7 Best Sunglasses For Skiing & Snowboarding

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Did the title amaze you? You did not think that sunglasses could be used for skiing, right? 

But what can we do? It seems like they are! 

Even though not all sunglasses are suitable for skiing, there are some that can be used in the snow if you are considering sunglasses instead of classical ski goggles. Here I bring you the 7 best snow sunglasses! 

Best Overall Sunglasses

Smith Guide’s Choice 

best overall ski and snowboarding sunglasses

When we talk about the best, it should always be high-end, quality assured, reliable by many professional brands. And here we are talking about Smith. 

Does Smith need any introduction whatsoever? No! Anyone who is a sunglasses freak must have heard this name for sure. No doubts. Coming from this brand is the Smith Guide’s Choice, which is also chosen to be the best snow sunglasses from all perspectives and strengths.       

When hitting the slopes for skiing or snowboarding, the features of these sunglasses are tailored to elevate your experience and performance. They provide a wraparound fit that shields your eyes from wind, snow, and glare. The nose pads ensure a non-slip grip, guaranteeing that your glasses stay securely in place during rapid movements that you all make while skiing and snowboarding.

It incorporates the features of the lightweight, scratch-resistant Techlite™ polarized glass lenses that have exceptional visual clarity and cuts through glare, which is very useful when navigating reflective snow surfaces. The genius of ChromaPop+™ and ChromaPop™ Glass polarized lenses enhance contrast, allowing you to discern terrain details. 

The lenses are equipped with a smudge and moisture-resistant coating, ensuring easy maintenance and clear optics despite changing weather conditions. Additionally, the anti-reflective coating reduces eye strain, which is essential for extended hours on the mountain. With a very low VLT of 10%, these sunglasses are an exceptional choice for skiing on bright sunny days.

Being an all-rounder in its functions, it is anticipated that these sunglasses come with an insane price tag! And it is correct ‘cause a pair of these cost you around $200+


1. Wraparound fit and ChromaPop+™ lenses enhance terrain details for better navigation.

2. Polarized lenses reduce glare, offering clear vision on reflective snow.

3. Smudge and moisture-resistant coating ensure clear optics despite changing conditions.


1. Premium features result in a steep price tag of around $200+.

2. Medium-large fit might not comfortably accommodate all face shapes.

3. Very low VLT of 10% might not be ideal for low-light conditions.

Best Budget Ski Sunglasses

Knockaround Premium Sunglasses

best sunglasses for skiing and snowboarding

Well, do not be sad if you are too broke for the sunglasses mentioned above. I have a cheaper alternative in store for you all!  

These can be used as a spare for changing weather conditions, or can be used as a complete ski or snowboard sunglasses as it is, it is up to you. 

The high-quality Knockaround Premium sunglasses become essential gear to enhance your performance in the snow. Their polarized lenses excel at reducing glare, ensuring you have clear vision. This glare reduction becomes necessary when navigating through unbelievable paths and helps prevent visual discomfort.

The exceptional quality of these sunglasses guarantees reliable protection. Their impact-resistant lenses shield your eyes from potential hazards on the slopes. The versatile design complements your style on and off the mountain, making them suitable for various occasions during your ski trip.

On top of all of this, the Knockaround premium’s price is just unbeatable. A pair is going to cost you around $30+. It takes affordability along with quality to the next level!


1. Polarized lenses provide glare reduction on snowy surfaces.

2. Enhances visual comfort and clarity on snow-covered paths.

3. High-quality performance at $30+.


1. Lacks specialized ski-specific features like extreme cold resistance.

2. Durability is questionable as the product is quite fragile.

Best Wrap-Around Ski Sun Sunglasses

Blenders Dark Bloom

best snowboard glasses for sunny days

Everyone runs behind wrap-around sunglasses because they provide you with the ultimate coverage! And this coverage is very important when you are skiing or snowboarding because you need supreme protection when you are in between so many different elements of nature.

And when it comes to wrap-around, you come to Blenders. There’s just no other way to do it!     

The dark bloom is a model from Blenders’ Eclipse Series of sports sunglasses. The Blenders Dark Bloom sunglasses equipped with the smoke PureBlend Lens ensure superior optical clarity and precision. With 100% UV protection, these sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful sun rays at high altitudes, reducing the risk of snow blindness and maintaining eye health.

The adjustable nose pads guarantee a secure and comfortable fit. It also dons a semi-rimless frame design that results in lightweight and durable quality. Most importantly, the matte rubberized black finish reduces glare.

And, the best thing about these sunglasses is their price. Did you think they too might be heavily costly, considering their brand reputation? Well, you will be glad/shocked to hear that they cost you no more than $70!


1. 100% UV protection safeguards eyes from harmful rays at high altitudes.

