wiggle room with their 45-day free returns. So, let’s imagine you’ve ordered from them, and then you kinda forget about it. Maybe you went on a trip, maybe work got crazy, and before you know it, a month has passed. With Blenders, you’ve still got time to make that return.

When you look at it this way, Blenders’ return policy comes out on top. It gives you that extra bit of assurance – a whole 15 more days to make up your mind. And who doesn’t appreciate a bit more breathing room when shopping, right? It’s just one more reason to lean towards Blenders in the Diff vs. Blenders debate.


So, there you have it, folks. If you’re looking for high-quality, stylish sunglasses that won’t leave a dent in your pocket, Blenders Eyewear is the way to go. Between their smoother finish, lower price tag, and more generous return policy, they’ve got the upper hand in this face-off. Of course, this isn’t to say that Diff Eyewear doesn’t have its merits. But when we weigh out the pros and cons side by side, Blenders comes out as the more consumer-friendly option. Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal preferences and priorities. So whether you decide to go with Blenders or Diff, just remember to keep rocking those cool shades and stay fabulous!

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