Why Do Some People Wear Sunglasses Indoor


The very word ‘Sunglasses’ explains the accessory’s usage, i.e. glasses to resist sun rays. Nowadays, sunglasses have more than one use. People not only wear them outside under the sun but also wear them indoors. 

It might sound weird to some people, but for others, sunglasses are not only an accessory to protect their eyes against the sun’s glare, but also a fashion statement. You can see celebrities wearing shades and giving iconic statement looks to the paparazzi. But these are not the only reasons for sunglasses crossing the threshold into the home, office, or other indoor spaces.

Why Do Some People Wear Sunglasses Indoor


Photophobia is a medical condition when the eyes become extremely sensitive to bright light. Some people suffer from this and feel a huge discomfort in their eyes or head when exposed to extreme sunlight. On the other hand, some people just tend to avoid light and don’t feel any pain.

Both of these conditions are known as photophobia. As a solution, people wear sunglasses. People with photophobia wear sunglasses even indoors to avoid bright light.

Dry Eyes 

Healthy eyes lubricate the corneas by producing tears. It keeps the eyes clean and healthy. In case of insufficient lubrication, the eyes become dry. 

Dry eyes cause the corneas’ pain fibers to suffer changes. Subsequently, the eyes become sensitive to light. As a solution, people with dry eyes tend to wear sunglasses even indoors to soothe their eyes.

However, wearing sunglasses is a short-term solution. In the long term, eye drops and lubricants work wonders.

Migraine headache

A migraine is a severe headache, well, more than a headache. It is a neurological disease that gets easily triggered by movement, light, and sound. It causes throbbing pain in the head, leaving one in bed for days.

Photophobia affects people suffering from migraine in many ways. Do you know, bright light or glare triggers between 30% to 60% of migraine attacks? When people feel migraine symptoms, they usually retreat to a dark room or pull the curtains and reach for sunglasses. It eases the pain and this is also one of the reasons why some people wear sunglasses indoors.

Brain Injury 

After any kind of injury to the head, the patient often suffers from a concussion. Due to this, patients often develop photophobia. Light sensitivity is a common outcome of such injuries. 

They start getting severe headaches even in the dimmest light and become highly uncomfortable in the light. Hence, during the recovery period of any brain injury, doctors suggest wearing sunglasses to avoid eye discomfort in the light and to tackle light sensitivity. They lessen the headaches the patients get, to a huge extent. Hence, people suffering from brain injury also wear sunglasses indoors.

Emotional Causes

It is rightly said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Some people who wear sunglasses indoors, don’t have any explained medical reason for being photophobic. They just prefer to put a veil between themselves and the world.

Do you know out of 23 facial expressions relating to human emotion, about one-third of them involve the eyes? Hence, sunglasses not only your view of the world but also hide your emotions from the outside world.

Being unable to see a person’s eyes greatly reduces our ability to comprehend their emotions. Some people tend to hide behind huge sunglasses to hide defects on their face, like dark circles, lack of makeup, bruises (if any), red/exhausted eyes, etc. 

Wearing sunglasses indoors also has psychological reasons on the part of the person wearing them. Some people suffer from body dysmorphic disorder (BDS). It is a psychiatric condition characterized by severe appearance anxiety. The person attempts to camouflage an imagined physical defect.

Some people take semi-delusional comfort from wearing sunglasses by feeling invisible or less visible. It is indeed a flawed logic, but a small naive part of us still believes in this naivete that if I can’t see a person, then the person can’t also see me back.

Is It Wrong to Wear Sunglasses All the Time

On one hand, wearing sunglasses can prove to be extremely useful to block out the harsh sun glares. But, on the other side, wearing sunglasses all the time can pose a negative impact on our eyes as well. It is advised to avoid wearing sunglasses when you don’t need to wear them.

Being out in the sun is important as there are some wavelengths that the sun gives off that are extremely beneficial for our eyes. Blocking out such wavelengths can affect your eye health. Blocking out too much sun impacts negatively our whole body and affects our overall health.

How Can Wearing Sunglasses Indoors Hurt Your Eyes

While it is not entirely unacceptable to wear sunglasses indoors, they can still impact your eyes negatively and hurt them. Wearing sunglasses indoors for long durations causes eye fatigue and headaches. It can also lead to blurred vision and light sensitivity. 

Even people who wear sunglasses due to medical reasons should not extend the duration of wearing sunglasses indoors. For photophobic people, wearing them too much just increases the severity of light sensitivity in their eyes to the point even the dimmest of lights would start causing headaches and eye discomfort in them.

Final Words 

Generally, if you have to wear sunglasses indoors, avoid wearing ones of cheap quality. Also, you can look for polarized sunglasses which are a great option for indoor sunglasses. They block out the excessive sunlight while letting in some wavelengths. 

While wearing sunglasses indoors is not entirely unacceptable, at times it can be a bit impolite while being in a social gathering apart from being harmful to the eyes. So, try to avoid wearing them as much as possible.