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So you are here because you recently came across Diff’s sunglasses collection and were super impressed by it. 

But at the same time, you are wary of buying it and thus you are looking for a review to help you finalize your decision to buy Diff Sunglasses. 

Then don’t hold it any longer, because the review you wanted is here! In this article, I am going to break down the Diff Sunglasses and their qualities in front of you so you can decide for yourself. Keep reading!

What Are Diff Sunglasses?

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Diff Eyewear is a sunglasses brand that has gained popularity for its fashionable and affordable eyewear designs. The company was founded by Zach Gordan in 2014 and is situated in LA. Diff Eyewear is known for its stylish sunglasses as well as for its charitable initiatives which are commendable.

Its “Buy One, Give One” program donates a pair of reading glasses to people who have visionary problems, for every pair of sunglasses sold. This initiative is a superb way to provide vision correction resources to people who may not have access to such resources! 

The Various Features Of The Diff Sunglasses

Some of the features of the Diff make it a very good choice for people who are seeking out party-wear sunglasses, and sunglasses for fashion purposes. 

Materials Used To Make Diff Sunglasses 

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Diff mainly uses Acetate to make its products. Acetate is a plant-based material extracted from cotton fibers or wood pulp. It is lightweight, and flexible accounting for the best quality in the sunglasses. 

Some glasses of the Diff are also made out of Stainless Steel. When you have sunglasses made of steel you can trust the durability of the product, it won’t go wrong. It is also lightweight, no doubt. Steel is an alloy that is known for its lightweight feature! And the best thing about steel sunglasses would be the non-corroding property. Do you think alloys corrode? Go check your science books!

The Lens Technology 

Diff Eyewear is known for its commitment to providing high-quality lenses in its sunglasses. Diff Eyewear uses well-crafted lenses that contribute to a clear and distort-free view. These sunglasses reduce eye strain and work very nicely in providing a comfortable wearing experience.

To enhance the durability and longevity of their sunglasses, Diff incorporates scratch-resistant coatings on their lenses. This protective layer helps minimize the appearance of scratches caused by everyday use and accidental mishandling, keeping the lenses looking pristine for longer.

UV rays prove to be very harmful when you are out having the time of your life. They are tiring and simply not worth it! Thus these lenses shield your eyes from UV radiation. Remember that UV shields are very important in sunglasses to prevent your eyes from getting damaged. Also, sunglasses do not protect your skin from UV rays thus always wear your sunscreen!

This way you can trust Diff Eyewear’s high-quality lenses. They are definitely enough to suffice your day out for your leisurely beach trip, or a long drive with your friends!

Top-Notch Style Statement

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Diff Eyewear has a tremendously vast array of styles in its collection. The collection ranges from aviators to cat-eyes, round frames to oversized ones, and square frames. Each design has its own distinctive charm that caters to every fashion preference of yours. 

Aviators exude timeless sophistication, oversized frames offer a bold and glamorous look, round sunglasses bring a touch of retro vintage, square frames add a modern edge, and cat-eye sunglasses exude feminine allure. With such an amount of diversity in its range, Diff Eyewear ensures that every individual can find the perfect pair to highlight their sunglasses with their style.

Some of my favorite models from their collection are; Oversized Aviator, Square Oversized,  Tate Designer Aviator, and Oversized Cat-Eye. 

One thing worth mentioning here is that Diff definitely has some of the most unique oversized sunglasses collections I have come across. They do not just increase the size of the lens from average to extra large but, but keep it subtle enough that makes it look extravagant. I like this a lot about Diff’s collection. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fashion enthusiast!


review of diff sunglasses

Diff sunglasses excel in every aspect, boasting impeccable craftsmanship and top-notch quality. But that’s not the end. The most astonishing part is their incredibly affordable price! Despite the high standard of their sunglasses, all their products are priced below $100, ensuring that they’re accessible to a larger audience. 

Now, everyone can own a stylish pair without breaking the bank. This makes Diff an amazing option and an absolute game-changer in the eyewear industry. Fashion-forward individuals no longer have to compromise on quality or style, as Diff sunglasses offer the perfect blend of excellence and affordability.

Warranty Policies

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Diff Eyewear provides a one-year warranty from the purchase date, for products that have any kind of manufacturing defects. However, certain exclusions apply. The warranty does not extend to lost items, scratches, or stretching resulting from wearing sunglasses on the head. 

Also, it does not cover normal depreciation. Remember that even though the warranty assures customers of the brand’s commitment to quality, it is important to handle the sunglasses with care. 

My Review Of The Diff Sunglasses

My Review Of The Diff Sunglasses

Before stumbling upon the Diff’s collection, I believed that only high-end names like Prada and Gucci possessed the classiest designs. However, my perception changed completely once I explored Diff’s offerings – I was delightfully surprised!

One of the most striking aspects of Diff Eyewear is the exceptional quality of its sunglasses. They stand shoulder to shoulder with the craftsmanship of other renowned brands and manage to maintain an astonishingly affordable price range. If you were scared to buy classy and fashionable sunglasses because of how pricey they looked, Diff is here to solve that for you. Diff Eyewear’s affordability is a breath of fresh air in the world of fashion eyewear! 

One collection that truly captivated me was their oversized sunglasses. Oversized sunglasses are meant to complement a wide range of face shapes, providing a bold and glamorous statement along with comfortability. There are brands that enlarge lenses to an abnormal size and call them oversized sunglasses. But Diff does not enlarge the lenses haphazardly. These frames are of the perfect size to be called oversized. They are neither too large nor too small, and genuinely deserve the title of “oversized sunglasses.” 

These are some of the oversized models that are absolutely amazing; Diff Bella Rectangular, Diff Carson Rectangular, Diff Becky II, Diff Cruz Designer Aviator, and Diff Goldie Designer. 

Diff Eyewear’s cat-eye collection is also exceptionally creative, showcasing its ingenuity in eyewear design. It has a perfect blend of vintage and modernity. These cat-eye sunglasses give out a sense of sophistication and femininity. Do you want a classic retro look or a contemporary twist? The answer is Diff. Its cat-eye collection offers a wide array of styles to suit various fashion tastes. 

To add to their appeal, Diff Eyewear’s commitment to charitable initiatives makes them even more exceptional. The brand’s effort to provide glasses for children with visual deficiencies through its charitable partnerships is truly heartwarming. It feels good to see a fashion brand taking human steps like these to make a positive impact in the world. 


I wholeheartedly recommend Diff Eyewear’s sunglasses to everyone seeking both style and substance in their eyewear. The collection was a show-stopper and stood out the most to me!

The oversized collection, in particular, stands out for its unique and thoughtful design approach. 

Plus, tell me, won’t you feel happy too when you know that your purchase is being contributed to a good cause and bringing light to someone’s eyes? 

I am sure that Diff Eyewear deserves a spot as a must-have in the realm of fashionable eyewear. So, if you’re in the market for top-notch and exquisite, classy-looking sunglasses that won’t make you sell all your property, look no further – Diff Eyewear is the perfect choice for you!

So I hope that you’ve finalized your decision, just like we have the conclusion of this article. 

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