2. Lightweight yet durable frame.

3. Very less price compared to other high-end brands. 


1. Semi-rimless design might not provide the best fit for all face shapes.

Best Oakley Sunglasses For Skiing 

Oakley Sutro Sunglasses

best sunglasses for skiing

Every sportsman dreams of wearing Oakley sunglasses at least once in their life. And Oakley Sutro is indeed one of the best sunglasses for snowboarding. Everyone is going to side with me on this, ‘cause everyone knows the legend of Oakley!  

The Oakley Sutro sunglasses are a winter sport essential, particularly for skiing and snowboarding. With Plutonite Lenses providing 100% UV Protection, you’re shielded against harmful rays. This is vital at high altitudes where UV exposure is doubled and tripled. It reduces the risk of snow blindness.

The PRIZM Lens Technology enhances color, contrast, and detail, elevating visual acuity. The Prizm Sapphire lenses are apt for medium to bright light conditions, making the environment appear more vibrant and natural.

The patented High Definition Optics (HDO) offer impeccable clarity and sharp vision from every angle, ensuring you can assess your surroundings with precision. The O Matter stress-resistant frame provides lightweight and durable protection. It also has a unique Three-Point Fit system that holds lenses in precise alignment, even during high-speed rides. The unobtainium nose pads give your glasses a secure grip. 

When it comes to price, it is expensive in one word. A pair of Oakley Sutro will cost you around $190. So if you are one of those who dream of owning one, start saving! 


1. Plutonite Lenses shield against harmful UV rays.

2. Prizm Sapphire lenses are versatile.

3. Three-Point Fit and unobtainium nose pads keep glasses in place.


1. Indeed very expensive.

2. Not very suitable for small-sized faces.  

3. Non-polarized

Best Photochromic Ski Sunglasses

Smith Wildcat

best ski goggles for sunny and cloudy days

Want photochromic sunglasses which are reliable and durable? Yes, that is a need because you find many sunglasses promising the photochromatic feature but not every sunglasses fulfills its promises properly. 

Do you want it? Smith got it for you!

The Smith Wildcat sunglasses come with a groundbreaking fusion of goggle-level protection and coverage which is combined with the comfort and ease of wearing sunglasses. Designed with skiers and snowboarders in mind, they shield your eyes from wind, snow, and glare. The 5-base cylindrical ChromaPop™ lenses enhance contrast and natural colors, ensuring you see every detail with clarity.

The smudge and moisture-resistant coating on the lenses maintain clear optics even in changing weather conditions. The AutoLock hinges add convenience, allowing you to effortlessly put on or take off the sunglasses with one hand, even with gloves on. 

The Smith Wildcat sunglasses are the best of both worlds – the protectiveness of goggles and the practicality of sunglasses. And thus the price range is also out worldly. But all of us expected it, did we not? Since Smith sunglasses are directly from a luxury brand. Smith Wildcat’s price is approximately $220. 


1. Offers high protection and coverage.

2. AutoLock hinges allow easy use.

3. Combines goggle protection with sunglass comfort, suitable for skiing and beyond.


1. An extremely high price tag.

2. Specific lens tint may not be optimal for all lighting situations.

3. Might not accommodate small face shapes.

Best Premium Skiing Sunglasses

Julbo Explorer 2.0

best snowboarding sunglasses

There are people who collect luxury products as a passion. And if you are one of them then these sunglasses are going to be a cherry on top for you! 

The Julbo Explorer sunglasses are your ultimate ally for superior performance and protection. These sunglasses have something which is an immensely important feature of skiing goggles but can’t be included in sunglasses – ventilation. Typically made for hiking and mountaineering activities, these sunglasses are equipped with an Anti-Fog coating and strategically placed vents that ensure no fogging even during intense physical activity. 

The large lenses also allow an expansive field of vision, providing excellent coverage against glare, snow, and wind. The polarized, photochromic lens is a game-changer, automatically adjusting to changing light conditions for maximum comfort and enhanced visual clarity. 

The ergonomic and slimmer profile of the sunglasses, along with shock-absorbing rubber on the nose bridge, guarantees comfort and grip during dynamic movements. The Grip Tech Temples ensure a secure fit without tugging on your hair, and the 360° adjustable temple ends allow for a highly customizable fit to accommodate various face shapes and sizes.

For ultimate versatility, the Julbo Explorer sunglasses come with removable, lightweight side shields that block extreme sunlight and protect against wind and debris at high elevations. 

Given all these, and the fact that it is a premium sunglasses it does cost a lot. More than Smith. A pair might cost you somewhere around $240. 


