How to Tell If Your Pit Vipers Are Fake or Real

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Hey!! Ever happened that the Pit Viper sunglasses, you brought in at a sale rate, broke within 2-3 months? Well, I hope you know it by now, but they’re fakes.

Well, my dear. Everyone makes mistakes, but they should not be repeated! This article will make sure that you don’t buy a false copy once again ‘by mistake.’ 

So sit back and watch this face-off between fake vs real Pit Viper! 

How to Spot Fake Pit Viper Sunglasses

Pit Viper is a popular brand of sunglasses that are known for their bold and retro-inspired designs, often featuring wide lenses, and have a large collection of wrap-around frames. The brand has gained a significant following, particularly among outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and individuals who appreciate unique and eye-catching eyewear.

In addition to their functional aspects and sporty tilt, Pit Viper sunglasses have become associated with a distinct style and aesthetic. The brand embraces a fun and adventurous image, often incorporating vibrant colors, unique patterns, and humorous slogans on its sunglass frames. Oh, if you are confused about whether or not you wanna buy the Originals and 2000s from Pit Viper, then check this quick comparison out!

Pit Viper sunglasses have garnered a dedicated fan base and are often seen as a fashion statement, combining performance, and style. But this fame also comes with a risk of exposure to the market of duplicity.

The market which has a large amount of sales of Pit Viper, also sells a large number of fake Pit Vipers by cloning the fakes in a clean and apt manner. That is just so creative and similar that you won’t even realize that they are not the real ones! 

But even the fake sunglasses miss out on some details that are a must-have in authentic Pit Vipers. Keep reading to find out about these details!

Real Pit Vipers have a Higher Price

how to know if it is fake or real Pit Viper sunglasses?

Pit Viper sunglasses fall into a mid-range price category, not excessively expensive yet not too cheap. 

Typically priced around $40, they offer a reasonable balance of affordability and quality. However, it becomes perplexing when considering the existence of counterfeit duplicates with significantly lower prices. 

These knockoff versions can be found for around $20, while authentic Pit Vipers may cost upwards of $60. The stark contrast between the low price of counterfeits and the higher cost of genuine products creates an inconsistency. Remember, the Pit Vipers can never cost low! 

Serial Code in the Temple

To authenticate Pit Viper sunglasses, one important aspect to look for is the unique character code engraved on the inner temple. Genuine Pit Viper sunglasses will have this code, which holds a secret message and typically represents the specific model of the sunglasses. This code ensures authenticity and helps differentiate real Pit Vipers from fake ones.

On the other hand, counterfeit Pit Viper sunglasses may have random characters or lack this secret message code altogether. When shopping for Pit Viper sunglasses, especially in thrift shops or second-hand markets, pay close attention to the inner temple and verify the presence of the unique character code to ensure you are purchasing genuine Pit Viper sunglasses.

Majestic Build of The Pit Viper Sunglasses

Authentic Pit Viper sunglasses feature a distinct design element that includes a horizontal bar holding up the wrap-around lenses from the top. This bar provides structural support and adds to the unique aesthetic of the sunglasses. 

Additionally, two small end pieces connect the lenses to the temples on either side, contributing to the overall stability and functionality of the sunglasses. The presence of these specific design features, including the horizontal bar, is a characteristic of genuine Pit Viper sunglasses and helps differentiate them from counterfeit or imitation versions.

High Quality and Expensive Materials

Differentiating between real and fake Pit Viper sunglasses is very straightforward when you have a genuine pair in your hand. Authentic Pit Vipers are crafted from Grilamid TR90, a material known for its durability, flexibility, and lightweight nature. This high-quality construction ensures that the sunglasses can withstand rugged outdoor activities.

Additionally, the lenses of genuine Pit Vipers are made of polycarbonate, which provides strength and scratch resistance. The lenses on counterfeit versions, however, tend to be thin, flimsy and lack the sturdiness of the real ones.

Weight is another factor to consider. Authentic Pit Vipers are lightweight yet retain their flexibility. On the other hand, cheap knock-offs may be lightweight, but they lack the flexibility and robust build of the originals.

Thoroughly inspect the material, lens quality, and overall build to identify the genuine product.

Real Pit Vipers Will Have Brand Name Mentioned

Authentic Pit Viper sunglasses feature the brand name engraved on the lenses in a specific manner. On genuine Pit Viper sunglasses, you will find the word “Pit” engraved on the top left corner of the right lens, while “Viper” is engraved on the top right corner of the left lens. This unique and distinct detailing is a trademark of the official Pit Viper brand.

In contrast, counterfeit or fake Pit Viper sunglasses will often deviate from this specific engraving pattern. Fake lenses may have the full brand name written in a different location or style, but it’s important to note that genuine Pit Viper glasses adhere to the consistent placement of “Pit” and “Viper” on the respective lens corners.

Therefore, if you come across Pit Viper sunglasses claiming to be authentic but lacking this characteristic engraving on the lenses, it is a strong indication that they are fakes.

how to identify real or fake pit viper sunglasses?

Quality Packaging

Authentic Pit Viper sunglasses are packaged in a large box prominently displaying the brand’s name. Inside the box, you will typically find a warranty card, a cloth wiper specifically designed for cleaning the lenses, and other accompanying items. The inclusion of these items is a distinguishing feature of genuine Pit Viper sunglasses.

In contrast, counterfeit Pit Viper sunglasses often lack such packaging and fail to provide any type of warranty or additional accessories. This absence of a warranty is a clear indication that the sunglasses are not genuine Pit Viper products.

If you are wondering whether are Pit Vipers good sunglasses? or are they even worth all the trouble of finding out whether they are fake or not? Trust me on this, they so are!

When purchasing Pit Viper sunglasses, be sure to look for the complete package, including the branded box, warranty card, and lens-cleaning cloth. These additional items add value and assurance of authenticity, providing you with confidence in your purchase.


Pit Viper is a well-established brand name that sells high-quality sunglasses, thus they are bound to be a bit more expensive than the fake ones. It’s understandable that some people cannot afford the high-priced sunglasses of Pit Vipers. 

But at the same time, Pit Vipers provide the utmost care to your eyes and save them from the outside dust and germs. The polarized lenses filter out harmful UV rays. These essential, life-saving functions cannot be found in duplicate ones. 

Honestly, if you are looking for Pit Viper alternatives just because they are placed on the higher end of the price scale or perhaps, they just don’t click with you, then there are several options out there, rather than buying fake one’s that won’t last you even a month.

Also, Pit Vipers provides you with a lifetime warranty on their sunglasses and takes responsibility for them like a good parent. Features like these should be enough for you to get convinced to choose a real Pit Viper over the fake one. And if you’re an athlete, then you don’t have a second choice. The authentic Pit Viper is the one!

So I hope you’ve learned enough to implement it while shopping for sunglasses. All the best for this time!

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