How to Choose Sunglasses If You Have High Cheekbones

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While buying sunglasses, the most important thing to consider is the shape of your face. It will help you to find perfect-fitting sunglasses for you.

People with high cheekbones have diamond-shaped faces.

This face type has features like a sharp jawline and a narrow forehead.

For a diamond-shaped face, it is essential to draw all the attention toward the almond eyes and forehead so that the cheekbones are less noticeable.

Does Face Shape Matter?

In a word, yes. 

Your facial shape matters a lot when it comes to choosing your “perfect pair” of sunglasses. Since face shape differs from person to person, frames determine the overall proportion of your face and make it perfect in terms of symmetry.

Nowadays we have soo many different options to choose from. Every face shape has its kind of “suitable frame”.

There are many unwritten rules for face shape and choice of frames. For example, for a Round face, rectangular frames are suitable, for a heart-shaped face its deep square frame, for oval faces its square lenses and many more.

But in my opinion, these rules are not always applicable. You have so many options to choose from, why stop for one!

Sunglasses for people having high cheek bones

Balancing Cheekbones

If you have a diamond face, these are some characteristics of your face: small forehead, cheeks, an angular face, slightly wide and sharp jawline.

For female cat-eye frames are preferable because it helps you to draw attention towards your eyes and balance your facial symmetry. 

Metal frames and wayfarers are suitable for both men and women.

Measuring Your Face 

Why measure?

Measuring your face will help you to get an idea about what is exactly your face type. For doing this just follow three simple steps.

  • Measure your right cheekbone to your left one or vice versa. Place the measuring tape on the top of the cheekbone, slightly below your eyes and place the endpoint on the other side and note down the measurement.
  • Measure the jawline. Place the measuring tape on one end of your jawline, just below your ear, measure it to the other side, and note down the numbers. Measure your face length. 
  • Measure the length between your cheekbone and chin. Place the measuring tape on the center of your hairline and bring it towards the top of your nose and then bring it down towards your chin and write down the measurements.

Choice Of Sunglasses

Oval Frame

Oval frame sunglasses are preferable for diamond-shaped faces.

It helps to balance the curve of the face.

Rimless frames

Rimless frames are also favorable because of their light style and their ability to hide high cheekbones.

Cateye Frame

Cateye framed sunglasses are considered best for diamond face types. The sharp temples and brow line helps to draw more attention to your eyes.

It balances the overall proportion of the face. It helps you to draw attention towards your eyes and forehead.


Aviators have metal frames and have two or more bridge lines between the left and right lense. These glasses have large tear-shaped lenses that cover the entire eye.

Does sun glasses suit for high cheek bones

Browline Glasses

Browline frames are also considered a perfect fit for a diamond-shaped face. It is especially because of the bold rim on the top of both the lense.

This helps to draw all the attention towards the eyes and away from the jawline and high cheekbone and hence balances the proportion of the face.

Retro Square Glasses

Retro square frames do the same thing as Cateye frames do. It draws the attention towards your eyes and forehead and away from your cheekbones, overall balancing the proportion of your face.

It is suitable for both men and women!

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Many argue that wayfarer frames are not suitable for diamond-shaped faces but, in contrast, it helps to highlight your eye area and draw attention towards it.

Double Bridge Sunglasses

Double bridge frames are also considered an excellent choice for diamond-shaped faces.

It has a metal bridge connecting both the left and the right lenses. The Round shaped frames add an extra point to the frames and make you look more stylish.

Oversized Frames

Oversized frames are also a decent choice. It has a full rim covering the round lenses. It helps to shorten the long face and helps to balance out the strong jawline.

Final Words

Sunglasses have become a great need for people. For some, it is a necessity and for others, it is just a fashion accessory.

Knowing your face type or shape helps you to choose your perfect fit glasses. You can also measure your face to get an idea about your facial shape just by following some simple steps.

These were some tips for choosing the right pair for faces with high cheekbones. My tip is, try out frames of all the shapes and then go for your perfect pair. 

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