What Is The Average Cost of Eyebrow Tattooing


If you are losing hair due to any treatment, or are just fed up with long daily makeup routines, the makeup and cosmetics industry has just the right solution for you. Yes, eyebrow tattooing! It is the era of permanent makeup.

No matter the reason for wanting to get your eyebrows tattooed, we are here to enhance your knowledge in the area before getting under the needle. If you want to know more about eyebrow tattooing, just keep on reading the article. 

What is Eyebrow Tattooing 

Eyebrow tattooing is just like normal tattooing. The tattoo artist uses a tattoo needle supplied with ink to repeatedly penetrate your skin to apply ink to the deeper layers of the dermis. Just like other tattoos, eyebrow tattooing is also permanent.

Once you get an eyebrow tattoo, it’s very difficult to remove it, if not impossible. However, over time the colors may start fading and the lines too might start getting blurred. But still, it remains there permanently and doesn’t fade away entirely. 

People often use eyebrow tattooing as a broader term and include all kinds of permanent and semi-permanent eyebrow treatments in it, especially microblading. Even though the purpose of such treatments is the same, i.e. to enhance and accentuate your eyebrows and make them even and symmetrical, they still differ in the techniques used. 

Average Cost of Eyebrow Tattooing 

Eyebrow tattooing is a part of permanent makeup. It also requires great skills and precision on the part of the artist to be able to attract customers. Hence, the treatment is expensive as compared to general makeup or other hair treatments. 

The cost for eyebrow tattooing ranges somewhere between $250 and $775. The cost usually depends on the expertise level and popularity of the tattoo artist. A beginner-level artist will charge a low price for his/her services as compared to the experienced one. An experienced artist, on the other hand, has more experience and charges accordingly. 

Even if the tattoo artist is charging a really high price for his services, it usually exceeds the normal range to approx $300 at most. The cost can go up to $1000 at maximum if you are getting tattooed by a highly reputable tattoo artist. However, it is totally up to you to decide if you want to spend this kind of money on this treatment.

However, before booking any tattoo artist, make sure to see his previous works. You’ll get an idea about his skill level and whether the money you’ll pay would be worth it or not. It is necessary also because eyebrow tattooing is a permanent treatment and you won’t be able to get rid of it easily, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What are the Factors That Affect The Cost

Eyebrow tattooing is used to enhance or restore the look of a person’s brows. The cost of eyebrow tattoos is affected by various factors. However, nowadays the prices are dropping because the market is getting saturated with eyebrow tattoo artists.

The most basic criteria on which the prices depend are the popularity and the experience of the artist. Beginners charge low prices because of less experience. Experienced artists, on the other hand, can charge high prices as they are high in demand.

The next factor that seems to affect the price is the location of the salon. Usually, the prices of such treatments are very high in cities. Whereas, in small towns, you can have this treatment done at a comparatively lower price. 

Competition is another factor to affect the price of the treatment. In areas with many tattoo artists, the artists set competitive prices for their services. They do so to attract more clients or customers and to stand out among the rest.

Many times tattoo artists set the price for their services based on the place where they were trained and the materials they use. If the tattoo artist is certified by a prestigious and well-known academy and uses expensive and good-quality materials, they tend to charge high prices for their services. Of course, it is quite justifiable on their part, though.

Cost of Eyebrow Tattooing Vs. Microblading

Nowadays eyebrow tattooing and microblading have become interchangeable terms and are often used synonymously. However, eyebrow tattooing and microblading are close yet different procedures. They have different characteristics and also give different results. 

It is because of these minute yet significant differences, there are variations in their cost too. The cost for eyebrow tattooing ranges somewhere between $250 and $775. It can go up to $1000 at maximum if you are getting tattooed by a highly reputable tattoo artist. 

The cost of microblading, on the other hand, is usually around $2000. But you can also get it done for $250 at a discounted price, with some deals, or if you are getting it done by a beginner artist. Nonetheless, it is obvious that microblading is pricier than the eyebrow tattoo. 


How Long do Eyebrow Tattoo Last

Eyebrow tattooing comes under the category of ‘permanent makeup’. The technique of eyebrow tattooing leads the needle to sink into deeper layers of the dermis making the eyebrow tattoos permanent. Yes, eyebrow tattoos last for a lifetime and it is extremely difficult and painful to get them removed, if not impossible. However, it is also true that over time, eyebrow tattoos start to fade and may turn green or blue.

What are the Risks Involved in Eyebrow Tattooing 

When it comes to permanent makeup, it is true that it involves some risks. Being a good client means being an educated client. Before getting any type of permanent procedure done to your body, it is important to know the risks involved in it and then take the right decision. Some of the risks involved are infections, unqualified artists, scarring, complications with MRI, and allergic reactions.

Are There More Alternatives to Eyebrow Tattooing 

The main purpose of getting an eyebrow tattoo is to get perfect eyebrows without wasting time on shaping them with a pencil every day and finding a permanent/long-term solution. However, eyebrow tattooing is not the only solution and there are several alternatives to it like microblading, digital microblading, micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent make-up, henna brows, and machine method.

Final Words 

Permanent makeup is called permanent for a reason. It’s wise to do extensive research on technicians before choosing one, as eyebrow tattooing does have some risks. Also, it is your responsibility as a responsible consumer to know everything about any service you are consuming. 

This way you’ll know beforehand what you are getting yourself into so that you won’t regret it afterward because eyebrow tattoos are permanent. It is very difficult to remove them, if not impossible.