1. Prevents fogging, vital during intense activity.

2. Large lenses offer a broad field of vision.

3. Photochromic lens adjusts to changing light conditions.

4. Side shields block sunlight and debris for versatile use.


1. Single adaptive lens might not suit all light conditions.

2. Not fit in narrow-sized faces and noses. 

3. An uncanny bridge angle that might feel irritating. 

Best Ski & Glacier Travel Sunglasses

Smith Embark

Best Ski & Glacier Travel Sunglasses

Considering this is the third Smith product, you can already guess the hold they have in this ski and snowboarding market. Even after being heavily expensive, they are the user’s choice because of the functions they provide to the users. No wonder people are crazy about them!

The Smith Embark has really fancy features starting with the removable and ventilated side shields. I do not need to specifically tell you that this feature is especially valuable when navigating through terrains and changing light conditions on the mountain.

It includes in it the ChromaPop™ glacier photochromic lens tint that seamlessly adapts to match light conditions while providing consistent contrast and color enhancement. This means improved vision without being affected by temperature changes. 

The addition of anti-fog and hydroleophobic coatings on the Glacier Photochromic lenses ensures clear optics, combating fogging and facilitating easy cleaning, regardless of the weather conditions. The 6-base lens curvature offers a modest wraparound fit, enhancing your field of vision while maintaining a comfortable and secure feel.

Evolve™ bio-based frame material adds to your comfort by being lightweight and also durable. 

And all these features end up at an equally higher price tag of nearly $220! 


1. Removable shields enhance peripheral coverage, vital for diverse terrains.

2. The photochromic tint enables lenses to adjust to lighting changes.

3. Clear optics in all weather conditions.

4. Consistent contrast and color enhancement for improved clarity.


1. Would not fit small-sized faces.

2. Very high cost, not accessible to a wider audience. 

How To Choose Ski Sunglasses?

best ski and snowboarding sunglasses

It is better to buy goggles for skiing because they have features that integrate the features needed in that sport. On the other hand, all sunglasses might not have these important features. Rephrasing that sentence, all sunglasses might not have all the features of a ski goggle. 

UV Protection

Look for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection (UVA, UVB, UVC) to shield your eyes from harmful sun rays, since you are going to be at high altitudes where UV exposure is generally more intense, you will need better UV protection.

Lens Technology

 Consider lenses with advanced features like polarization and photochromic properties. Polarized lenses cut glare, and photochromic lenses adjust to changing light conditions for optimal visibility.

Lens Color

Choose a lens color that suits the light conditions you’ll be skiing in. Darker lenses are suitable for bright conditions, while lighter tints are better for overcast days.

Lens Shape and Coverage

Opt for sunglasses with a wraparound or large lens shape to provide ample coverage and protection. Since you will be in the snow, you will need a large cover for your eyes. Thus, if you are purchasing sunglasses for skiing then buy large-sized sunglasses like wrap-around or oversized ones which will give you nice coverage.   

Anti-Fog Coating

Select sunglasses with anti-fog coatings or proper ventilation to prevent fogging. And if your sunglasses do not have an anti-fog coating, then you better install it! It is equally important, especially during skiing and snowboarding.

Frame Fit and Comfort

If the frames are comfortable and have a secure fit it is possible that they might not fog up easily.  Adjustable nose pads and temple ends contribute to a customizable and snug fit that stays in place during movement.

Side Shields

Since ventilation, which is a very very crucial feature needed in a ski ride, is not available in sunglasses we will resort to side shields. It is also a good alternative. Sunglasses with removable side shields can offer additional protection from extreme sunlight, wind, and debris, making them versatile for various conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are polarized sunglasses good for skiing?

Yes, polarized sunglasses can be beneficial for skiing. Polarized lenses are designed to reduce glare caused by reflections from surfaces like snow, water, and ice. This glare reduction can significantly enhance your vision and comfort while skiing, especially in bright and sunny conditions commonly found on the slopes. 

Which sunglasses are best for cutting glare on a ski slope?

Sunglasses with high-quality polarized lenses are best for cutting glare on a ski slope, enhancing visibility by reducing reflections from snow and ice. Look for brands like Oakley, Smith, and Julbo that offer ski-specific designs and lens technologies optimized for bright mountain conditions.

What kind of sunglasses do skiers wear?

Skiers typically wear sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare from snow and ice. They opt for wraparound or larger lens shapes for better coverage and UV protection. Brands like Oakley, Smith, Julbo, and Blenders offer ski-specific sunglasses with features such as anti-fog coatings and adjustable fits.


If you are a professional skier, then it is very much advisable that you opt for ski goggles. In my previous articles, I talked about the best ski goggles, which you can refer to! 

But for the people who want something they can wear every day and use everywhere these goggles have proved to be a very good choice very honestly. You are most welcome to choose any of them, you won’t be disappointed!

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