How to Wear Lashes With Glasses : Complete Guide

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Applying fake eyelashes can be challenging at the best of times. Still, if you also wear glasses, you will be able to relate to the daily conflict between wanting to look glamorous and the challenge of finding the right pair that won’t look squashed or out of place behind your glasses.

We get that you still desire your incredible lashes even if you consistently wear glasses. This post is meant to guide you so you can wear eyelashes with your glasses without discomfort.

Can I Wear Lashes With Glasses?

If you wear glasses or contacts, wearing artificial eyelashes is a viable alternative. Just wearing corrective glasses doesn’t mean you have to be content with your natural lashes. The most crucial decision you can make if you wear glasses is choosing the right length and thickness for your artificial eyelashes.

 Lashes With Glasses

How to Choose Lashes for Glasses?

Keep It Subtle

Occasionally wearing the incorrect pair of artificial eyelashes while wearing your spectacles can make you insane. When the lashes are too lengthy, this occurs. They can even crush or crumple against your lenses if they are excessively long and thick and hit them. This harms both your eyeglasses and eyelashes.

Go For Shorter Lashes

Avoid becoming overly theatrical. Do you need those two-inch faux mink lashes for work, even though they are unique? Most likely not. Instead, use subtly dramatic artificial eyelash sets.

While often shorter than a standard set of artificial eyelashes, these lashes are no less stunning. Since they don’t touch the ends of their frames, they are the ideal alternative for people who wear glasses.

Don’t Forget to Curl Them

Lashes with a tight upward curl are excellent for people wearing glasses. A tight, upward curl assists your eyes open wider and keeps the lash from snagging on your glasses, allowing you to wear lash sets that are just a little bit longer than you would be able to if they weren’t curled.

Best Lashes to Wear With Glasses 

If you’re new to falsies, you might want to avoid singles until you’re more acquainted with the relative application method because applying individual lashes involves both time and talent. It’s time to look for the best eyelashes for you.

Eylure Accents False Lashes, Style No. 003

The ideal approach to give your everyday look with glasses some subtle fullness and natural length is with Eylure Accents False Lashes. Jessica Chia, the Executive Beauty Editor at Allure, told the publication that you don’t need to trim them because they are half-length. Furthermore, the accompanying lash adhesive is non-irritating to avoid any itching or puffiness and is simple to use, allowing even novices to feel comfortable applying them.

Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies False Lashes

When wearing glasses, you need false lashes with a lot of volume and an upward curl to prevent lens batting, like these Demi Wispies from ARDELL. These Demi Wispies by ARDELL, one of the most well-known manufacturers of fake eyelashes, have the ideal amount of flutter, feathering, and curl. They have flared lashes, which are suitable for people who wear glasses.

Scala 3D False Lashes

You can’t go wrong with these Scala 3-D False Eyelashes if you want short lashes that still add some excellent thickness. Due to their reduced length, they don’t brush against your lenses and make your eyes pop.

Ardell Individuals Duralash

If you’re new to falsies, you shouldn’t begin with singles. Still, if you’ve already gained some experience, this Ardell Individuals Duralash Combo Pack Starter Kit is a fantastic choice, especially for people who wear glasses.

Tips on Wearing Lashes With Glasses

Avoid Sweating

Avoiding sweat is an excellent idea when wearing eyelashes with glasses. You’ll have significantly longer lashes to work with. Wearing lashes with glasses can be challenging, but if you sweat less, you can make your lashes last longer.

Put Adequate Mascara

It is preferable to use mascara on your natural lashes before applying falsies. This will stop the fibers from striking your lenses, allowing them to be set for a more extended period. It will also provide smooth adherence; now it’s time to apply your lashes!

Trim Your Lashes if Needed

Take a pair of scissors and clip the ends of any artificial eyelashes that are too long for you to wear but that you genuinely want to. Be careful; remember that you can always cut more off but not add back what you’ve already removed. Try the lashes on to check whether the issue has been resolved after performing a minor trim. If not, make a few more cuts.

Add a Pop of Color

Most girls wearing glasses believe it will be challenging to pull off eye shadow. Fortunately, it’s easy to create countless looks, and there are only a few considerations to make first. You can choose between a natural, everyday makeup appearance or one with flushed tones.

Restoring some definitions is crucial because glasses can make your eyes appear clouded. Keep the eyeshadow understated and subtle. Your eyes will stand out when you apply eyelashes to your eyes, and a smoking effect will add a definition to your eyes.

Adjust your glasses

Certainly! When you wear glasses and false lashes together, the lashes may brush against the lenses and cause discomfort or inconvenience.

To prevent this, you can adjust your glasses by pushing them up slightly on your nose. This creates some space between the lenses and the lashes, reducing the chance of contact between them.

By doing so, you can wear your lashes with glasses without any discomfort.

Final words 

If you wear glasses or contacts, wearing artificial eyelashes is a viable alternative. Just wearing corrective glasses doesn’t mean you have to be content with your natural lashes.

The most crucial decision you can make if you wear glasses is choosing the right length and thickness for your artificial eyelashes.

Make sure the lash adhesive is hypoallergenic if you wear contacts, and use caution when applying. If you stick to this advice, you won’t have any problems wearing artificial eyelashes.

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