How To Fix Broken Arm Of Sunglasses

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You did not just break the temple of your sunglasses! Aaah, you must be stressed out. Were they expensive? Oh damn! 

Worry less. I’m here for your help! I can’t repair the damage for you, but I will be telling you how to repair the damage here. 

So stop crying over the spilled milk, and read the article!

Fixing Broken Sunglasses Temples

fix broken arm of your sunglasses at home

Start by assessing the damage done. Examine the breakage and identify where the break occurred, whether it’s a clean break, a snapped hinge, or a damaged joint.

Use Adhesive Repair

If the break is clean and the pieces fit together well, you can use a strong adhesive specifically designed for bonding plastic or metal. Apply the adhesive to both sides of the break, align the pieces, and hold them together until the adhesive sets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for curing time.

Clamping or Pressure

Depending on the type of break and the adhesive used, applying clamping or pressure during the bonding process may be necessary. This helps to ensure a strong and secure bond. Use rubber bands, clothespins, or clamps to hold the broken pieces together while the adhesive cures. Be careful not to apply too much pressure that could further damage the sunglasses.

Replace The Hinge/Spring

If the hinge or spring mechanism of the arm is broken, you may need to replace the entire hinge assembly. This generally requires special tools and expertise. Consider taking the sunglasses to an eyewear repair specialist who can source and install the appropriate replacement part.

Temporary Fixes

In some cases, you can use temporary fixes to hold the arms together until you can seek professional repair. These may include using tape, or small wire to secure the broken parts temporarily.

Professional Repair

For complex breaks, intricate frames, or valuable sunglasses, it’s recommended to consult a professional eyewear repair specialist. They have the necessary tools and expertise to fix broken arms effectively and ensure a durable repair. 

How to fix broken arm of sunglasses at home?

Tips To Keep In Mind While Fixing Broken Temple/Arms Of Sunglasses

1. Clean the Surfaces: Before starting the repair, clean the broken surfaces of the temples and remove any dirt, oils, or residue. 

2. Use Appropriate Adhesive: Choose a high-quality adhesive that is suitable for the material of your sunglasses. Look for adhesives specifically designed for bonding plastics, metals, or the specific material of your sunglasses. 

3. Apply Adhesive Sparingly: Use a small amount of adhesive to avoid excess glue spreading onto visible areas or interfering with the functionality of the sunglasses. Apply the adhesive evenly on both broken surfaces.

4. Align and Hold: Carefully align the broken pieces of the temple or arm, ensuring they fit together snugly. Apply gentle pressure and hold the pieces in place while the adhesive cures. Use clips, clamps, or rubber bands to secure the pieces if necessary.

5. Be Mindful of Excess Adhesive: Be cautious of excess adhesive that may squeeze out while holding the broken pieces together. Wipe away any excess glue with a cloth or cotton swab before it dries.

6. Allow Sufficient Curing Time: Follow the recommended curing time provided by the adhesive manufacturer. Avoid using or putting stress on the repaired sunglasses until the adhesive has fully cured to ensure a strong bond.

7. Consider Reinforcement: Depending on the severity of the break, you may want to reinforce the repair for added strength. For example, you can wrap a thin strip of tape or apply a layer of epoxy or a reinforcing material around the repaired area. This can provide additional support to the weakened section.


Keep in mind that the effectiveness of DIY repairs can vary, and there is a risk of causing further damage. It’s always a good idea to assess the feasibility of the repair and consider seeking professional help, especially for valuable or intricate sunglasses.

In conclusion, it is important to handle sunglasses with care, especially considering their often higher price points. Many brands offer warranties and replacement options for damaged sunglasses. Search up on the Internet, whether your sunglasses brand provides for replacement even after damage. 

Thus, I hope you were able to fix your sunglasses this way. If you feel like the damage is out of your hands, take them to a professional, please. And be careful from now on.

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