Are Heated Snowmobile Goggles Worth It?

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Got fed up with the fogging up thing of ski goggles? Here to find the permanent solution?

Well, understandable. I hope you’re doing your research before resorting to heated goggles. I’m going to help you out with it anyways. Read till the end!

What Are Heated Snowmobile Goggles?

Heated snowmobile goggles are specially designed eyewear that comes with a heating element to prevent the goggles’ lenses from fogging and condensing. They offer enhanced visibility and clarity in cold and snowy conditions, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. 

These goggles are particularly useful for snowmobilers who face fluctuations in temperature, which can lead to fogging issues. The heating element is powered by batteries, providing continuous warmth to the lenses and keeping them clear. Heated snowmobile goggles offer improved vision, making them a valuable asset for riders facing challenging winter conditions.

Features Of The Heated Snowmobile Goggles

what are heated snowmobile goggles?

Before we go to analyze why you need the heated goggles, we must know the features that come with it. The goggles are designed to provide clear vision and comfort in cold and snowy conditions. Here are some common features found in heated goggles:

Heating Element

The primary and main feature of heated goggles is the built-in heating element. This is typically located around the lens area. The heating element works to prevent fogging and condensation by maintaining a consistent temperature on the lenses. 

Battery Power

Heated goggles are powered by batteries, which supply energy to the heating element. To make them more convenient, rechargeable batteries are often used. Some goggles may come with replaceable batteries too. Actually, I find this feature quite rational and modern. This whole heated goggle is a great technological step ahead for the goggles industry! 

Multiple Heat Settings

Many heated goggles offer adjustable heat settings, allowing users to control the level of warmth based on their preferences and external conditions. This way you can ensure that you aren’t very hot or whether the warmth is helping you or not. But always be careful with this feature, or else you won’t even realize but burn your face.

Anti-Fog Coating

Just like the anti-fog coating that you find in standard snowmobile goggles, there are some heated goggles that come with an additional anti-fog coating on the lenses. This coating makes the condensed droplets flatten themselves instead of getting collected on the screen of the lens. This provides an extra layer of protection from fogging up. And we are here for extra toppings, aren’t we?


This is again a cherry on top feature that heated goggles add. While the primary purpose of heated goggles is to prevent fogging, some models also incorporate strategic ventilation to ensure proper airflow and regulate temperature. Even after heating equipment, there’s no ventilation needed.


Heated goggles are designed to fit over prescription glasses or be used with face masks or helmets, making them versatile for various snowmobiling setups.

Auto Shut-Off

To conserve battery life and prevent overheating, certain models may have an auto shut-off feature that turns off the heating element after a certain period of inactivity.

What Needs To Be Considered While Buying Heated Snowmobile Goggles?

best heated snowmobile goggles

Reading the features of heated goggles I am sure some of you are already drooling over the idea of having it. And let me tell you they have definitely been worth it for the users who have worn them. But, heated snowmobile goggles can be worth it for you depending on some specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if you really have to buy heated goggles for snowmobiling.

Riding Conditions

If you ride in cold and snowy places, and you always have to stop midway to wipe your standard goggles, you might need the heated ones. That is because these areas especially have the problem of temperature fluctuation that causes fogging on goggles. Wearing heated goggles will improve your visibility and make snowmobiling fun for you!

Fogging Issues

If your body is the problem, instead of the ventilation system of your standard goggles, then you need these heated ones. Heated goggles help in minimizing or eliminate the problem, keeping your vision clear and safe. 

Battery Life

This thing is important. Heated goggles are electrically empowered, unlike the standard goggles that have a built-in mechanism. Most heated goggles rely on batteries to power the heating element. You’ll have to keep track of the battery limit before going out for rides.


It is recommended to use heated goggles when you’re in a cold arena. When you’re feeling cold in the snow while snowmobiling, they can prevent cold air from reaching your eyes and help maintain a warm temperature around your face.


So, we learned that if you’re looking for extra comfort and amazing visibility during your time snowmobiling this winter, the heated goggles could be a game-changer!

Say goodbye to foggy lenses on those chilly rides. All the best!

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