How To Choose Sunglasses To Wear On A Wedding Party

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Sunglasses may not be the first accessories when you are planning for a wedding. 

But when we think about a contemporary wedding, which is in trend nowadays, sunglasses add a different vibe to it!

And if it is a summer wedding, sunglasses are a MUST!

It will not only protect you from bright sun rays but also give a classic vibe to your whole look. 

Latterly, in a lot of wedding ceremonies, customized sunglasses are made for both bride and groom and the wedding attendees. 

Which Style Is Suitable?

While picking sunglasses, the theme of the wedding is a major consideration.

Your choice of sunglasses and the theme of the wedding should match or be complementary to each other.

The other thing to consider is the outfit you are wearing, especially when you are the bride.

Sunglasses with transparent lenses can be a good fit. It will make you look more involved in the ceremony.

If it is your wedding and you are planning to wear sunglasses, then it becomes more important for you to choose a perfect pair, as you can look into the eyes of your significant other and say “I do”.

If you have a good budget, especially for a beach wedding then you can also customize sunnies and send them with the invitation.

Which sun glasses does suit for wedding party

Tips For Choosing Wedding Sunglasses

Classic Sunglasses

Classic sunglasses are considered a great option.

For men, aviators are preferred as it goes well with all types of suits. Aviators have metal frames and have two or more bridge lines between the left and right lense. This design helps to elevate the style more.

For women, they can go for clear lenses or glasses with light pastel color as they will complement their gowns or dresses.

Subtle Designs

Always go for a subtle design. The main reason for this is, you should not outshine the couple and be more involved in the ceremony.

You can opt for a simple design and light pastel color as said earlier.

Contemporize Glasses

Contemporizing glasses with the groom and the groomsmen is a very good idea. It will also give a classic look to your wedding.

You can also customize sunglasses for the bride and groom and the bridesmaid and groomsmen. 

AVOID Sports Glasses

Wearing sports glasses at a wedding is not a good idea.  This will make you look immature and it is not a sensible wedding thing.

Imagine yourself going to a wedding wearing sports glasses. You will look like a different kettle of fish.

Do’s And Dont’s While Choosing A Wedding Glasses

There are so many unwritten rules for them to be preferred for intimate events like weddings. 

If you are the guest, you should keep in mind that the bride and the groom are the centers of attraction. So avoid wearing wild fluorescent colors and steal their show.


Go For Black

Black is a satisfactory color to choose from. The first reason is that it goes well with all types and all colors of the outfit. 

The second thing is it also gives a classic look. No matter what the design or brand it is, you can never go wrong with black sunnies.

Color Coordination

You can color coordinate the glasses with your outfit.

As long as it does not grab more attention towards you instead of the bride and groom, you can go for colored glasses or lenses.

Guide to choose wedding party sun glasses

Go For Designer Glasses

If you have a good budget, you can also opt for designer glasses.

If you think your dress is quite bland, you can wear designer glasses as they will add a cool vibe and make you look classier. 


Don’t Wear Crazy Sunglasses

Do not show up at a wedding wearing glasses with big lenses or crazy-shaped frames.

Weddings are considered an intimate event and showing up wearing crazy glasses is not a good idea.

Do Not Opt For Rave Shades

Wayfarers are quite versatile when it comes to style.

They are also good for formal events like weddings as long as they do not have a bright color or any funky design.

Do Not Think Technically

You may need to spend more time outside in the wedding venue which means you have to spend more time outside in the sun, that does not mean that you will wear your cycling UV protection glasses to the wedding.

Final Words

Whether you are going to attend a wedding or if it’s your wedding, you always have good and stylish glasses to opt from.

Especially for a wedding which is held during summers, it becomes a necessity to wear glasses. Nowadays many brands provide customized glasses for bride and groom and bridesmaids and groomsmen, that you can order online.

There are some do’s and don’t, which are mentioned above, which will give you a broad idea of what to do and what to avoid. 

Now you are ready to slay a wedding look.

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