Shady Rays Sunglasses Review

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Looking for sunglasses that are cheap and performance-based? 

Have you heard about Shady Rays, my dear?

Stay put, right here! You are at the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you all the A-Zs about Shady Rays sunglasses. Make sure to read till the end. 

What You Should Know About Shady Rays

shady rays sunglasses review everything you need to know

Shady Rays Eyewear

It is an eyewear company based in the US. Founded in 2012 by Chris Ratterman, Shady Rays has gained popularity for its affordable sunglasses and a lifetime warranty on its products. They specialize in providing high-quality products that also offer durability. 

They are known for adopting the D2C model of business, eliminating all the mid-man or the intermediaries. It does direct business with its customers, which makes it easier for Shady Rays to know about its customer’s demands and establish a connection with them. It also allows them to fulfill the promise of a lifetime warranty made to its customers.

Shady Rays has its headquarters in Simpsonville, Kentucky. 

Warranty and Refund Policy

Shady Rays Return policy

Shady Rays provide a lifetime guarantee on their sunglasses. Now you’ll say what is so unique about that, many eyewear companies do that. So, my child, and the other eyewear companies don’t promise to replace the sunglasses if they get broken or lost. Shady Rays take the guarantee of their sunglasses for a lifetime against all odds!

Within 30 days of purchase they provide a return policy for all the products and even pay the shipping fees of the products. Also, it will refund the full money. But for being eligible for the return the product must be in the same state as when it was purchased. 

Brand Popularity

If a business chooses the D2C model, it is common sense that it should have a presence among the people. Enough presence so that people know who they are and what they do. This can be done by brand marketing through advertisements, social media-very powerful weapon for building a business, and endorsements. 

Shady Ray Brand Popularity
Shady Rays on Instagram

Shady Rays are on the quite popular side with a following of 150k + on Instagram, 260k + on Facebook, and 20k + on Twitter. It has played a smart card by writing “Lost and Broken Protection” in its bio everywhere, giving an insight to the users on what will be their benefit from Shady Rays.

Retail Stores 

Everything about Shady Ray Sunglasses

Shady Rays do not have any retail stores. As I already told you, it used the D2C strategy for selling its products removing the intermediaries. Retailers happen to be the intermediaries we are talking about here. You will not find Shady Rays anywhere besides its own website. 

Shady Rays also has three flagship stores of its own in Lexington (Kentucky), Denver (Colorado), and Scottsdale (Arizona). 

My Review of Shady Rays Sunglasses

Now that you are aware of who Shady Rays are, and what they do, let me tell you more cool things about them. 

It Is Affordable, But Is It Stylish?

are Shady Rays Sunglasses Affordable?

All the Shady Rays products are under $100! Yes, you heard it right. 

The sunglasses are very very affordable. But that doesn’t mean that they are not stylish. Who told you that low price and great style can’t go hand in hand? 

Their sunglasses collection features a very vibrant color for cool, party lovers like the Glacier Toroise-Hightide and Cypress-Driftwood

They don’t forget the classy and sophisticated ones who don’t want to be very edgy with their style, so for them, there is the Crystal Rose-Allure and the Ranger-Navigator

Since the old schools might feel left out, they have a vintage collection for them as well! It includes Rose Gold-Aviator and the Classic Timber-Golden

I found the collection very stylish to be honest, because after so much diversity in their style quota, I don’t doubt it anymore.

What About The Durability?

Shady Rays sunglasses are known for their durability and high-quality construction. The company claims that the sunglasses are designed to withstand various outdoor activities and are built to be long-lasting. They use impact-resistant lenses that are made of Polycarbonate or Triacetate Cellulose. And for the frames they use Grilamid TR90, Acetate, and Polycarbonate which ensures flexibility, durability, and longevity. 

The company provides added assurance in case of durability, so you don’t need to worry about it that much but still, it’s important to take care of your sunglasses and use them carefully.

Are Their Enough Designs To Choose From?

Shady Ray Sunglasses has a wide variety

We have arrived at my favorite section. 

Shady Rays has a very very diverse collection for both men and women. Yes.

The Men’s Collection has the Classics, Signature, X-Series, Navigator, Aviator, Highrise, Cypress, Titan, Velocity, etc…. Many of these, like the Velocity and the X-Series, are patented products of Shady Rays. The frames that I liked the most were the Manta Black Smoke-DeepSea which is also a patented product and color-enhanced polarized lenses and the Blackout Type S-React.

The Women’s Collection is just as gorgeous as the women themselves! It has the Tangle Free, Allure, Aviator, Classics, Oakmont, Cypress, Cascade, Lotus, Azalea, etc…. If you ask me, the Lotus Series stood out the most for me. With acetate frames and large round lenses, it had the best shades. I mean, just take a look at Crystal Sky-Lotus

Well Now Let’s Look at The Quality of These Products

Shady Rays Sunglasses Review

Shady Rays sunglasses are made from A-class materials like polycarbonate, triacetate cellulose, etc…. All their lenses are essentially polarized. Considering this, there is barely any scope of questioning left. 

Even though their pricing is done in such a way that the majority of the population has access to it they are not sacrificing on the quality. Also, they have a warranty and return scheme so if you feel that the quality of the sunglasses is very bad and not worth the price you paid, they’ll politely refund you your money within 30 days. 

And if the sunglasses’ quality withers away after the 30-day time period then you always have a lifetime warranty option! But I don’t think it will be necessary since the quality of their products is truly good. 

Are Shady Rays Worth It?

learn the truth about Shady Rays Sunglasses review

I am afraid it is. Shady Rays are worth every penny you are going to pay. Not only has it given you so many different options while choosing your preferable sunglasses from their wide collection, but they’re also keeping in mind the aftereffects. They literally are taking care of your choices, even when you don’t like their product! 

On top of everything, Shady Rays have a price point that is affordable for a large section. So even if you can’t have luxury sunglasses with that money, you know you can still have good-quality shades. 

Final Thoughts

I would say, you should definitely give a chance to Shady Rays if their collection or its commitments made your mouth become awe even once throughout the article. 

If you would love to have good-quality sunglasses, which are efficient, can’t be sold as fakes, and ensure their safety with you, then Shady Rays is your place. 

These are some of the designs you need to check out if you want to buy the Shady Rays. Calimesa-Navigator, Denny Hamlin-Oakmont, and the All-Star-Velocity. These are going to be evergreens after a few years! 

So, we come to an end with this Shady Rays sunglasses review. This is the part where you run to the website and check out the styles I recommended. Happy Shopping folks!

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