Why Do Some People Wear Sunglasses Indoor?

Have you also spotted that one person who wears sunglasses indoors?

Feels out of place, right?

Why are they even doing it?

Scroll through the article to learn why some people wear sunglasses indoors, is it just a style statement, a need or do they have something else in mind?

Is It A Medical Condition? 

Indeed it feels weird to see someone wearing sunglasses indoors, but the very likely reason for that could be medical. People might physically feel discomfort due to the exposure of eyes to light.

This condition is called photophobia and is usually caused by migraine headaches, brain injuries, or even dry eyes. Interestingly, as per a study, emotional trauma might cause you to suffer from photophobia too.

People suffering from photophobia are highly sensitive to glare and brightness. The solution to photophobia is wearing sunglasses to minimize direct contact with light. 

Why Do Some People Wear Sunglasses Indoor?

Is It A Style Statement?

A lot of celebrities and powerful personalities tend to wear sunglasses indoors. They might be hiding, but there are high chances they wear them to feel superior out of the crowd. Sunglasses worn by celebrities make it a style statement, indeed.

Possible Reasons

Regardless of how much ever the attention and eyes the person wearing sunglasses has on them, here are a few reasons why they might be wearing the sunglasses,

  1. Deformities Complexion

People with deformities, like dark circles or black eyes, do not feel comfortable showing eyes and tend to wear sunglasses indoors. It is safe to say not just the deformities are hidden, and they do become attractive if styled rightly.

Not just eyes, people use the big frames of sunglasses to hide the deformities on their faces, too. It might be a spot or a pimple; a big pair of sunglasses can be the solution to your problem.

  1. Intimidation 

People wearing sunglasses just stand out in the crowd. Wearing them might be a style statement, or it might be because of a medical problem, but one thing that is undeniable is that sunglasses express POWER!

This powerful aura and personality make the other person feel intimidated, as sunglasses are a great way of hiding one’s emotional vulnerabilities.

  1. Mysterious

People like being thought about, and wearing sunglasses is just one of the ways to make people think about you. Sunglasses, when worn indoors, surely grab attention like nothing else.

Even if another person thinks something weird or good doesn’t matter, it is still a mystery about that super cool person wearing sunglasses.

One might have heard about how the eyes just tell it all about the person, so hiding those pretty eyes in itself is keeping yourself away from getting decoded, isn’t it? Mystery Alert!

  1. Status Symbol

People wearing sunglasses indoors in itself shows a status symbol and makes them look more attractive. 

The logo on the frames or the body language, or the way you just carry yourself wearing those dashing sunglasses, makes you look superior to the rest of the crowd.

  1. Hidden Identity

You must have seen the scenes in the movies or series where a person is following someone else wearing an oversized coat and a huge pair of sunglasses, right?

Sunglasses do cover a certain portion of the face, and the bigger the sunglasses, the more difficult it is to recognize a person. 

So, yay! Great choice to hide in a crowded area, but make sure to be sneaky as well, cause sunglasses ATTRACT other eyes on you!

Can I wear sunglasses indoor

Is It Acceptable?

Well, it does feel weird to spot someone wearing sunglasses indoors, and they are usually judged or even laughed at. So, if it is acceptable or not, it totally depends upon you. 

You’re gonna slay the look, yay that’s acceptable!

But if you feel underconfident, then buddy, it is gonna be weird!


It is true that wearing sunglasses indoors is not just a style statement or some weirdness of a human, as some are bound to wear them due to medical conditions, and some just have an ulterior motive.

Whatever the reason might be, if you decide to wear sunglasses indoors, make sure you style them well.

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